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Recent posts by John Polk

A heart felt sadness that I can no longer contibute to the cause.

See you all on the other side...

I use firefox and didn't get a warning on either link.

Same here.   No warning from FF.
As a side note, a friend inherited a 40 year old pressure cooker when her grandmother passed away.  It needed a new gasket, plus some other parts.  She found them all at

So, don't just throw away an old cooker because the local kitchen store doesn't have parts !

7 years ago
I used mine mostly for beans plus pot roasts/stews.
Don't forget: Since a pressure cooker keeps the flavor, and tenderizes a cut of meat, you can get spectacular results with much cheaper cuts of meat.
7 years ago
Chickens absolutely love pumpkins/squash.
They will fight over the choice pieces.

Last year, near Spokane we had a squash grower selling 4-600 pound boxes of not-market-quality squash/pumpkins for $40-60.  Hog farmers were buying him out of stock.

7 years ago

"Why are these promoted status limited to "the rest of this month"?"
Is the promotion lasting less than one month? Do they lose their promotion at the end of the month.

As Jocelyn said

...these promotions come from automated algorithms that are based on counting different things that staff do for us behind the scenes.

At the end of each month, 'gir bot' totals each of staff's accumulated points for the current month.  The top scorers get the promotion for the next month.
Each of us has things to do in 'the real world', so the time that each of us has to monitor the site will vary from month to month.  By doing this promotion on a monthly basis, it allows more of staff to get the chance of being one of the 'top guns'.

My Italian grandmother informs me the best way to heat up any type of leftover pasta is in a frying pan with a little olive oil.

I whole heartedly agree with your grandmother.
After dinner, I mix the leftover pasta and sauce.  Simple fry pan reheat tomorrow.
Like a good soup, stew, or beans, it always tastes better the next day.

I have started my journey with the 6 quart model (that's an affiliate link for the empire) which she recommends, and depending upon the household size an 8 quart model

That looks like the one thing I need to add to my kitchen.
One huge question:  (I am single.)  Would the 5 qt version suffice for cooking one whole chicken?
Or would I need the 6 or 8 quart version?
I guess that I could just remove leg quarters/wings, and cook the carcass by itself...but curious.

7 years ago

has anyone ever considered incorporating ostriches into their livestock plan?

Good question.
Ostriches, like guinea hens are VERY territorial, but the ostrich is much more aggressive against larger predators than the guineas.
7 years ago
Pyrex?  That is about as inert as you can get.

7 years ago
If you want to get started with sheep this winter, this might be the ticket - comes with enough hay to carry over to spring.
See: Craig's List:  Missoula
7 years ago