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Recent posts by Roy Hinkley

Thanks. I have a 2 foot maple tree showing the same leaf cuts and was wondering what it was.
4 days ago
Yes plant in the soil and then mulch on top. Seeds like a constant level of moisture. In general I don't direct seed in the ground unless I already have the mulch ready, otherwise the soil dries out too fast and hampers germination. The seeds never have a problem pushing through a few inches of mulch. I like finer stuff like ground leaves or dry grass clippings at first and wood chips later when the first round has decomposed into the soil.
To do it right you'll have to look for a place you can make a large duct from basement to top floor. Perhaps through a closet or sacrifice the corner of a room. Bigger the better.
Close to the center of the house if you can.  Just guessing 12 x 24 minimum. Mount the fan in the basement pushing cold air up.
2 weeks ago
I've had a raised bed of eastern white cedar (6-8" logs)  for a decade or so. Mine is a bit tall at 24" so it seems to dry out a bit more than I would like but I don't think the growth is retarded in that bed compared to the ground. Certainly the stuff around the base of the bed (right up against the logs) grows just fine.
1 month ago
I would put them standing up. I think it would wick water up from the ground higher into the bed.
1 month ago
I've used a couple of 2l plastic bottles to save some small bushes from pesky nibblers by cutting off top and bottom to make a sleeve. I suppose you could extend em with with packing tape.
2 months ago
I just bought a 5kg bag of organic spelt at a Mennonite store. Says it came from ``Grain Process Enterprises Ltd` in Scarborough. Dunno if you could ask them for their retail customers.....
2 months ago
Most recipes I've seen for a flax egg use a 3:1 ratio water to ground flax but for breading (flour egg crumbs) I've found a 6:1 ratio works even better than real eggs. At least for breaded eggplant.
3 months ago
Last time I harvested took all the little heads and ones that didn't skin over very well, peeled each clove and put them in a jar in the freezer. Works great. Take them out and thaw a bit and they mash perfectly for cooking.
3 months ago
I would think landscape cloth is your best option to both hold the soil and allow drainage.
5 months ago