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Recent posts by Greg Martin

I really wish I'd seen the Cranberries live before Dolores O'Riordan passed, but clips like this are nice second chances.

9 hours ago

Mandy Launchbury-Rainey wrote:I would display a permies bumper sticker! Maybe we could run a competition to design one with 50 % of the sales going to tbe winning designer. Or something.  Not very good at stuff like this.

Mandy, I LOVE THIS IDEA!!!  I bet a whole lot of us would slap those on our cars.  
3 days ago

Phil Stevens wrote:Maybe this is an obvious question, but has anyone tried fermenting them?

Lacto-Fermented Pickled Sunchokes!

:)  That will address the pH issue too!  I can't wait to try this.  Jocelyn has and said they were well liked.
3 days ago

Tyler Ludens wrote: So from that, it looks like Sunchokes are not a good calorie crop for humans, but might be a good one for critters who can digest them, and then get eaten by humans.

I suspect that you're correct Tyler, unless they are cooked for long periods of time as is done with camas, which is also packed with inulin.  Camas:  So, you're into slow food?

According to this paper for sunchokes: "Total carbohydrate content of the tubers is divided into 80–90% inulin, 7–14% sucrose and 3–6% reducing sugars, on average."

I wonder if there's any record of native Americans doing large 48 hour pit roastings with sunchokes like was done with camas?  I wonder if sunchokes take it as well?  More experimenting to do!!!
4 days ago
Here's another one I thought was pretty funny:
4 days ago
Here on Permies a bumpersticker is the little blue icon people choose under their names which are pretty great but not funny....out on the road there are some bumper stickers that, while we can't put them under our names here, are pretty funny and worth sharing.  Please share good one's you've run across.

Can anyone tell what kind of car this is?  I'm thinking it might belong to Gir bot.  (after all, Gir is wise!)

5 days ago