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I am a giant doofus that is bonkers about permaculture.
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I am thinking that of putting a link to this new page at the bottom of every page.
I heard this morning that they are working on the materials list now!   We had a chat about possible designs for the rocket element.
11 hours ago
I have set up a 50% affiliate fee for my book.  So it seems that if a person has an existing audience, they can actually have a bigger passive income stream than me - and they don't even need to write a book!
I think if you follow the links, you should get all the answers you seek.  
The thing that bugs me is:

  - people stating there are no solutions (such as the solutions that do exist, detailed in the book)

  - people stating "I wish we had solutions"

  - people stating that the only solutions are political, and there is NOTHING that an individual can do

  - people stating that really weak stuff (or false stuff) is "best"

  - that all the people freaking out is about 10,000 time bigger than the number of people that have actually read the book


bringing this back on topic:  will true passivity work?  I think it will sell at least one a week for several years.  
I co-authored a book.  Then did a kickstarter.   And now we transition into the passive income.  

Shawn (my co-author) and I each have an unlimited distribution license.   Shawn can sell as many copies as he likes and he keeps all the money.   I can do the same.   We do not have to calculate any royalties for the other.  

My marketing has been extremely passive.  Just a mention in my mailing lists and on my sites.  Nothing else.  I am selling two or three copies per day - but I this seems like a lot more than the five a week or so from a couple of weeks ago.   I think it is because this is the holiday shopping season.   So I wonder if it will dry up.

Of course, I am hopeful that word-of-mouth will take the book big time.  

So far, the reviews at amazon are all excellent.  Five stars all the way.  The reviews at goodreads are a mix - currently 4.27 stars out of 5.

But it is now passive.  The ebooks and audiobooks are a fully automated process.  Physical book purchases send an email to my shipper who takes care of that - I just need to restock once in a while.  

But it was a huge leap.  Fortunately, the kickstarter brought in enough that I was actually paid.  And I did get more than minimum wage.   And now I have this passive income stream.

I read somewhere that in order to have a book sell really well, what you need is to write ten books.   People enjoy one book you wrote and then they seek out another.    

I have four more books in the hopper, but I think I wore out Shawn.  

Fortunately, Mike is running full speed ahead on what will probably be the next book.   And Jennifer is helping a lot on another.    I have two more that are sitting pretty idle.  

So, who are our authors harvesting passive income?  This is a chance to mention your book!
After about a dozen requests in the last month (maybe because there was a donate day shortly after black friday?), I created this.  I think it is pretty simple.  

Have I forgotten anything?
here is a file i was able to get - not sure if it helps
"community contributions" are now "on" for the one video.
Heather, sorry for the delay ....

I just tried to find that file for one video and did not.  

On this video   I activated something about closed captioning to be public.   Does this change anything for you?