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Recent posts by Greg Martin

Welcome to Permies, Heidi!  

Super curious.  What are your Physalis breeding goals?  
3 weeks ago
For me, it depends.  If the 5 year permaculture job is an opportunity to create permaculture amazingness that will cause 1000s of people to realize how amazing permaculture can be and if it lines up with my values then I'm all in for the 5 year gig.  Plus, how lovely would it be to design and work for 5 years with a team of folks that share my values that are creating a true permaculture paradise to win hearts and minds?  I'll be dead and gone one of these days and my forest garden may likely die with me (though I REALLY hope not) so something longer lasting would be pretty satisfying to me.
3 weeks ago
For perennial protein this year I've planted some Kentucky Coffee Trees for their immature green seeds and also some seed producing Hopniss for their seeds and tubers.  Looking forward to seeing if they work out for me in my forest garden.  Mulberry leaves from Morus alba are supposed to be something like 15 - 30% protein by dry weight and I do like making tea from their powdered leaves.
1 month ago
Another vote for pole beans from another pole bean lover.  When I was kid I used to have to pick 100' rows of bush beans so maybe that's why?  We used to have to pick lowbush blueberries too, but that was a lot more fun.  Having said that, every time we stumbled upon high bush blueberries I was on them.  Guess I just like not having to be bent down to harvest.
1 month ago
Bootcamp Crowdfund Supporters?
Bootcamp Support Network?

Christopher Weeks wrote:We know spring is springing when Greg the porcupine makes his appearance!

Haha...we just had our porcupine make his spring appearance.  We didn't have a name for him, but from now on I'll be calling him Chris :)
1 month ago
And now you know what happened to the Sphinx!
1 month ago
I just ordered some seeds of 'Sweet Garleek' from Row 7 out of pure curiosity and was wondering if anyone knows anything about this hybrid.

Does it form a head of cloves like garlic?
Does it overwinter?
Will it be a good clump forming perennial veg?
Does it set seeds or bulbils or both?

Mostly I can't wait to start playing in the kitchen with it.  I wish the seeds had been available earlier for an earlier start, but oh well, the fun starts when it does!  They just started selling them yesterday.
1 month ago
I always thought it would be wonderful to have a chain of eco-villages that are like sister villages and that members would get to know each other and be able to jump from village to village.  My thinking is that they could provide support to each other and also become a bigger draw if they provided information about each other to the hikers.  Maybe had linked websites or something.  Thoughts?  Does anything like this already exist?
2 months ago
....the music of my moment....ooooh (Dave Grohl, you are the man)
2 months ago