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A graduate scientist turned automotive engineer, currently running a small shop and growing plants on Skye: turning a sheep field into a food forest.
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Recent posts by Nancy Reading

Well done! That seems to be working fo rme too now.
Thanks for the video (I must learn how to post on youtube!) I love to see what other people are growing, unfortunately I don't speak Dutch. What are the large pale leaved plants at  about 2:10-2:30, quite flat? They don't quite look like brassica?
I like your shelter. Is it to sit out in/ shelter or for growing?
11 hours ago
I've got this as well. Three different computers - 2 PC: Win with Firefox, and my Raspad: Linux with Chromium.

It only happens on the 'all forums' view not when I look at forum groups (like "growies") or single forums.
I'm on my new raspad just now and can't workout how to take a screen shot on this yet sorry.

Editied to add: it's been happening all day I think.
As Mike says in a short season, plants that have been started in warmth undercover are sometimes the only way of getting a crop I suspect that this will more efficient that lots of separate little propagation stations in individual greenhouses/windowsills.
I was so busy this spring the moment for sowing my tomatoes came and went, luckily I was gifted plants (which were surplus to their requirements) I got a really good crop and one of them is a lovely fleshy plum which I can save the seed from and try again mysefl! Sharing surplus plants is easier for me than culling the seedlings!
The other advantage I can see is that if you only have room/need for a few plants then you only need to get the few that you need, rather than having that surplus to deal with.
Having said that I don't think I've had transplants for hardier veg. I find the slugs go for brassica and french marigold transplants in preference to anything else! Soft grown plants tend to need looking after rather more than my neglected pots!
Whatever it is, it certainly needs removing! the Ferns website (name not plants) doesn't mention nicotine. I'm inclined to think it may be a translation error, but who knows!
I'm trying to establish ostrich fern in a couple of area here, although in it's second year it still doesn't seem to be doing very well. I'm wondering whether it would prefer somewhere a bit sunnier - dampness is not an issue! I hadn't heard that they were good metal accumulators, that could be useful to know.
Of course bracken is pretty well everywhere here, I may get brave enough to try it sometime! I hadn't heard that it contained nicotine - are you sure  you don't meant tannic acid (not the same thing). I think it's the extra preparation for eating that puts me off....
Danny Macaskill is a local lad - brought up not 10 miles from here so I sometimes keep an eye on what he's doing. Maybe doesn't belong in cider press, but I thought I'd err on the side of caution and see where this goes.

Here's the original:
3 days ago
Hi Elena,
Did you see this post and video Abundance?   The featured Permaculture garden is based in Ireland and looks gorgeous! They do have a Forest garden and much more by the sounds of it. Only been going 12 years or so. I'm very impressed by their kiwi!
3 days ago
Thankyou so much! This is the first time I've won something anywhere in a long time! Although I've already got a copy of the book (I ordered it almost as soon as I knew it was out!) I know at least one person that will be very happy to have one as a gift so am very grateful. Actually I can think of quite a few people this would make an excellent xmas gift for.....I may have to buy a few more copies!
3 days ago
Thanks for the link (it only plays in You-Tube). Looks like a lovely project and a great inspiration.
The film is pretty good too. Thanks for the subtitles, the volume on my tablet is pretty poor, so it was nice to have the text.

(edited to add:) I assume you mean Atlantic rather than Pacific!
4 days ago