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I am a giant doofus that is bonkers about permaculture.
my bitcoin thing-a-ma-bob is 177pNU2a9iCpUXQwXX9EbtA2UwZpgeqcMT
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missoula, montana
missoula, montana (zone 4)
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Recent posts by paul wheaton

The animal care badge has been created, please see it here:

Further brainstorming can happen in that thread.  I am locking this thread.
7 hours ago
The animal care badge has been created, please see it here:

Further brainstorming can happen in that thread.  I am locking this thread.
7 hours ago
Okay.   The companion guide - not the plans.  

9 hours ago

Mart Hale wrote:I found it, and bought it with one slice of pie.   All set.

Gurk?  Where?
9 hours ago

Mart Hale wrote:I thought I read in a thread that the plans were available for those who purchased the video, for the price of a slice of pie.

I searched, I could not find that thread, but I was curious as I have 2 slices of pie, how do I make an exchange of 1 slice for the plans?

News to me.

9 hours ago

Penny McLoughlin wrote:Is there a BB up for canning yet?

I just canned 8 1/2 quarts of stock and was wondering if I could post it somewhere for a BB.


Canning will be in this badge.  Probably straw badge and higher.
10 hours ago

Mike Jay wrote:Tiny weld list:

  • Weld two pieces of metal together

  • Would much prefer some sort of tiny project.  Even better, a list of tiny projects.

  • Weld up a broad fork (this might be too big for a BB but would be an awesome project at some level)

  • About the right size for a straw badge BB.

  • Weld up a crack in a tool

  • Maybe if there is a long list, this could be on the list!  Otherwise, it sorta suggest people need to go break shovels to get the BB.  But if it is a long list of possible small repairs, and there are a few things that are made from scratch, then this would be a really good one!

    10 hours ago

    UPDATE:  this event is now full!

    This is a free event to anybody that has been to wheaton labs before.  
    if you have never been to wheaton labs before, simply pay the $100.00 gapper fee and you're in!

    This will be our first ever PEP1 certification course.  I think that in the future, the price of the two week course will be similar to a two week PDC:  about $900 to $2000.   But for this very first time, we are still getting a lot of bits and bobs sorted out.  The teachers will not be getting paid to teach, and there might be a few projects where a student knows more than the teachers!

    May 20th 2019- June 1st 2019
    Wheaton Labs near Missoula, Montana
    Free or $100
    This event is limited to 12 students and 6 boots (from our permaculture bootcamp).

    To get PEP1 certified, you must complete 16 PEP sand badges.  As an example, here are four of the PEP sand badges:

    Woodland Care Sand Badge

    drop 6” to 8” dead standing tree with a bow saw (action pic)
    drop 6” to 8” dead standing tree with a chainsaw (action pic)
    drop 6” to 8” live tree with a bow saw (action pic)
    drop 6” to 8” live tree with a chainsaw (action pic)
    limb 4 trees (4 completion pics)
    peel live trees and put up off the ground to dry (2 completion pics)
    split and stack dead standing wood as firewood
         o at least one half of a face cord
         o stacked to stay dry
         o completion pic
    prep 10 junkpoles
         o cut, limb and stack off of the ground
         o completion pic
    repair 24 feet of junkpole fence
    cleave 6 shakes with a fro

    Gardening Sand Badge

    build a hugelkultur
      - 7 feet tall, 7 feet wide, 6 feet long
      - mulch it with at least 4 different kinds of mulch
      - seed/plant at least a dozen different species
      - mostly nitrogen fixers
      - at least three comfrey plants
      - at least three sunchokes
      - at least a dozen sepp holzer grains

    chop and drop (50 square feet)

    ruth stout style composting (2 spots)

    Round Wood Woodworking Sand Badge

    club style mallet (hand tools only)
    compound mallet (smaller dry stick goes into bigger green stick (head)) (hand tools only)
    carve a big, ugly, nearly useless spoon (hand tools only)
    add one horizontal log to berm/hugelkultur scaffolding
      - you do the joinery work
      - you can have help positioning the log
      - low quality wood is acceptable
      - loose fitting joint is acceptable
    dry peg in green wood project (build one):
      - coat hooks (4)
      - half log bench (six feet long) on four legs
      - saw horse
      - saw buck
      - stool
    three log bench
      - 7 feet long
      - 16 to 18 inches high
      - peeled logs
      - saddle notches
      - hewn top
    two coat hooks made from small trees and the hooks are the branches on these trees
      - no need for any joinery

    Dimensional Lumber Woodworking Sand Badge

      - wood burning
      - tung oil or linseed oil
    crappy bird house
      - nails or brads
      - 1x4
    lay 10 sticks for decking
      - wood screws with pilot holes

    For more information on the PEP program click here.

    Daily schedule:

       7:00am - Everybody starts making breakfast.
       7:50am - Everybody has eaten and cleaned up.
       8:00am - class begins
       Noon - Everybody makes lunch.
       12:50pm - Everybody has eaten and cleaned up.
       1:00pm - class
       5:00pm - Everybody starts making dinner.

    Starting on Monday, May 20th and finishing on Saturday, June 1.  A day off on Saturday, May 25th.

    For more info, reply to this thread.

    To register if you have not been here before, click here.

    To register if you have been here before, send an email to workshops at

    11 hours ago

    There are now ZERO spots left.   We're full!

    If you want to attend this event, your only chance is to join the bootcamp now.   The bootcamp will stop during PEP1 and all the boots will be participating in PEP1

    You might be interested in our PDC or ATC happening a little later in the year.

    11 hours ago