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Recent posts by Greg Martin

Thank you for this post hans.  The movie link didn't seem to work so here's another:

I'm looking forward to watching this tonight.
Parallel lines have so much in common....
it's a shame they'll never meet!
1 day ago
A poultry farmer was distressed because his chickens stopped laying eggs. He didn’t know what to do about it, but one of his friends, a physicist, offered to help.
The physicist came out to the farm, took a bunch of measurements, and went back home to analyze the data.
The physicist called the farmer on the phone and said: “Okay, I have a solution for your problem, though it might only work with spherical chickens in a vacuum.”
1 day ago
Yeah, definitely not chicken of the woods, which I love and haven't gotten my fingers on this year :(
I'm not a mushroom expert, but to me they look like Jack O Lantern mushrooms.  I had a lot of those under the staghorn sumac at my last house.  Was always disappointed that they weren't chanterelles.  As Judith's video explains, they are poisonous, but they are lovely mushrooms just the same.
2 days ago
Wow Charlee, those pictures of the ramp carpets in your forest are GORGEOUS!  I also appreciated the time series shots of your building process....very nice.
Birthdays are good for you.  Statistics show that people who have the most live the longest!

50 is the new.... what was I saying?

(Finally happened...I've crossed into my 50s)
6 days ago
There once was a man from Peru,
who dreamt he was eating his shoe.  
He woke up at night,
with a terrible fright,
to find out his dream had come true.

If you dream you are eating your shoe, you better wake yourself up RIGHT NOW.
6 days ago
I slept like a log last night…
woke up in the fireplace.
6 days ago

Ryan M Miller wrote: How do you keep squirrels from stealing your acorns when drying them like this? I would rather dry the acorns in a food dehydrator to keep them safe from animals.

You'd think that would be a problem Ryan, but I've had my entire large deck covered in acorns I was drying and never noticed any issues with squirrels.  Perhaps I was lucky?  Perhaps it was because the years I've done this have been heavy mast years and the squirrels would rather pick up their own under the trees?  I have no idea why that wasn't a problem, but it wasn't for some reason.
6 days ago