Permaculture Voices 1, 2 and 3 - all 117 hours of video!

Purchase all of the video from the first 3 years of Permaculture Voices. 117 hours 24 minutes and 31 seconds of permaculture goodness!

Blending the practical techniques and tactics found in workshops with the entrepreneurial spirit and opportunity of a business conference.

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A diverse group of creative and innovative doers in a variety of fields looking to share experiences, knowledge, connect, and create in ways that increase passion, purpose and profit. These doers came from a variety of fields both within and outside of permaculture. Each field has its own needs and yields. It is this edge that creates the opportunity for things to happen, and it is this opportunity that offers value to the attendees – how can you fill needs and utilize yields to create more value in your life.

All of your favorite speakers talking on a wide variety of subjects, all in one place! From Geoff Lawton and Allan Savory, to Darren Doherty, Paul Wheaton, Greg Judy and Jean-Martin Fortier - there's bound to be something for everyone.

List of Speakers at Permaculture Voices 1

Geoff Lawton

   - Permaculture Designers Manual in One Hour (Keynote)
   - Permaculture Earthworks
   - Permaculture & the Tipping Point (Keynote)
   - Reading the Permaculture Landscape

Willie Smits

   - Village Based Permaculture Approaches in Indonesia

Wilie Smits & Peter Hirst

   - Permaculture in a half million-acre forest concession in Indonesia

Toby Hemenway

   - Why Agriculture Can Never Be Sustainable, and a Permaculture Solution
   - Backing Away from the Energy Cliff: A Permaculturists Guide to Thinking About Energy

Joel Salatin

   - Successional Success: Fields of Farmers
   - Staking Fiefdoms
   - Ballet in the Pasture

Allan Savory

   - Why Management Needs to be Holistic to Avert Tragedy
   - Livestock in New Agriculture

Paul Wheaton

   - Wood Stoves 2.0: The Latest in Rocket Mass Heaters
   - The Design of Intentional Community
   - Increasing the Velocity of Permaculture (Keynote)

Dr. Elaine Ingham

   - Soil: It’s All About Life
   - Building Soil Health (Keynote)

Jack Spirko
   - Building a Profitable Permaculture Business

Greg Judy

   - Profitable Methods Used to Heal the Land With Mob Grazing
   - Multi-Species Grazing on Leased Land

Mark Shepard

   - Restoration Agriculture: Designing Your Perennial Farm
   - Alleycropping and Silvopasture: Transitioning to Restoration Agriculture

Adam Klaus

   - Small Dairy Herds for Small Farms
   - Biodynamics for Better Farming

Larry Santoyo

   - Permaculture for Humanity: Moderating the Urgency of Urbanism
   - Permaculture for Humanity: The Economics of Sharing & Caring

Neil Bertrando

   - 3 Years and 1 Acre in the High Desert

Nadia Lawton

   - Working with Traditional Communities from a Woman’s Perspective

Rob Avis

   - Lessons & Learnings: Starting a Permaculture-Based Business

Sarah Aubrey

   - Is There Really Any Grant Money Out There?

Valerie Loew

   - Edible HOAs. Want to plant edibles and live in peace with your HOA?

Ryan Harb & Bill Bean

   - Building Actionable Plans for Your Permaculture Initiatives

Rishi Kumar

   - Advance Suburban Permaculture

Philip Rutter

   - Plant Trees, But Not Just Any Tree

Peter Hirst

   - Biochar Basics

Peter Ash

   - Rehabilitating Polluted Ecosystems with Compost

Paul Greive

   - Guerrilla Marketing Field Guide for Small Farms

Patricia Foreman

   - Why Chickens Are the Enablers and Heroes of Permaculture Design and Healthy Sustainability

Owen Hablutzel

   - Permaculture Horizons: Dynamic Design for the Anthropocene
   - Drought Resilience for the Twenty-First Century

Michael Gold

   - Chestnut: Building a Perennial Specialty Crop Industry from Scratch

Joseph Simcox

   - Ecological Adaptation Strategy

John Roulac

   - Can Business be a Tool for Real Change?

John Kitsteiner

   - Permaculture: The Missing Key to Health

Jane Higginson

   - Attracting Native Pollinators to Your Permaculture System

Fraser Bliss

   - Life’s Too Short for 9-to-5: How to Find Your Niche and Start or Grow Your Own Business

Doniga Markegard

   - Wildlife, Ranching, Carbon and Policy: Creating Lasting Change

David Eggleton & Stephen Kent

   - Learning for Life

Curtis Stone

   - SPIN Farming

Craig Sponholtz

   - Reversing Desertification With Sticks, Rocks, and Ancient Wisdom
   - Harvesting Water by Healing Watersheds

Chris Arnold

   - Reinventing Fast Food: Better Ingredients from More Sustainable Sources

Adam Brock

   - Toward a Pattern Language of Invisible Structures
   - Greening the Food Desert: Urban Permaculture in Denver

Paul Kearsley

   - Conceptual Illustration for Permaculture

List of Speakers at Permaculture Voices 2

Stefan Sobkowiak

  - A Permaculture Orchard for YOUR Climate Zone
  - Sell What You Grow at Retail Prices Without Harvesting

Peter McCoy

  - Fungi Are the Missing Function

Willie Smits

  - interview

Dr. Elaine Ingham

  - Soils Intensive Workshop

Mark Shepard

  - Managing Water on Your Farm

Larry Santoyo

  - Permaculture for Humanity & Ecology of Culture
  - Permaculture for Humanity: Beyond Buildings and Food

