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Toaster / air-fryer type oven -- disassembly and repair question
[ 1, 2 ]
52 John Weiland
Rodrigo Mencos
'Heavy Clay and the French Drain'... 5 John Weiland
Dan Fish
You know Spring is in the air when (add your own).... 23 John Weiland
John Weiland
meaningless drivel
Insulated tarping/drapes as seasonal workshop walls...... 7 John Weiland
William Bronson
Tools for Gals: Battery chainsaw/loppers choice? 10 John Weiland
Philip McGarvey
Tank or tankless water heaters - what's better? 25 John Weiland
Ronald Jobe
Morning toast: Snowblower caught on fire..... 10 John Weiland
John C Daley
Little Ripper Sawmill......Any experience with this equipment? 7 John Weiland
Peter Ellis
roundwood and timber framing
Blight or otherwise has killed potato vines-- to harvest or not? 9 John Weiland
John Weiland
Ratio of different food storage methods..... 19 John Weiland
Skandi Rogers
food preservation
40 X 80 ft quonset roof sagging in middle....The final chapter (3/9/2019) 24 John Weiland
Mike Haasl
roundwood and timber framing
Homage to Gravity: Unsticking stuck steering wheel on tractor.... 1 John Weiland
John C Daley
Moving pawpaws north.... 39 John Weiland
Cathy Stice
forest garden
Floating amphibious homes....with spring flooding approaching. 24 John Weiland
Jeremy VanGelder
natural building
They can put a man on the moon, but..... 20 John Weiland
Jay Angler
meaningless drivel
Documenting the decline in academic/governmental/private sector funding for plant breeding..... 2 John Weiland
Ellendra Nauriel
seeds and breeding
Maybe something I have missed?: What to do with old computer hardware? 7 John Weiland
Jennie Little
Alternative locomotion power?..... 3 John Weiland
John Weiland
alternative energy
Moved Kale.....under snow... 0 John Weiland
John Weiland
LED tubes in ballasted fluorescent tube fixture..... 7 John Weiland
Douglas Alpenstock
North American Permies: Your 2020 potato crop observations..... 9 John Weiland
Lindsey Jane
Renewable energy implementation law I was unaware of....? 13 John Weiland
Bill Haynes
Terribly annoying itty bitty blood sucking things....... 1 John Weiland
Douglas Alpenstock
Dioecious grape vines 0 John Weiland
John Weiland
Weaver finches displacing barn swallows.... 4 John Weiland
Douglas Alpenstock
Removing thistle thorns and slivers.... 8 John Weiland
Douglas Alpenstock
personal care
Plug-N-Play inverted power generation into the grid.... 12 John Weiland
Roger Bradley
"As the Bolt Turns"....or doesn't: A common problem.... 7 John Weiland
John Weiland
Not your normal 'wedgie'...... 8 John Weiland
Devin Lavign
Feed bin idea...Wall mount? 0 John Weiland
John Weiland
critter care
Dealing with a swamp: Roman road design or something else? 4 John Weiland
John Weiland
Senfgurken?.... 4 John Weiland
John Weiland
food preservation
Marshelder or sumpweed..... 2 John Weiland
Ryan M Miller
grains and pseudograins
Elm bark torn, not torn off..... 3 John Weiland
Bryant RedHawk
Rural mid-life crisis..... 1 John Weiland
Dale Hodgins
meaningless drivel
A position that has worked often for me.... 5 John Weiland
Mark Brunnr
religion and spirituality
Can't seem to find this tool.... 5 John Weiland
Roy Hinkley
Plant ID help request: Small mustard from PNW/Intermountain West of USA.... 2 John Weiland
John Weiland
Below-ground thermal/insulation question. 7 John Weiland
Pearl Sutton
Disease on Juneberry.... 2 John Weiland
olin erickson
FWIW Video: "Living in the future's past" 0 John Weiland
John Weiland
movies, videos and documentaries
Overwintering kale roots: Deep cold winter temps. 4 John Weiland
J W Richardson
Mold on vegan cream cheese 22 John Weiland
John Weiland
Smooth cuts on corrugated metal roofing?.... 10 John Weiland
Roofing Pro
passive solar
Minimalist garden tractor wiring..... 16 John Weiland
Travis Johnson
Non-permie retirement income to support permie lifestyle.... 4 John Weiland
J Anders
financial strategy
Maple-leaf Goosefoot....edible leaves?? 2 John Weiland
William Bronson
Beet/Chard inflorescence: Eating? 1 John Weiland
dirk maes
food choices
Beam jacking idea.... 4 John Weiland
John Weiland
roundwood and timber framing
Rocket heater, basement location..... 3 John Weiland
John Weiland
rocket mass heaters
Wild fruit tree ID?...... possibly buckthorn 4 John Weiland
Hester Winterbourne
Good new resource for northern fruits and their uses..... 5 John Weiland
Jarret Hynd
forest garden
plant id? could it be Good King Henry? 5 John Weiland
mary jayne richmond
Applications for Stirling technology..... 8 John Weiland
Peter VanDerWal
Faulty reasoning? Heating water electrically... 19 John Weiland
Peter VanDerWal
A chicken in every pot.... 0 John Weiland
John Weiland
farm income
Keeping an eye out for drift?..... 0 John Weiland
John Weiland
toxic gick
Alternative stretchy, gluten-like proteins.... 6 John Weiland
Deb Rebel
vegan food
US Midwest and Northern are yer 'taters? 3 John Weiland
John Weiland
small farm
cheddar - is plant-based possible? 2 John Weiland
John Weiland
vegan food