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Paul Wheaton, The Duke of Permaculture, is an author, producer, certified advanced master gardener, and owner of. He has created hundreds of youtube videos, hundreds of podcasts, multiple DVDs, and written dozens of articles and a book. As the lead mad scientist at Wheaton Labs, he's conducted experiments resulting in rocket stoves and ovens, massive earthworks, solar dehydrators and much more.
His bitcoin thing-a-ma-bob is 177pNU2a9iCpUXQwXX9EbtA2UwZpgeqcMT
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I think I found it.  May 31, there is a purchase of this product but the user did not complete the process.  

I have connected that transaction to you!  Have fun!

Looking at recent purchases.  Nothing for "rock" or "power" or your email address.

Of all the purchasers in the last five days, I can see that they are all consuming the content.

I have carefully examined all purchases for $65 from june 6 through june 11 - all are accounted for.

Perhaps it was an earlier date?  A different name?  A different email address?

Any chance this can be window quilts for FPH?
20 hours ago
Usually I am very good at watching this forum!  I just now found this thread - sorry for the delay!  
1 day ago
it looks like the account you are using owns nothing.

A search for your email address in our transactions shows nothing.

A search for your name in our transactions shows nothing.

If you can tell me the exact product, I can look at recent purchases.
maybe we need to add something about natural swimming pools?
5 days ago