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Sue Rine

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since Mar 28, 2013
New Zealand
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Recent posts by Sue Rine

I thought grafting went the other way. ie you take scion wood from a tree that is already bearing and graft in onto a rootstock. That wood that is grafted on is already "programmed" for bearing fruit. That's why grafted plants will bear early.
1 day ago
My main experience with fruit trees from seed has been with peaches. They pretty reliably fruit in their 3rd year. I've also planted quite a few dozen chestnuts over several years. So far just one has fruited/nutted and it did it 18mths from planting the seed! I have some plum and apricot seedlings that are 2-3 years old but none have fruited yet.
The peaches have been smaller than the parent fruit but they're good flavour and freestone so easy to use for bottling/canning.
4 days ago
I've got this rising on my bench/counter. I put mine in a tin as I want square slices this time. It looks good and felt good as I was kneading it so I'm looking forward to the final result when I cook it this evening.
3 months ago
I've been watching progress for a long time and it's great to see it looking so beautiful, functional and now, lived in. Paul, it must be great to see your vision live!
3 months ago
It's looking so beautiful! All the best for the Winter, Jen.
3 months ago
What a fantastic record of a fantastic build. Congratulations on the results of all your hard work!! I hope you'll enjoy it with your family for years to come.
4 months ago
Wow, that's some serious progress. Looks like you have a great team on board right now.
5 months ago
I haven't read all the posts so I may be well as throwing in vege and meat scraps as they come to hand, I add a slosh of vinegar. It doesn't affect the flavour of the stock but is said to help extract the minerals from any bones that are in there.
6 months ago