Paul Wheaton

  - Building a Better World One Permaculture Brick at a Time

Neal Spackman

  - Culture As Climate: A Model for Reading Social Landscapes

Jack Spirko

  - Building a Successful Plant Propagation Business

Grant Schultz

  - Fruit, Nuts, and Livestock: Creating a Permaculture Silvopasture
  - Tools and Technology for Permaculture Homesteads

Curtis Stone

  - The 10 Essentials to Profitable Urban Farming

Curtis Stone & Jean-Martin Fortier

  - Answer Small Scale Farm Questions

Peter Allen

  - Savanna Gardens: Regenerating the Ultimate Human Ecosystem
  - Grazing the Savanna: Lessons from New Forest and Mastodon Valley Farms

Troy Martz

  - Alternative Energy for Permaculturists

Stuart Muir Wilson

  - Action to End Poverty
  - Permatecture: PERMAculture + archiTECTURE

Stephanie Jo Kent & David Eggleton

  - Learning, The Permaculture Way

Peter Allen & Grant Schultz

  - Starting a Permaculture Farm From Scratch

Paul Greive

  - Gasoline on the Fire: Pastured Poultry & Guerilla Farm Marketing

Meg Grzeskiewicz

  - Shifting the Workload to Your Livestock
  - Business Strategies for Young and Beginning Farmers

Mary Matava

  - Local Organics Improving Local Soils

John Pugliano

  - Lessons From ValueyAdded Cottage Businesses to Help You Take the Next Step

Hilary Bromberg & Marty McDonald

  - Permaculture Propaganda: A Crash Course in Marketing

Erika Block

  - Relinking the Food Chain: Collaborative Distribution Models

Erik Ohlsen

  - Permaculture Contracting: Ecologically Regenerative, Economically Viable

Dan Halsey

  - Agro-Ecosystems Strategy and Building Ecologically Supported Plant Guilds

Colin Seis

  - Pasture Cropping: Profitable Regenerative Agriculture

Bill Bean

  - Building Quick, Convincing Business Plans

Bruce Maynard

  - The Everlasting Grassland Granary
  - Animals Behaving at Their Beset

Ben Kotnik

  - Packing Permaculture Principles Into Smaller Spaces

Ben Falk

  - 10 Years in a Cold Climate: Resilience & Regeneration: Principles in Practice

Allan Savory

  - What is Holistic Management?

Adam Klaus

  - Dairy Farming: The Beautiful Way
  - Starting Your Own Raw Mild Dairy

Dr. Elaine Ingham

  - Compost Tea Extracts: Practical Applications

Ken Surritte
  - Water is Life

Steve Gabriel

  - Forest Farming: Seeing the Forest for More Than Just the Trees

Phil Rutter

  - Crowd-Sourcing a New Crop: Hybrid Hazel Nuts and More

Luke Callahan

  - The 7 Steps to Starting Your Profitable Permaculture Business

Byron Joel

  - Mediterranean Climate Regions

Howard Johns

  - Your Guide to Making It Happen

Joseph Simcox

  - The American Native Peoples and Their Food Systems

Michael Jordan

  - There is More Than Honey in That Hive

List of Speakers at Permaculture Voices 3

Greg Judy

  - Successful Implementation Using High Density Planned Grazing
  - The Economics for Leasing Land: How to Find and Develop it for Maximum Income

Grant Schultz

  - Making Permaculture Pay: Proven Business Blueprints

Darren Doherty & Lisa Heenan

  - Startup Case Studies: Regrarians' Clients who are Making Their Way
  - Broadacre Agroforestry: A Whole of Industry Approach Session 2
  - Broadacre Agroforestry: A Whole of Industry Approach Session 1

Jack Spirko

  - Ducks for Fun, Profit, and Land Development
  - Taking Regenerative Agriculture Forward

Erik Ohlsen

  - Designing a Regenerative Economy with People Guilds
  - Running a Successful Permaculture Contracting Business

Curtis Stone

  - $80,000 on a Quarter Acre
  - Crunching Numbers to Crush Your Season

Daniel Brisebois

  - Integrating Commercial Seed Production Into the Market Garden
  - Crop Planning for Organic Vegetable Growers

Gregory Landua

  - 8 Forms of Captital Through Regenerative Cacao - Gregory Landua

Taylor Walker

  - Perennial Vegetables for Profit

Chris Thoreau

  - Ensuring Product Integrity
  - Microgreens Economics: Building and Maintaining a Profitable Business

Eliza Greenman

  - A New Fruit Culture

Jean-Martin Fortier & J Pinault

  - Introducing Permaculture Principles into a Profitable Market Garden
  - Profitable Small-Scale Farming: How Design Sets the Stage for Success

Erin Axelrod

  - Realizing the Regenerative Economy

Mary Beth Storjohann

  - Personal Financial Planning for Entrepreneurs

Christian Shearer & Gregory Landua

  - Regenerative Supply: Breaking the Chains

Christian Shearer, Ethan Soloviev, Gregory Landua, & Mary Johnson

  - Regenerative Business Model Design

Darby Simpson

  - arm Marketing and Business Planning: Real World Proven Strategies


Permaculture Voices 1, 2 and 3 - all 117 hours of video!
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