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Forum Name Topic Replies Topic Starter Last Post
wood burning stoves Convert wood-burning metal stove to masonry heater 6 arnon raab 13 minutes ago
Satamax Antone
woodworking Resources for building your own tools? 1 Lew Johnson 15 minutes ago
Amy Arnett
plants biological control for bindweed! 23 paul wheaton 46 minutes ago
Myron Platte
stone work Uncle Mud Inspiration: Bishop's Castle Tour 8 Chris McClellan 54 minutes ago
miriam hawkins
fungi Winter mushroom logs zone 6 5 Taylor Cleveland 57 minutes ago
Joe Grand
polyculture What surprise new food plants have you found growing in your polycultures? 11 David Huang 2 hours ago
Jen Fulkerson
cooking how to render lard 17 paul wheaton 3 hours ago
M Broussard
pep textiles Wiki BB Make a Simple Drop Spindle - textile.straw.spin.spindle PEP BB W Opalyn Rose 3 hours ago
Nicole Alderman
rabbits Hare breeding 6 Tokunbo Popoola 4 hours ago
Caitlin Mac Shim
internships & apprenticeships Looking to make a change, internship or apprenticeship advice needed 1 Erin Manley 4 hours ago
D Nikolls
gardening for beginners Building raised bed with used redwood fence boards 3 Martin Bernal 4 hours ago
Eliot Mason
greenhouses Polyethylene Foam Wrap. 3 William Bronson 4 hours ago
C. Letellier
bugs Pill bugs: beneficial pruners or garden detestation? 35 Scott Stiller 4 hours ago
Nicole Alderman
wheaton laboratories !!! Josiah’s Bootcamp Log
[ 1, 2, 3 < ...  <21, 22, 23 ]
228 Josiah Kobernik 6 hours ago
Kyle Bob
homestead Ray and Holly's Homestead in Kentucky 12 Ray Cecil 6 hours ago
Ray Cecil
wheaton laboratories !! Dez's Bootcamp Experience (BRK)
[ 1, 2, 3 < ...  <22, 23, 24 ]
239 Dez Choi 7 hours ago
Dez Choi
rocket mass heaters Condensation problem 2 Alexandre Korney 7 hours ago
Satamax Antone
resources: seeds, plants, honey, consulting, etc. FOR SALE: Apios americana/Groundnut select variety tubers 2 greg mosser 7 hours ago
greg mosser
homestead James' log cabin build
[ 1, 2 ]
72 James Freyr 7 hours ago
Erica Colmenares
homestead When can I say I'm living a permaculture lifestyle? 16 Robert Ray 8 hours ago
Hans Quistorff
repair How do I glue leather together naturally? 1 Leigh Tate 8 hours ago
Nicole Alderman
fermentation cooking with miso (soy free or real) 4 r ranson 8 hours ago
Roy Hinkley
composting Composting coast live oak leaves in dry Southern California 6 Cody Lazzaro 8 hours ago
Alder Burns
online learning Guild design program 3 Andy Weilbaecher 8 hours ago
Jackie Frobese
vines Growing Cucumbers - Pollination 2 Susan Pruitt 8 hours ago
Jackie Frobese
ducks and geese Double decker mobile duck coop for hilly terrain? 5 S. Bard 8 hours ago
Jake Esselstyn
meaningless drivel linux is better than windoze or mac
[ 1, 2 ]
64 paul wheaton 9 hours ago
William Bagwell
tinkering with this site Bookmark on mobile? 0 Liv Smith 9 hours ago
Liv Smith
projects Will you help me spread my geeky love of Farmers of Forty Centuries? 2 Jude Thaddean 9 hours ago
Stacie Kim
homestead Firewood 20 Vase Angjeleski 9 hours ago
ben heidorn
pollinators Birds and Birdbaths - DIY Ungarbarge Repurposing & Reusing 11 Lisa Brunette 9 hours ago
Lisa Brunette
straw bale house Corn stalk bales. 0 Shane Caraway 9 hours ago
Shane Caraway
volunteer offerings 2021 work trades for PDC, PTJ and/or SKIP W Nicole Alderman 10 hours ago
Kyle Noe
projects Distilling alcohol 6 Vase Angjeleski 10 hours ago
Nick Kitchener
wells and springs solar pump - sourced from river: advice for 20m head 3 fernando ribeiro 11 hours ago
John C Daley
natural building Roofing 6 Franak Ostapowicz 11 hours ago
Trace Oswald
camera work r learns youtube - but will she like it?
[ 1, 2 ]
45 r ranson 11 hours ago
Rebecca Blake
fermentation Miso or koji question 8 Tim Seaward 12 hours ago
Austin Durant
pep food prep and preservation Does your family support your permie nature? 17 Opalyn Rose 12 hours ago
Rebecca Blake
greenhouses Salt in thermal storage water? 7 Gilbert Fritz 12 hours ago
Kenneth Elwell
permaculture artisans David Holmgren promotes "baronial" permaculture... 14 Nathanael Szobody 12 hours ago
Marco Banks
seeds and breeding Bean Breeding? Scarlet runner X common bean 19 Heiden Lentz 12 hours ago
Kerri Sawa
earthship Tire pounding in New Mexico 8 daniel evans 12 hours ago
Kimi Iszikala
cooking How to split peas and favas? 24 r ranson 13 hours ago
Ellendra Nauriel
skills to inherit property if you have a dozen SKIP books, who would you give them to? 17 paul wheaton 13 hours ago
Dea Frost
finishes How can I naturally (or more naturally) give this checkerboard blue squares? 12 Nicole Alderman 13 hours ago
Marco Banks
gardening for beginners Suggest Your Favorite: Cucumber(s) 12 D. Logan 13 hours ago
Ellendra Nauriel
tinkering with this site Received a suspicious, inappropriate or abusive PM?
[ 1, 2 ]
59 Burra Maluca 14 hours ago
Burra Maluca
rocket mass heaters What is the best way to grow fuel for an RMH
[ 1, 2 ]
54 Richard Hauser 14 hours ago
Myron Platte
gardening for beginners Passive seed-starting 5 Hayley Stewart 14 hours ago
Hayley Stewart
introductions Hello there! New land owner and new to permaculture 11 Donald Smith 14 hours ago
Joylynn Hardesty
pep poor man's poll: would you support a kickstarter for a SKIP book? 33 paul wheaton 14 hours ago
L Anderson
gardening for beginners Some interesting obsrvations from a beginner gardener 2 Jennifer Lowery 14 hours ago
Stacie Kim
lawn Who would have thought? Mr. Bean, the lawn care permaculturist! 0 Myron Platte 15 hours ago
Myron Platte
introductions Hello from Louisiana 5 Britton Sprouse 15 hours ago
Britton Sprouse
homestead Minnesota timber frame build 4 Shelly Vodden 15 hours ago
Shelly Vodden
nuts Anyone have fresh american hazelnuts? 2 Devon Viola 15 hours ago
Devon Viola
wheaton laboratories Wiki 2021 Permaculture Design Course for Scientists and Engineers, June 13-26 W Nicole Alderman 15 hours ago
Austin Durant
wofati and earth berm What is Wood duff - a silly question 3 Nancy Reading 15 hours ago
Dan Boone
fruit trees Can I transplant blueberry plants now? 2 Samantha Sage 15 hours ago
bruce Fine