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Forum Name Topic Replies Topic Starter Last Post
rocket mass heaters Biochar Retort Pyolysis: Adapting a Bell-style RMH 17 Daniel Bowman 6 minutes ago
Daniel Bowman
recycling What is it.... the game! Post unknown objects to ID... and to stump others!
[ 1, 2, 3 < ...  <9, 10, 11 ]
406 Pearl Sutton 11 minutes ago
thomas rubino
soil Peroxide in soil 12 Alex McQueen 18 minutes ago
Bryant RedHawk
food as medicine Had cancer and beat it with alternative medicine?
[ 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 ]
175 Amedean Messan 20 minutes ago
Tyler Ludens
hugelkultur A Hugel-ish Journey 1 Artie Scott 30 minutes ago
Artie Scott
gear Cell phone signal boosters (repeaters) 13 James Freyr 36 minutes ago
Alexander Baker
crowdfunding Need suggestions for Interview questions for the authors of Building a Better World in Your Backyard 2 Tracy Wandling 45 minutes ago
Mike Jay
iberia Utility costs in Spain/Portugal 1 Fil Keller 46 minutes ago
DaveY Cooper
meaningless drivel Happy Spring! 1 Chris Kott 58 minutes ago
James Freyr
tiny house Natural foundation for log cabin 2 Dustin Fife 1 hour ago
James Freyr
digital market Rocket Oven 2018 plans download W Davin Hoyt 1 hour ago
paul wheaton
composting Silica Gel from used diapers 2 julian Gerona 1 hour ago
Bryant RedHawk
meaningless drivel The simple pleasures of the day (please add your own)
[ 1, 2, 3, 4 ]
156 Craig Dobbson 1 hour ago
Dave Burton
natural building Using Wood Ash as Floor Insulation..? 7 trish beebe 1 hour ago
Phil Stevens
forest garden Need advice on starting a tropical food forest 38 Mike Jay 1 hour ago
Mike Jay
pex / pep Metal working badge brainstorming 23 Peter Ellis 1 hour ago
Mike Jay
dogs and cats Personal assistants 3 James Freyr 1 hour ago
Artie Scott
conservation actual energy savings by setting your hot water heater to 110 18 paul wheaton 1 hour ago
James Freyr
kids Homemade Toys 14 Kim Goodwin 1 hour ago
Kimberly Sams
pex / pep PEP Badge: Food Prep and Preservation W Shawn Klassen-Koop 2 hours ago
paul wheaton
natural building Hempcrete dreaming 1 Arlie Grunseth 2 hours ago
Chris Kott
rural Texas Hill Country - 4 Acres in Llano County 0 Daniel sipirili 2 hours ago
Daniel sipirili
soil the quest for super soil
[ 1, 2, 3 ]
115 Bryant RedHawk 2 hours ago
stephen lowe
seed saving / exchange / plant breeding Got Excess Seeds? 17 Pearl Sutton 2 hours ago
Pearl Sutton
pex / pep PEP BB earthworks.sand.tractor- 15 Minutes Using Tractor Loader W Dave Burton 2 hours ago
paul wheaton
greenhouses Computational permaculture
[ 1, 2 ]
42 Gordon Haverland 2 hours ago
Gordon Haverland
meaningless drivel The frustration of being held to “agreements” you never agreed to 30 Jennifer Richardson 2 hours ago
elle sagenev
chickens how do you clean/manage the litter in a small, raised coop? 8 Nicole Alderman 2 hours ago
Cindy Skillman
passive solar Vapor Barrier Psuedo Science? 6 Amit Enventres 3 hours ago
Timothy Markus
workshops !!!!! 2019 ATC (Appropriate Technology Course) in Montana W Bill Crim 3 hours ago
Kyle Bob
workshops PEP1 Certification workshop/gathering/event May/June 2019
[ 1, 2 ]
W Coco Newlon 3 hours ago
paul wheaton
soil What is the mystery liquid in a soil pH testing kit? 3 Mike Lang 3 hours ago
Bryant RedHawk
pex / pep brainstorming for natural medicine
[ 1, 2, 3 ]
W Nicole Alderman 3 hours ago
Nicole Alderman
composting the downsides of composting
[ 1, 2 ]
42 paul wheaton 3 hours ago
Elizabeth Geller
projects permaculture aid ships and other big permacultural ideas 9 Chris Kott 3 hours ago
julian Gerona
meaningless drivel Amazing Nature - what has wowed you lately? 25 Jocelyn Campbell 4 hours ago
Greg Martin
soil mason jar soil tests
[ 1, 2 ]
40 paul wheaton 4 hours ago
denise ra
online learning The Home Grown Food Summit - Starts March 18! 17 Tracy Wandling 4 hours ago
Tyler Ludens
rocket mass heaters RMH integration into new construction with decoupled heat battery 3 Brian Church 5 hours ago
thomas rubino
composting Now thats what i call Beautiful Compost bins! 2 Olof Jönnerstig 5 hours ago
Mj Lacey
food as medicine Candida Advice 11 Jordan Rob 6 hours ago
Tj Jefferson
pex / pep foraging badge brainstorming W Shawn Klassen-Koop 6 hours ago
paul wheaton
biodynamic Redhawk's methods of making the biodynamic preparations
[ 1, 2 ]
49 Bryant RedHawk 7 hours ago
Bryant RedHawk
food as medicine Seeking foods that help heal nerve and spinal cord damage 27 r ranson 7 hours ago
Joshua Parke
woodworking Can one make cedar shingles without a froe-like device? 11 Nicole Alderman 7 hours ago
thomas rubino
earthworks Designing for flooding 11 Mj Lacey 7 hours ago
Mj Lacey
organic permaculture advocate in Zimbabwe - too little/too much rain
[ 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 ]
182 Rufaro Makamure 8 hours ago
Rufaro Makamure
wheaton laboratories Maps of wheaton laboratories 26 Davin Hoyt 8 hours ago
Davin Hoyt
permaculture design Do Nothing Farming by Masanobu Fukuoka 8 julian Gerona 8 hours ago
J Davis
geoff lawton's online pdc Geoff Lawton online PDC 2019 0 Olof Jönnerstig 8 hours ago
Olof Jönnerstig
pdc artifacts Food Forest Card Game - Game Forum 35 Karl Treen 8 hours ago
Karl Treen
plants Oysterleaf 15 Greg Martin 9 hours ago
Karl Treen
permaculture Looking for edible perennials 25 Old hammy 9 hours ago
Karl Treen
cooking Reuses for old cooking oil? How to? W Nicole Alderman 9 hours ago
Judith Browning
solar Solar shower gravity hot water project 7 Malcolm Thomas 9 hours ago
Malcolm Thomas
greenhouses Walipini advice needed 16 Malcolm Thomas 10 hours ago
Malcolm Thomas
natural building Tudor farmhouse photos 0 Burra Maluca 10 hours ago
Burra Maluca
composting Safe Humanure Composting 6 Jeremy Dunn 11 hours ago
Nathanael Szobody
lawn can I heal herbicided lawn into wildflower field? 5 Marlo Blythe 11 hours ago
Rebecca Norman
fish Self replenishing pond 4 John Avery 11 hours ago
John Avery