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bee chicken hugelkultur trees wofati woodworking
I am a giant doofus that is bonkers about permaculture.
my bitcoin thing-a-ma-bob is 177pNU2a9iCpUXQwXX9EbtA2UwZpgeqcMT
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missoula, montana
missoula, montana (zone 4)
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Recent posts by paul wheaton

David Lucey wrote:Hello all.  I just received my codes for the Hugelkultur MicroDoc, thank you.  

Clicking on the first two links I only got "Oops! This link is not available!".  Something is running afowl in UUID land.


We sent an update to say "those codes are broke - we are working on a fix!"

We should send new codes in a few minutes.

10 minutes ago

Tanja Eubanks wrote:"Hugelkultur Micro Documentary - HD streaming" link does not work and tells me the content is unavailable and yes, I'm logged in here at Permies.

*edit* Never mind, JUST now got the email telling me the links don't work. lol #figures

We will be trying again in a few minutes.

33 minutes ago

Rudy Valvano wrote:So I heard there was a way to store Gift Codes in with My Stuff. But I don't have that tab among my options, below DM threads - I own.

When I click on "my stuff" and i look to the left i see "DM threads - gifts I manage" - not sure if you have that too.

3 hours ago
I would like to see 500 little things make their way onto permies or youtube that have not gotten there yet.  When I did the basecamp tour on sunday, we were running out of time, but I had to stop and point out the relationship between a rhubarb plant, an apple tree and some surrounding alfalfa.  Rock solid proof of a nitrogen fixer sharing with other nearby plants while alive.  And not just nitrogen, but water.

And then a few steps further, about a dozen brand new baby apricot trees - from pits.  

So, I think there are hundreds of little stories to be told.  

But this sort of stuff isn't about following me around.  That would be super boring.  I spend most of the day processing emails and in meetings.  I try to solve problems here, and with the forums and with projects ...   but I cannot imagine that those are of interest to the masses.  

Maybe ten years from now my "day in the life" stuff would be more interesting.  

People that proudly never do soil tests, will confess that they will do soil tests when there is something wrong and they cannot figure it out.

If nothing else, I think it is good to "take a few pictures" to have some understanding of the general story.   Does your property have a serious deficiency of something?   A toxic level of excess?

19 hours ago
On friday, kickstarter will send us funds and then we really kick things into gear.  

Right now, we are more in a get things super polished and ready for that day!

So, michael judd's book will be at least a couple of weeks out.  When the time comes, we will send an email to all the people that supported the kickstarter at $100 and higher with instructions about the window.

1 day ago
Here is my official word on this:

Dave, you get the entire $2.  

If you get something like $500 at some point (which I doubt) maybe use some of it to support one of my kickstarters or buy pie or do my patreon stuff or something.  

  hugelkultur, chop and drop, ruth stout style composting, saving seeds, producing large volumes of food, polyculture, starting perenials from seed, food forest ...
natural building
  Building big things.    Build experiences with several styles of natural building that work in a cold climate, with the grand finale being a wofati.
  cob, plaster, straw bale, wofati, natural paint, adobe, natural roofing, water proofing, doors and gates, dry stack foundation, make cement, cob floor, wattle and daub,
woodland care
  Transition from using a forest to developing a symbiotic relationship with a woodland.  
  junkpole fence, firewood, coppicing, living fence, twig construction (arbors, tomato cages, trellises, wattle fence), trip trees manually and with power tools, peeling logs, making roofing shakes, plant tree seeds, plant woodland species, grow edible mushrooms, lumber, gin pole, skiddable sheds, rock jacks, berm shed ...
round wood woodworking
  Zero glue.  Rarely using metal.  Everything built from logs, branches and sticks.  Nothing starts with dimensional lumber.  Power tools can be okay, but, in general, less power tools.  Some projects specify no power tools.  Quite a bit of working with green (freshly harvested) wood.
  small and large joinery, mixing green wood with dried wood, three log benches, spoon carving, shaving horse, sawhorse, sawbuck, chairs and other roundwood furniture, shrink pot, box from a piece of firewood, pole lathe, bowl from a pole lathe, skiddable shed for green wood woodworking, proenneke hinge, door latch, wofati freezer ...
dimensional lumber woodworking
  Includes construction, cabinetry and fine woodworking. No plywood, waferboard or particle board.  Power tools, nails, screws are used, but hopefully less than in most construction.   A little more emphasis on good joinery.
  wood scorching, bird house, laying deck, shelves, wooden toolboox, stool, box, picnic table, wood bucket, skiddable lumber storage shed, porta cabin ...
tool care
  small tool care (sharpening/handles/etc.)
  large tool care (truck/tractor/etc.)
  roads, trails, and lawns
  experience with large equipment
  dry stack
Food Prep and Preservation
  fishing and hunting
  guerrilla gardening
  mend clothes, make clothes
  curtains, upholstered furniture
  basket stuff
  rocket mass heater
  rocket oven
  rocket cook top
animal care
electricity (including solar)
  simple solar (no battery, strict DC)
  basic solar (battery, strict DC)
  full solar (battery, AC/DC)
community living
  public art
  cooking meals for a group
  leading workshops and presentations
commerce (be able to do business)
  set up a residual income stream
  bring income from the greater community
  bring income from the global community
greywater and willow feeders
plumbing and hot water
  shoveling snow
natural medicine
  known experiences that don't fit into the other aspects
  unknown things that come up
2 days ago

Lisa Marie wrote:

paul wheaton wrote:

Miss Marie wrote:Well, I guess that I fall firmly into the category of "Thought I was smart enough" to up my support level without watching the video that Shawn posted (and probably worked really hard on!).  

So I upped my support to $100, but now Kickstarter says I am still at the "Glory" level, rather than the level that gets all the fabulous goodies.

The $100 level is the glory level and kickstarter thinks you have selected a much lower level.

It looks like you are in the US.   The amount you have paid is perfect if you wish to receive zero physical copies at the $100 level.   If you want at least one physical copy, send over $15 with this link

Paul, did you get the $15 I sent over with the link provided?

Did you see this:

2 days ago
Sorry, this is something I know nothing about.