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Sounds good to me. Thanks everyone.
2 months ago
2 years ago I put in the ground ~ 100 cuttings of a prune job on a weeping willow tree.
My goal is to use them as a pioneering species to help suck up excessive ground moisture while providing carbon for the soil by means of chop & drop.
Eventually plan to replace most of them with fruit/nut trees, perhaps food forest.

Nearly everything made it perfectly fine and is taking off beautifully.
The average diameter is now ~ 2-3 inches.  Some are ~ 1" diameter.

When would be an ideal time to start coppicing some of them?
Is there a diameter size I should be looking for? Age of tree matter, etc.. ?

2 months ago
Got a small handful of grains from Botan of One Sythe Revoluion .com
A scythe supply store. I believe it was about 2015
Update on Sepp's Rye:
Harvest of 2019 revealed something pleasantly surprising !

I hope this is not the result of black emmer wheat crossing with rye or some other cross.

These represent a rather small percent of the total harvest but, still impressive to me.
I got probably ~ 20 heads like this. These will be grown out again in a certain area for breeding.

Any modern LED headlamps (or any lights for that matter) that put off a more natural amber colored light?
The new blue LED fad is not good. It's known that blue light, especially at night is terrible for health.
It stresses mitochondria & circadian rhythms. Search for ' Jack Kruse blue light ' videos for more in depth info.

I personally find that the blue light is actually irritating & makes it harder to see things as the contrast is so out of range with nature.
7 months ago
Here are some photos of tiny ponds made by 1 person.

1st one is completely dug by hand
2nd one was finished by excavator (interesting story behind it)

for the original threads containing much more info. see links below:


Pond 1

Pond 2

8 months ago
Amazing Homesteading skills

I just came across this inspiring youtube channel: Liziqi

Amazing skill set. Much can be gleaned by watching these meditative videos.
Her lifestyle is a work of art.

Exclusive Interview With Li Ziqi - China’s Most Mysterious Internet Celebrity

Here's her Channel:

Could be inspiration for PEP ideas.

Food Forest
Food Preparation

some examples"

Using bamboo to make some sophisticated old furniture——Bamboo Sofa

handmade solid wood sink

The sweetness of roast sweet potato and the spiciness of spicy and sour noodles
9 months ago

I actually enjoy digging so, it doesn't feel like much of a waste of time for me.

About the plants:
Yes, the cattails and various other plants which I don't know the name of showed up several seasons later completely on their own.
I assume the wildlife & wind brought in the seed. Perhaps the seed was already there in the soil waiting for a disturbance to take advantage of ?
"If you build, they'll come"

Actually early on I did try transplanting watercress & some other water plant growing in amongst the watercress but, due to the constant level change in the pond, they died out rather quickly.

10 months ago

I personally don't feel qualified to give much advice. I just instinctually went for this and figured I'd observe and learn as I go.
There are various places online for calculating how big a pond per the catchment area up hill. Might need to spend some time searching terms such as "pond catchment calculator" etc...

In my scenario, I have my spillways exiting back onto my property to ensure no water dumps onto the neighbor's property.
The spillways lead right to many micro-swales all over my property so I'm not concerned of catastrophes.

However, with my limited experience, I'd suggest that you pay very close attention to where you're pond water runoff would occur.
Make great efforts to direct your spill way in a manor that will not leak water on their property. Pay attention to the contour of the land all around (especially downhill of) your pond site.
After the spillway, create a swale or drainage ditch tipped slightly towards your property if necessary as a redundant backup safety feature.

All of this of course depends on the site. You have to be aware of how all the land lays. I did not guess on this. I used an A-Frame level to survey the land prior to even thinking of digging.

Also, add extra clay to the pond were it borders the property boundary.

10 months ago