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Recent posts by John Weiland

Just glad to see the two perspectives posted already here gaining more traction with respect to the origins of addictions to opioids and beyond.  As a fan of Gabor Mate's addiction work and those like him, thanks for posting your experiences.
1 day ago
....they can't make a walk-behind snowblower that doubles as a garden-size crop combine for dry beans, pulses and small grains.  (..beams at the thought!)

....they can't make a vacuum hose attachment with an infinitely-variable angled head......that also *truly* sucks up pet hair. ;-)
2 days ago

Kenneth Elwell wrote:
Sure they'll still scrub, and who cares if it's grime in a crevice of your toaster oven...... I'd rather a new one for my mouth.

With the mask-wearing, I'm finding I no longer need to brush my teeth!....    :-?  

I do recall the Seinfeld episode where Kramer was returning Jerry's toothbrush ...... Jerry:  "What were you doing with my toothbrush?!..."
                                                                                                                        Kramer: "Oh...don't worry, I didn't use it in my mouth....."    :-/
2 days ago
...(from my wife).....they can't make a sheet of plywood be 3 X 7 instead of 4 X 8 ft ...... so that *she* can carry the darned thing instead of always asking me to do it.
2 days ago

Dc Stewart wrote:.....that is still capable of displaying cat videos.

My wife does endless pet pig you suppose these take up less bandwidth and battery juice than cat videos??......


Re:  Cars and their obvious owner-lamented deficiencies.     -- maybe we need to get back to mandatory conscription where, instead of military boot camp and much like the Permie merit badges, there is a year of car mechanics--home constructionplumbing/electrical/finance--interwoven with self-health/wellness.
2 days ago
....they can't come up with winter-warm gloves with the dexterity of un-clothed fingers.

....they can't come up with chemically-inert, safe, non-stick pan surfaces.

2 days ago
.....the can't (yet) make a cell phone voice signal with the clarity of the old analog land-line.
2 days ago
.......they can't make a car with a rodent-proof HVAC.
3 days ago
Thought this might be fun in the same vein as "You know you're a Permie when...."

They can put a man on the moon, but.....

... they can't make a tool to remove those tiny burrs from your flannel pants! ;-/

3 days ago