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Permaculture Voices 1 took place March 13 - 16, 2014

It included:

52 Speakers

6 Keynote Speakers including Allan Savory, Joel Salatin, Dr. Elaine Ingham, Paul Wheaton, Toby Hemenway, and Geoff Lawton.

70 Total Talks.

List of speakers:

Geoff Lawton

   - Permaculture Designers Manual in One Hour (Keynote)
   - Permaculture Earthworks
   - Permaculture & the Tipping Point (Keynote)
   - Reading the Permaculture Landscape

Willie Smits

   - Village Based Permaculture Approaches in Indonesia

Wilie Smits & Peter Hirst

   - Permaculture in a half million-acre forest concession in Indonesia

Toby Hemenway

   - Why Agriculture Can Never Be Sustainable, and a Permaculture Solution
   - Backing Away from the Energy Cliff: A Permaculturists Guide to Thinking About Energy

Joel Salatin

   - Successional Success: Fields of Farmers
   - Staking Fiefdoms
   - Ballet in the Pasture

Allan Savory

   - Why Management Needs to be Holistic to Avert Tragedy
   - Livestock in New Agriculture

Paul Wheaton

   - Wood Stoves 2.0: The Latest in Rocket Mass Heaters
   - The Design of Intentional Community
   - Increasing the Velocity of Permaculture (Keynote)

Dr. Elaine Ingham

   - Soil: It’s All About Life
   - Building Soil Health (Keynote)

Jack Spirko
   - Building a Profitable Permaculture Business

Greg Judy

   - Profitable Methods Used to Heal the Land With Mob Grazing
   - Multi-Species Grazing on Leased Land

Mark Shepard

   - Restoration Agriculture: Designing Your Perennial Farm
   - Alleycropping and Silvopasture: Transitioning to Restoration Agriculture

Adam Klaus

   - Small Dairy Herds for Small Farms
   - Biodynamics for Better Farming

Larry Santoyo

   - Permaculture for Humanity: Moderating the Urgency of Urbanism
   - Permaculture for Humanity: The Economics of Sharing & Caring

Neil Bertrando

   - 3 Years and 1 Acre in the High Desert

Nadia Lawton

   - Working with Traditional Communities from a Woman’s Perspective

Rob Avis

   - Lessons & Learnings: Starting a Permaculture-Based Business

Sarah Aubrey

   - Is There Really Any Grant Money Out There?

Valerie Loew

   - Edible HOAs. Want to plant edibles and live in peace with your HOA?

Ryan Harb & Bill Bean

   - Building Actionable Plans for Your Permaculture Initiatives

Rishi Kumar

   - Advance Suburban Permaculture

Philip Rutter

   - Plant Trees, But Not Just Any Tree

Peter Hirst

   - Biochar Basics

Peter Ash

   - Rehabilitating Polluted Ecosystems with Compost

Paul Greive

   - Guerrilla Marketing Field Guide for Small Farms

Patricia Foreman

   - Why Chickens Are the Enablers and Heroes of Permaculture Design and Healthy Sustainability

Owen Hablutzel

   - Permaculture Horizons: Dynamic Design for the Anthropocene
   - Drought Resilience for the Twenty-First Century

Michael Gold

   - Chestnut: Building a Perennial Specialty Crop Industry from Scratch

Joseph Simcox

   - Ecological Adaptation Strategy

John Roulac

   - Can Business be a Tool for Real Change?

John Kitsteiner

   - Permaculture: The Missing Key to Health

Jane Higginson

   - Attracting Native Pollinators to Your Permaculture System

Fraser Bliss

   - Life’s Too Short for 9-to-5: How to Find Your Niche and Start or Grow Your Own Business

Doniga Markegard

   - Wildlife, Ranching, Carbon and Policy: Creating Lasting Change

David Eggleton & Stephen Kent

   - Learning for Life

Curtis Stone

   - SPIN Farming

Craig Sponholtz

   - Reversing Desertification With Sticks, Rocks, and Ancient Wisdom
   - Harvesting Water by Healing Watersheds

Chris Arnold

   - Reinventing Fast Food: Better Ingredients from More Sustainable Sources

Adam Brock

   - Toward a Pattern Language of Invisible Structures
   - Greening the Food Desert: Urban Permaculture in Denver

Paul Kearsley

   - Conceptual Illustration for Permaculture


Permaculture Voices 1 - Purchase All the Video Here!
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