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Paul Wheaton, The Duke of Permaculture, is an author, producer, certified advanced master gardener, and owner of. He has created hundreds of youtube videos, hundreds of podcasts, multiple DVDs, and written dozens of articles and a book. As the lead mad scientist at Wheaton Labs, he's conducted experiments resulting in rocket stoves and ovens, massive earthworks, solar dehydrators and much more.
His bitcoin thing-a-ma-bob is 177pNU2a9iCpUXQwXX9EbtA2UwZpgeqcMT
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missoula, montana (zone 4)
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Recent posts by paul wheaton

The folks backing have early access to four podcasts right now, including one about using mycellium as insulation.

Lorinne Anderson wrote:Would one have to join Permies, to purchase the book? Would one use that link you left, Paul, to steer a book buyer to permies

If they buy the ebook or the audiobook here on permies, then, yes.

I am not absolutely certain, but I think a person can buy the physical book without creating a permies account. So in that respect, we would be better than amazon.
13 hours ago

Lorinne Anderson wrote:Any ideas on whom in a community development or elected official capacity would be the most appropriate?

I tried to give a lot away in missoula.  I have heard nothing back from any of those peeps.  Not sure what came of it.

Secondly, would providing copies to local media be appropriate - perhaps allowing for broader distribution of the concepts within the book?

Shawn did that with GREAT results!  I think it is a great idea.

Does anyone have ideas on which parties would be most beneficial in promoting either the book or it's concepts to a broader audience?

I would also like to hear answers to this.

One thing that I thought was kinda fun - was going to several micro libraries and putting a copy in there.  You can get a list of your local libraries here:

I believe the book was said to be available on Amazon. When distributing the books should purchasing options be offered, and if so is it better to have them pursue membership in Permies, or better to show a link on Amazon?

100% of amazon income (and headaches) go to shawn.   100% of direct income (and headaches) goes to me.  Amazon offers a rather dodgy affiliate program which used be reliable and substantial - at around 5%.  Permies has a transparent affiliate program wired for a 50% affiliate fee:

14 hours ago

Inge Leonora-den Ouden wrote:Why wouldn't we want to hear you sing???  

Because I cannot remember the words, and because I have no idea what any of this means:

There are several people here that are musically inclined.  I am not one of them.
19 hours ago

I suspect that nobody wants to hear me sing.  

And I saw the new musical instruments - which included a juice harp!  :)

if you use really fat logs, you end up with a really tall bench.  Here is Ash's BB submission

3 days ago
18 people on the waiting list.  Zero people responded.  

If anybody is thinking that the list is too long - this is your chance to come out.  

Here is the email that went out:

We are open to two more boots!  If you throw your hat in to this round of coming to the bootcamp, you must:

- arrive on November 15th around 3 or 4 in the afternoon
     (or close to that for people that would be flying in)
- commit to a minimum of one week  
     (And, we hope, it is something that might last many months or even years)

The possible bunk arrangements at this moment look like this:

If this is you, then reply to this email.  Of all the people that reply within 24 hours, the two people that have been on the list the longest will be selected.

discussion about the waiting list:

discussion about the bootcamp in winter:

Is LBC Express something that is in missoula, montana?

Please do not post questions directly to this thread.

....  unless, of course, the questions are about where to ask a question.

(sorry about this - apparently we are not stating this enough)