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Greg Martin

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since Oct 04, 2014
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Biochar maker, forest gardener/edible landscapist, plant breeding dabbler, forager.
Maine, zone 5
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Recent posts by Greg Martin

Anyone know of any giant apple trees that one might be able to get seeds from?
I'm adding standard sized apples and apples planted by seed to my land, and I have it in my head that I'd love to find seeds from apple trees that might be able to compete in the forest after I'm gone.  I've read about an apple tree that had grown to 60' tall with a 100' spread, though that tree is long since gone.  This picture below shows a tree that was a bit smaller, but look at that trunk!  Alas, that one is long since gone as well.
15 hours ago
We really got to see some of your range here David!
Now I'm going to be looking both ways when I go outside with a piece of meat that gets away on me.
Not sure how I'd have taken that video from someone else, but because it was you I thoroughly enjoyed it.
16 hours ago
I have it in my head that I'd like to turn my lawn into a camas field, but I haven't paid enough attention to when my camas flowers and retreats vs. when my lawn really needs its first mowing.  Any of you doing this?  Other edible spring ephemeral bulb options to think about in grass?

Larger question, what edibles do well for you in your polyculture lawn?  Dandelions for sure!

This lovely image from
1 day ago
The Experimental Farm Network has Badgersett hazelnut seeds available now for spring shipment if folks are interested.  I've never had anything but wonderful experiences with EFN.
I've seen it here from our very own Mike!  Hopefully we can draw him here for comment.  
Mike, Mike, Mike (it might work?)
Mike's Passive Solar Greenhouse
4 days ago
James, how cold do your winters get?  I'm jealous!
4 days ago
A genie granted me one wish, so I said, “I just want to be happy.”

Now I’m living in a cottage with 6 dwarves and working in a mine.
5 days ago

greg mosser wrote:the only time i tried them, i threw them all up a couple hours later! the only insect that’s ever done that to me. haven’t looked at the recipe yet. am hesitant.

That's one strong vote for feeding the chickens!  What insects have you had better luck with Greg, and would you say that you enjoyed any and looked forward to eating them again?
1 week ago
I know that my chickens love to eat Japanese beetles and have always been very content with that, but this morning I ran across this article at Ironwood Foraging's blog on skipping the middleman and eating them yourself.  Anyone here try that?  Anyone here going to try it and report back to the rest of us :)  (I'm not promising anything, but maybe)

Here's a picture of the final product from that link:

According to Tim "Japanese Beetles are like protein popcorn!"  He posted a recipe for Tequila Lime Japanese Beetles in his article to get folks started.

1 week ago
How many magicians does it take to pull a rabbit out of a hat?
It's a trick question.
1 week ago