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Jason Vath

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since Jun 10, 2013
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Recent posts by Jason Vath

Was curious how/if the venting for the plumbing systems in the Wofatis were handeled.
Seems like an invitation for a leak !!! as most venting is throught the roof to the oustide.

1 year ago

jordan barton wrote:so jason.

When you say fresh cut. Does this mean the tree was fallen on Monday and than on Wednesday the tree was cut up into lumber?

Or do you mean the tree was fallen 1 year ago and it was just cut up before you used it?

Which one? can you give us more detail please :)

Not sure as I boght rough cut lumber from an amish mill.
But the wood was really white in color, super heavy & very damp.

By the way, I just took down the wall and will let the wood naturally dry out before redoing it.
The protocol I'm talking about worked for a guy who had lymes for 20 years.
Nothing else worked for him.

This protocol works in multiple ways:

It ramps up the immune system
It kicks the spirochetes out of the cells
it dissolves the biofilm they hide out in
It stops their replication.

It works well.

You'll likely be completely restored in about 4 months!


1 year ago
Yes! There is a really good protocol that worked for many people including myself!
Take this serious and call Cranberry wellness Center. Ask them for the Lyme Protocol.
You can probably even order the supplies from them or get them online once you know what to get.

You'll likely be completely restored in about 4 months!


1 year ago
I'm worried about what I just did.
I'm building Mike Oehler style earth integrated shelter.
I started a small portion of a wall using fresh cut hemlock lumber (2 x 10's).
Polyethlyne on the back, cardboard behind that, then back filled with gravel & dirt.

Will the lumber dry out properly from the air exposed side? Or will it mildew/rot?

Here's an idea to prevent moisture around posts. I have not done this nor seen it, but, seems logical to me.
I personally did not use any poly around post at all. I added to the dirt around the posts: wood ash, borax & diatomaceous earth to discourage microbes.
Time will tell if I made a foolish or wise decision.

2 years ago
Here's a simple pic showing some of the notches I've made.
The idea is to use simple tenon & mortice joints where possible.

2 years ago
I agree, use it for protection of poly sheeting.

Possibly could be used to line a drainage trench with then add gravel, then add on top of gravel to keep dirt from filling in.

Those are my ideas.
2 years ago
That area where the water stands is 2ft. below the rest of ground - it's to be an indoor root cellar/storage room.
It's simply rain water that does not drain away. Water has been there for months despite little rainfall - high clay area.
I used to drain it but it proved to be constant battle every rain.
I'll soon cut out a trench now the roof is on.

Unfortunately since I'm the only one working on this, I have to deal with these things way longer than I'm comfortable with.

I figure since all posts are larch, they can tolerate it for a while.
2 years ago