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since Feb 09, 2011
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Recent posts by Casey Halone

I’ve picked up a few school buses and they are awesome for moving and storage as the motor is built in. You have to watch for windows that like to leak. They go for $2000-$4000 for something with a decent running motor.
1 year ago
I have a short video that shows how easy it would be. super easy, with a cordless drill or impact driver, it takes about 25 mintues with practice. if no one can help, Ill have to drive the 400 miles for this little job.
10 years ago
I have put it on craigslist but preference would be to use a permie. If I am breaking all the rules, let me know. I love Missoula, I was there a couple years ago for the convergence, its just a bit of a drive from Post Falls for such a small job.

I would rather go green and burning less fuel by outsourcing to someone with some mechanical inclination who is far closer.

Ill put the ad here and you can get ahold of me for more information.
10 years ago
I just picked up a broken treadmill for the motor, i think its 90. if i remove the rear tire, get a belt to run inside the rim and run the motor, what sort of electronics would I need ot charge some batteries?
10 years ago
Good to see lots of familiar faces and some new ones too. Hope to see lots of your spaces in the coming year as I travel about. I hope to have lots of video uploaded soon from the convergence. Missed seeing Paul this year.
10 years ago
No special appearance from the duke this year eh?

note your dates all fall on sept 14 somehow
10 years ago
i would think you could put it somewhere like the top of the barrel on the bottom or top side? and it would work really simple that way, just have some water trickle thru it all the time?
10 years ago
Can't you simply create a new season or title for your podcasts before they start falling off and make an audio reference to this feature when you are at the end of each season? maybe apple would get mad, i dont know, but i thought of this and seems like it should work.
Not yet, please do!

I will bring my rocket stove along for cooking and happy to share it if anyone wants to try it and use it.
11 years ago
I was hoping to find a non smoking place to sleep on the cheap. I hear it gets mighty cold in your town in november, to cold for me to tent camp in fact.

I plan on carpooling over and may have a few others interested in a place to stay at a good price. I would prefer to do a bit of work trade, Splitting some firewood? I make a mean cup of joe in my aero press, which I will bring to be certain.
11 years ago