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Topic Replies Topic Starter Last Post Forum Name
saffron crocus 13 Matu Collins
Christy Garner
farm income
bindweed and quackgrass holding me back
[ 1, 2, 3, 4 ]
124 Matu Collins
nancy sutton
Permaculture and Autism, Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), and Asperger's
[ 1, 2, 3, 4 ]
147 Matu Collins
Molly Kay
personal challenges
chestnut weevil control 20 Matu Collins
R Spencer
the pool was here when I got here 27 Matu Collins
Matu Collins
permaculture design
reel mower? 32 Matu Collins
Daron Williams
would you participate in this rabbit deal if you were me? 17 Matu Collins
Ryan Tollmann
does anyone use Ruth Stout methods with success?
[ 1, 2, 3 ]
96 Matu Collins
jesse markowitz
outdoor shower drainage 29 Matu Collins
Joseph Johnson
grey water
Have you invited people to park tiny houses on your farm? 2 Matu Collins
Dale Hodgins
tiny house
How much does a permaculture designer charge and where could I find one? 10 Matu Collins
Giselle Burningham
kids and permaculture
[ 1, 2 ]
43 Matu Collins
Matu Collins
Something died 26 Matu Collins
Ann Torrence
New England seed swap soon 3 Matu Collins
Matu Collins
new england
Johnny Cash's Permaculture Christmas 6 Matu Collins
Matu Collins
meaningless drivel
"apply self regulation and accept feedback" 3 Matu Collins
Rebecca Norman
Fig Trees for Propagation 21 Matu Collins
Amjad Khan
climate change and the economy 4 Matu Collins
John Elliott
circumcision 24 Matu Collins
Matu Collins
ulcer factory
There are flames coming out of my eyes, I am spitting nails Argh. Poison.
[ 1, 2 ]
67 Matu Collins
Julia Winter
I don't want to till! Is this possible? Advice welcome. 13 Matu Collins
Bill Bradbury
Broody hen sitting on all the eggs 34 Matu Collins
Zach Muller
head lice! 10 Matu Collins
Nicole Hernandez
Permie Easter gifts for permie kids 4 Matu Collins
Matu Collins
blatant advertising
Permie family tragedy 6 Matu Collins
Matu Collins
Starting to take applications for 2015 in New England 1 Matu Collins
Matu Collins
wwoof hosts
charred logs/ biochar? 14 Matu Collins
Scott Stiller
seeds look like little cattle heads- who is this plant? 3 Matu Collins
William James
yellowjackets/paper wasps attack- what can i do besides poison?
[ 1, 2 ]
49 Matu Collins
gani et se
Skunk in the chicken coop all night and he's still in there! 13 Matu Collins
Jeff Thorpe
magnetite in a well 4 Matu Collins
Ardilla Esch
wells and springs
hairy armpits 20 Matu Collins
Cassie Langstraat
meaningless drivel
Wrinkly egg 4 Matu Collins
Matu Collins
A morel! 4 Matu Collins
Dave Dahlsrud
how to sell a wonderful but weird permie property 23 Matu Collins
Judith Browning
financial strategy
cryptomeria japonica droppings 1 Matu Collins
Ann Torrence
Have you heard of Citizen's United? How about McCutcheon? 3 Matu Collins
Landon Sunrich
Book Review: Our Animal Friends at Maple Hill Farm 0 Matu Collins
Matu Collins
staff reviews
!!!!!!! 12 Matu Collins
wayne stephen
meaningless drivel
y'all 14 Matu Collins
Jennifer Wadsworth
meaningless drivel
aggressive rooster 19 Matu Collins
Jay Angler
anyone on instagram? 3 Matu Collins
Rebecca Holman
tinkering with this site
Do you ever go to church? 4 Matu Collins
Nick Kitchener
religion and spirituality
Happy New Year! Wwoof workshops 5 Matu Collins
Jennifer Wadsworth
Why God doesn't matter 20 Matu Collins
John Suavecito
ulcer factory
Book Review: Grasses: An Identification Guide by Lauren Brown 0 Matu Collins
Matu Collins
staff reviews
Book Review: Edible Wild Plants: A North American Field Guide to over 200 Natural Foods by T Elias 0 Matu Collins
Matu Collins
staff reviews
I finally ordered a computer! 1 Matu Collins
Cris Bessette
meaningless drivel
pedicabs and their potential 2 Matu Collins
Robert Ray
Permies and politics 8 Matu Collins
Chris Kott
ulcer factory
hashtag #permies 3 Matu Collins
Jocelyn Campbell
meaningless drivel
garlic scape pickles 5 Matu Collins
Anne Murphy
Permaculture workshop vacations this summer at Fieldsong Farm 7 Matu Collins
Dmitry Markov
land shares
Convertible well pump electric/manual 5 Matu Collins
Matu Collins
what's the word for it? 8 Matu Collins
leila hamaya
meaningless drivel
amateur mycologists: help document fungi 0 Matu Collins
Matu Collins
chicken moat 9 Matu Collins
wayne stephen
yucky things 29 Matu Collins
Leila Rich
meaningless drivel
when the plastic laundry basket breaks... 10 Matu Collins
Matu Collins
acronyms- what do they all mean, and am I an old fogey because I don't like them? 18 Matu Collins
Matu Collins
meaningless drivel