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I am a giant doofus that is bonkers about permaculture.
my bitcoin thing-a-ma-bob is 177pNU2a9iCpUXQwXX9EbtA2UwZpgeqcMT
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Recent posts by paul wheaton

Josiah made a video about what we do these days

2 hours ago

Susan MenĂ© wrote:I'm a little late in responding; I started reading and forgot.  Obviously, book received.  My name wasn't in the back of the book, and I did send in the reply, but boo-hoo-I'm-over-it, getting the book is enough.  Thank you for your hard work.  I am learning--and humbled--by each page.


To get your name listed at the back of the book, you had to support the kickstarter at $100 or more to get:

Your Most Creative Name in the Book (80 character limit)

12 hours ago

Anita Kristensen wrote:

paul wheaton wrote:everybody that buys this gets access to the videos.

I bought the premium, and I'm looking for the links to the DVD's, is it still included?

Anita Kristensen

That was a limited time thing.  
12 hours ago
Isn't that the function of this very ebook?
1 day ago
Dave posted this today.  I thought it would be good to get some of it into a thread of it's own.

Last year fred made a gin pole that mounted in the bucket.   We used it a lot!   And dave took some video of it in action earlier this year:

Ron needed something much longer, so he made a longer gin pole:

But as you might expect, it was so long and heavy, the back tires came up off the ground a lot.  And you couldn't put much weight on it.  

So Ron made something that wasn't quite as long and was a single pole:

And used it to move uncle mud's bun warmer so we could finish the berm shed:

All part of the bootcamp!

2 days ago
There are two videos in the hopper that patreon peeps can see:

    how to improve longevity for posts in the ground


    building a junkpole fence

And here are some of the videos that have been released lately thanks to the patreon peeps:

Adam Chadek wrote:I agree, this is amazing, thank you so much!

This might be addressed somewhere in the PEP forums, but I was wondering if maybe a "To Do" list would be created to help laser focus people's attention on the overall immediate priorities and then longer term actions with such a large and ambitious project?

I think that would help everyone understand at a glance how to help keep moving the project forward and not stall.  We use a "list of open points" at my work very successfully to help keep track of the 2,000 things going on at any one point in time.

Like the app that lee jenkins made?
2 days ago

Jeff Hatfield wrote:Have not received book. I thought I had filled out survey. How do I find out?


I figured out that you are a kickstarter supporter.   Thanks for supporting our kicktarter!

If you pop over to the kickstarter support forum, you will probably find your answer.  Or, you can post there for help:

2 days ago

Kyle Bob wrote:Do Josiah and/or Jen have Patreons for their videos?


Nor does bella:

paul wheaton wrote:Ant plot rent for 2019 will probably be $1600 but reduced to $800 if certain criteria are met:

If  the plot meets our (my?) "earth integrated beauty" standards, then the ant can enjoy a $400 discount.

If the plot has a willow feeder system that is better than the current "chateu de poo", then the ant can enjoy a further $400 discount.

Ant plot rent for 2020 will probably be $1700 but reduced to $900 with the same discounts.

2019 rent is due September 30, 2018.

2020 rent is due September 30, 2019.

As always, work trades are preferred.

Ant plot rent for 2021 will be $900 (with discounts) and $1700 without.

2021 rent is due September 30, 2020.