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Forum Name Topic Replies Topic Starter Last Post
southern usa Wanting to learn about growing food and living sustainably in central FL 3 Andrea Gaughan 13 minutes ago
Terri Pine
southern usa Anyone grow Mulberry? 10 Maria Hobbs 16 minutes ago
Terri Pine
gardening for beginners Extreme Heat In The Garden 3 Denise Massey 17 minutes ago
Denise Massey
cooking Breakfast foods for 10 and 13 year old - give me some ideas please! 25 Sheri Menelli 19 minutes ago
Steve Smyth
rural Who has found community… & what form of it? 3 Joel Bercardin 26 minutes ago
Jondo Almondo
digital market Better Wood Heat: DIY Rocket Mass Heaters 8-DVD Set as HD instant view W paul wheaton 28 minutes ago
paul wheaton
food choices Not really wanting to eat the food you grow 26 Jennifer Richardson 36 minutes ago
Terri Pine
asian natural farming Natural Farming's IMO 4 and the substrate effect 0 Tio Crane 40 minutes ago
Tio Crane
chickens ! Will broilers self-select sufficient protein? 0 Huxley Harter 46 minutes ago
Huxley Harter
chickens Managing the threat to free range chickens from hawks, foxes, and other predators 19 Dan Ellis 57 minutes ago
Terri Pine
bugs Where can I buy silkworm or silkmoths and supplies in Canada? 30 r ranson 1 hour ago
r ranson
gardening for beginners Making your own planters 0 Jolene Jakesy 1 hour ago
Jolene Jakesy
recycling Free plant pots 0 Jolene Jakesy 1 hour ago
Jolene Jakesy
seed saving / exchange / plant breeding Growing Tree Seedlings in Seed Trays Versus Direct Seeding 6 Steve Thorn 1 hour ago
Mark Brunnr
permaculture Permaculture Film(help needed) 4 Cole Noblit 1 hour ago
Cole Noblit
rural Millennial Permies
[ 1, 2, 3 ]
114 James Landreth 1 hour ago
James Landreth
grains and pseudograins Millet and Amaranth 2 Mandy Launchbury-Rainey 1 hour ago
Tyler Ludens
books Homegrown Linen: transforming flaxseed into fibre by Raven Ranson W r ranson 1 hour ago
r ranson
online learning Online Mycology Courses (Mushroom ID and Fungal Ecology) from MYCOLOGOS & Peter McCoy 0 Peter McCoy 1 hour ago
Peter McCoy
plant fibers Wiki Homegrown Linen: transforming flaxseed into fibre - KICKSTARTER
[ 1, 2, 3, 4 ]
W r ranson 1 hour ago
r ranson
plants Has anyone propagated lamb's quarter in any way-seed, etc.? 13 Marcus Billings 1 hour ago
Ryan M Miller
wheaton laboratories a couple of pics
[ 1, 2, 3 < ...  <23, 24, 25 ]
240 paul wheaton 2 hours ago
Jocelyn Campbell
chickens Zero bagged food for poultry!? W Huxley Harter 3 hours ago
Huxley Harter
hugelkultur New to this forum - need help identifying tree for hugelkultur 8 Sam Seeking 3 hours ago
Sam Seeking
straw bale house interface between bales and foundation 3 Phill Wright 3 hours ago
Mark Brunnr
pex / pep PEP BB roundwood.sand.spoon - carving spoon from hand tools
[ 1, 2, 3, 4 ]
W Steve Thorn 3 hours ago
Scott Foster
tinkering with this site Issue with email and password 3 Rosie Carducci 3 hours ago
Devaka Cooray
beavers Eight acre-feet times five million dead beaver: the lost rainwater catchments of North America
[ 1, 2 ]
43 Dusty Trails 3 hours ago
Lorinne Anderson
straw bale house wheat paste and it's affect on breathability of strawbale? 4 Sunny Baba 3 hours ago
Sunny Baba
wheaton laboratories arrakis 8 paul wheaton 4 hours ago
Jocelyn Campbell
meaningless drivel Daughter wants me to go on vacation with her, while leaving fiance at home 10 Dale Hodgins 4 hours ago
Dale Hodgins
plants What can I do with my daffodil bulbs? 2 Ga Shaw 4 hours ago
Nick Truscott
plants Which "weed" do you dislike the most?
[ 1, 2 ]
61 Steve Thorn 4 hours ago
John Wolfram
workshops PEP1 Certification workshop/gathering/event May/June 2019
[ 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 ]
W Coco Newlon 4 hours ago
Leif Ing
intentional community Gardener open to Intentional Community/Homestead opportunities 0 Cole Noblit 5 hours ago
Cole Noblit
projects Growing Edible Housing, for the urban poor in the tropics 6 Dale Hodgins 5 hours ago
Dale Hodgins
internships & apprenticeships Permie Intern wanted 4 Caitlin Flaherty 6 hours ago
Cole Noblit
cascadia In Praise of Lewis County 20 James Landreth 6 hours ago
James Landreth
straw bale house Sticky *Welcome Jim Reiland and Bob Theis, authors of Straw Bale Building Details! 38 Nicole Alderman 6 hours ago
Mark Kissinger
tinkering with this site Goodreads? 1 r ranson 6 hours ago
Daniel Ray
tiny house Tiny House frame, steel or timber? Help! 10 Kate Bird 6 hours ago
Sebastian Köln
intentional community Opportunity on Va Polyscape farm, Spring Popping!!! 5 E Murphy 6 hours ago
Cole Noblit
iberia Looking to start a farm in southern spain 12 Albert Schapiro 6 hours ago
Jann Vorsuur
berries Double top wire grape trellis- Space Saver 1 Steve Thorn 6 hours ago
Ben Zumeta
intentional community Looking for tribemates for our 9 acre farm! 7 Briannon Cierpilowski 6 hours ago
Cole Noblit
projects Ludi's Projects 2019 38 Tyler Ludens 6 hours ago
Artie Scott
fungi Mushroom slurries on wood chip pathways in between veggiebeds 7 Hugo Morvan 6 hours ago
Ben Zumeta
wheaton laboratories 2019 kickstarter ticket stuff (Building a Better World Book) 24 paul wheaton 7 hours ago
Jennifer Richardson
intentional community The Sanctuary near Seattle, Wa 1 Orion Tep 7 hours ago
Cole Noblit
intentional community Looking for possible friends on our slice of paradise 5 Jen Fan 8 hours ago
Cole Noblit
earthworks Mountainous Farm and Earthworks 7 Rene Nijstad 8 hours ago
Rene Nijstad
workshops 2019 PDC for Scientists, Engineers, Educators and experienced Permies W Coco Newlon 8 hours ago
Jocelyn Campbell
hugelkultur Slow Hugelkultur? 2 Shawn Harper 8 hours ago
Shawn Harper
permaculture design course listings Full List of PDCs??? 2 Anthony Bosque Gonzalez 8 hours ago
Tyler Ludens
straw bale house Steel exterior siding/rainscreen on strawbale? 12 Dillon Nichols 9 hours ago
Jim Reiland
cooking ! Do people still make 'friendship cake'? 6 Leila Rich 9 hours ago
James Whitelaw
digital market Rocket Mass Heater Plans: Annex 6" L-shaped Bench by Ernie and Erica 8 Erica Wisner 9 hours ago
Vernon Inverness
rocket mass heaters Rocket Mass Heater Manual 4 Cassie Langstraat 9 hours ago
Vernon Inverness
geoff lawton's online pdc Geoff Lawton - Living On Earth from Public Radio International 2 Rich Points 10 hours ago
Mike Leonido