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I am a giant doofus that is bonkers about permaculture.
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Recent posts by paul wheaton

I think the left-most vent would be better if replaced with a window.   BUT - I think that the outside of the building will have a lot of firewood racks there.   And the inside of the building will be loaded up with rolly shelves that will act as bunks.  

1 hour ago

Chris Kay wrote:Has Paul considered hosting a simple telnet enabled Builtin Board System for his digital products?

I was the sysop for several BBSs back in the day, and I am the author of BananaCom - the most downloaded terminal emulator for DOS in 1995.  

Not only did I write the most popular terminal emulator, but I also modified a LOT of BBS software.  And there were several features I thought were stupid - so I disabled them.  

And BananaCom's competition included ProComm, Telix, Qmodem, RipTerm ...  and the reason I wrote bananacom was that I thought all the stuff had 20 times more gizmos than was needed.  So I made something for non-geeks.  Something that could get a person online in 20 seconds without having to learn what "baud" means.  

r ranson wrote:

paul wheaton wrote:If it were a PIE feature, would you buy PIE?

This sounds like a great idea!

It's only a great idea if people buy the PIE.   Otherwise, we do the development, get zero return and then other projects have been put on hold.
The question on the table right now is:   should we convert some/most/all of our emails to html.  This will take time to develop - time away from other possible projects.  

I can see two perks:

PERK1 - the daily-ish and the email featuring the dozen new things, could sport the thumbnail if there is one

PERK2 - it seems that a few email readers do not convert an html url to be a live link.   It's just plain text.  You can't click it or tap it.   You have to copy and paste it to a browser.  This seems pretty uncommon, but maybe this is the way things are going.

If it were a PIE feature, would you buy PIE?

Chris McClellan wrote:air coming in low on the north would be coolest

That is where the library is.

I think west is best - in this case.   To the west is a mountain - so not a lot of sun getting between the garage and the mountain.
22 hours ago
I like the second cold vent location - and I like what you have come up with for a top vent location.

As I am looking at this, I have a bit of a thought ...  

First, for something that is strictly a vent, i think people won't think to close it when it is cold.   But if it was a screened window - they would.  So maybe the real mission is to put windows in these spots.  But the window low to the ground would be way too weird.   So ...   maybe the west facing part of the solarium could have a window that can be opened.   Or ... maybe even a sliding glass door?
23 hours ago
This gob o' stuff has:

- ALL of Paul Wheaton's podcasts - with some in convenient mini-gobs, like all the Botany in a Day reviews
- 2 streaming videos
- Permaculture Playing Cards e-book type thingy

One giant gob of stuff for $20. To get all this stuff, read on!

If you were to buy this stuff separately, here's how it would break down:

podcasts 001-040 041-080 081-120 121-160 161-200 201-240 241-280 281-320 321-360 361-400 401-440 $4.00 each for a total of $40.00

21 podcast review of Sepp Holzer's Permaculture $4.00

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Rocket Mass Heater Podcasts $3.00 (already in the rest of the podcasts, but this convenient gob is provided)

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So, if you're interested in loading your phone, tablet or computer with gobs of permaculture goodness, to listen to at your convenience, click in the big black and purple box below.

1 day ago
Willie Smits: Village Based Permaculture Approaches in Indonesia

Online we have all seen videos of people doing small scale permaculture in their backyards or on small acreage. While these are often awesome examples of permaculture in action - how do you translate these projects to the large scale? How do you engage a whole community and work with government to make change using permaculture across a whole region?

In this video Willie Smits talks about his work on the Indonesian island of Sulawesi - an island with steep topography, overpopulation and with a unique/diverse local culture. Willie Smits explains how he was able to work with the people living on Sulawesi to address the problems of deforestation by promoting a permaculture inspired environmentally friendly agriculture production system. Through this system of agroforestry, Willie Smits created new and better jobs for the local people while reforesting the island promoting local plants and animals.

By working with the local communities and through the application of a joint planning module trust was built making this work possible. By working with a big farmers cooperative in north Sulawesi and building trust with the local community Willie Smits has created a potential blueprint for other communities to implement permaculture principles.

This presentation was just a small part of the conference Permaculture Voices 1.  

    click here to see all of the video from Permaculture Voices 1

    click here to see all of the video from Permaculture Voices 1, 2 and 3

1 day ago