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funny signs
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318 Dale Hodgins
Carla Burke
meaningless drivel
Starting a Tropical Piggery
[ 1, 2 ]
49 Dale Hodgins
See Hes
large farm
Dealing with bureaucracy – covert tactics 15 Dale Hodgins
Thekla McDaniels
How did your relationship begin? Where did you find them? How did you get it started? 26 Dale Hodgins
Jason Manning
permaculture singles
How did it end and why? An opportunity to examine and purge
[ 1, 2 ]
40 Dale Hodgins
Gilly Bee
permaculture singles
Alder and nitrogen fixation-only native tree west of Rockies that does it 30 Dale Hodgins
Will Guyver
Windmill with air compressor instead of electric generator
[ 1, 2 ]
74 Dale Hodgins
Christoph Day
Hugelkultur -- good wood, bad (allelopathic) wood
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217 Dale Hodgins
Avi Kaplan
Goumi berries - yield test 22 Dale Hodgins
Michelle Simms
Invasive species – business
[ 1, 2 ]
52 Dale Hodgins
Aurora House
Banana trunk planters. Growing vegetables in living and dead banana stems. 6 Dale Hodgins
Jonatas Andrade
tropical climate
Reciprocating saw with carbide Diablo pruning blade 24 Dale Hodgins
Douglas Alpenstock
Dale's cob house, in the Philippines has morphed-I am moving there, taking over,adopting family etc.
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248 Dale Hodgins
Henry Fork
Cinnamon wood. Has anyone used it? 7 Dale Hodgins
Mk Neal
Passion fruit shading of tropical household walls and roof. 16 Dale Hodgins
coby tynsky
natural building
Mobility scooter/cheap mobile power and battery bank 11 Dale Hodgins
matt caldwell
alternative energy
Miles and miles of fencing. 21 Dale Hodgins
Lawrence Calloway
Recognizing Our Spam Hunters. 33 Dale Hodgins
Anne Miller
tinkering with this site
Cutting roof, building flat roof, to make house shorter for moving. 8 Dale Hodgins
Paul Neal
Dale's Rocket Powered Forge Bellows 6 Dale Hodgins
r ranson
rocket stoves
My worst blunders---series of cautionary tales--- various authors 17 Dale Hodgins
Eileen Kirkland
natural building
Greenworks 80 volt cordless electric chainsaw 7 Dale Hodgins
D Nikolls
This wild grass has huge seeds. 8 Dale Hodgins
Anne Miller
My experience using a mini RV style washing machine with spinner. 32 Dale Hodgins
Kathy Vargo
Rocket mass heater converts to cooler/air conditioner 20 Dale Hodgins
paul wheaton
rocket mass heaters
Charcoal/Bio-char Production – Utilizing the volatile gasses, reducing pollution and fire risk 29 Dale Hodgins
John Suavecito
heavy duty cargo trailer. 8 ft long. 5 Dale Hodgins
Glenn Herbert
Warning. Graphic image. Crow electrocuted because of uninsulated connections. 1 Dale Hodgins
Paul Fookes
Steel Toe, Work Boot Harvest.  They don't grow on trees. They hang from wires. 3 Dale Hodgins
Alana Rose
What Men Want 37 Dale Hodgins
Ellendra Nauriel
permaculture singles
What Women Want
[ 1, 2 ]
66 Dale Hodgins
John C Daley
permaculture singles
Free Stuff - Look at what I got today.
[ 1, 2, 3 ]
92 Dale Hodgins
echo minarosa
Using Beavers to Store Water and Dodge Water Catchment Laws. 11 Dale Hodgins
Joshua Myrvaagnes
greening the desert
Uses for stainless steel washing machine drums 26 Dale Hodgins
Rob Lineberger
Do you remember Postum, the coffee substitute. Seeking recipe or other roasted grain substitute. 22 Dale Hodgins
Dan Boone
food choices
Adding thermal mass to lightly framed stud walls 13 Dale Hodgins
Daniel Lloyd-Jones
natural building
Dale's self flushing roof gutters. 13 Dale Hodgins
Brian Holmes
rainwater catchment
Dale's 24 hour, SOLAR, food dehydrator. 8 Dale Hodgins
Judith Pi
food preservation
In Praise of Swamp Coolers 5 Dale Hodgins
Jeremy Baker
Dale's Urinal 19 Dale Hodgins
Douglas Alpenstock
toilet alternatives
Avoiding camping fees 18 Dale Hodgins
Jason Hernandez
How to meet girls. Things every young guy should know.
[ 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 ]
201 Dale Hodgins
Jenny Jones
permaculture singles
Don't Pay Rent ! The best money saving strategy available to millions of us.
[ 1, 2 ]
54 Dale Hodgins
William John
financial strategy
Dale's series of permaculture business ideas --- 5. Plant rescue --- Demolitions, land clearing... 4 Dale Hodgins
Emilie McVey
farm income
My re-use projects--- and yours as well
[ 1, 2, 3 ]
86 Dale Hodgins
Joel Bercardin
Paulownia or Empress Splendor tree for Coastal British Columbia and Washington 4 Dale Hodgins
nancy sutton
Christmas and Jesus. I say Merry Christmas, not happy holidays.
[ 1, 2 ]
52 Dale Hodgins
leila hamaya
religion and spirituality
Burglar in red and white. Dale's home security scare. Knocked a guy out with golf club ! 28 Dale Hodgins
Ben Williams
meaningless drivel
My quest for the worlds most comfortable bed, is complete. 5 Dale Hodgins
Dale Hodgins
Milwaukee fuel circular saw and Sawzall. They are awesome 26 Dale Hodgins
Dale Hodgins
Commercial sewing machine motor with clutch 5 Dale Hodgins
Ben van Berlo
textile tools
Shepherd's pie in a microwave. Jobsite cooking 0 Dale Hodgins
Dale Hodgins
Moved My brother-in-law is tethered to a coconut tree, for his own good. 0 Dale Hodgins
Dale Hodgins
ulcer factory
Cooling feed tube with aluminum fins --- Plate aluminum under burn floor diffuses heat to hearth 9 Dale Hodgins
Thomas Tipton
rocket stoves
Natural stump removal 23 Dale Hodgins
Eric Hanson
Dale's kitty litter idea --- Dung beetles. 11 Dale Hodgins
Chris Kott
dogs and cats
I need to be in the bamboo basket business. Say that 10 times fast. :-) 21 Dale Hodgins
Morgwino Stur
cottage industry
Stirring up nut butter that is separated from the oil. Use a whisk 11 Dale Hodgins
Sigrid Blom
Beth's Apple Crop. A case for mechanical pruning 5 Dale Hodgins
Dale Hodgins
fruit trees
Reinventing Philippines street food
[ 1, 2 ]
52 Dale Hodgins
Greg Martin