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I think you should rename him Gelert.

12 hours ago
Maybe use the all forums button so you can see the whole list and how they're organised.
David - if you still have the 'edit' button for that post, go into it, scroll down and see if the 'append signature' box is checked or not. I think it might have got switched off for that post somehow.
Happy Christmas everyone.

I rarely give them. But I gave one a few posts up for prattling on endlessly and taking up moderator time pushing again and again, apparently in the hope of being told something different next time round.

You post in the cider press, you're likely to lose apples. Quit whining and go do something worthwhile. If I see the moderators burning out I'm likely to get hungry and go munch all of someone's apples.  

I'm going to lock this topic now before I see any more staff burn out.
Several years ago I helped a friend I met online when she went through a major psychotic episode.

At one point she asked me outright if she thought something was wrong with her and I took a deep breath, and 'did the right thing', encouraging her to seek professional help. She did. And was given a drug which very nearly killed her within a very short period of time. I vowed I'd never attempt to do what appeared to others to be 'the right thing' ever again and from now on would trust my own instincts and do whatever was in my power to help her.

The story is far too long to write out here, but I devoted a *lot* of time to swap emails with her and help her in any way I could. With a lot of support she got through her school exams and went off to university and did a masters degree in medical genetics, followed by a PhD researching the interaction of genes and the environment in the development of psychosis. At one point, during some of her darkest hours, she asked me what it was all for, and being me I pulled an answer out of my intuition and told her that while I didn't believe it was *for* anything, that it was up to us find the best possible outcome for anything we experience. I suggested that in her case maybe a suitable outcome would be for her to find a way though her psychosis using as few drugs as possible, seeing as she seemed to react so badly to them, and having found ways she could teach them to others. This led to her giving talks at university and at conferences as she was studying, and has recently helped write a book called Personal Experiences of Psychological Therapy for Psychosis and Related Experiences

Last year we finally met up in person for the first, and only, time.

Very recently another friend of ours (we were all members of the same forum...) also developed psychotic symptoms and I asked her what aspects of our online friendship had helped and what didn't, so I could better help our other friend.  This is an extract from her reply, with a few words removed to respect privacy.

I think the first thing to say is that I can’t imagine you getting things wrong here, though I do completely understand the concern. In large part, the reason I’m still here and doing fine is because you were such an amazing support. You never encouraged my odd beliefs at the time, but also never challenged them to the degree that I felt threatened, disbelieved, or alone, while still managing to help me think about things in more helpful or less frightening ways. I always knew that you were on my side, when it felt like the whole world was against me, and that trusting relationship was really vital for me. I know it’s unbearable when you can see someone having such a hard time, and you’re too far away to be there with them to make sure they’re ok. I can’t imagine how stressful it must’ve been for you dealing with me, and if you’re looking to support xxxxxx in the same way, please do remember to look after yourself too. But also remember that you’ve done this before and you were great at it, even if you didn’t feel sure of what you were doing, so there’s no reason to think that it would go wrong this time. Unfortunately (or fortunately??) you have a lot of experience with these things!

What do you know about xxxx’s situation so far? Do you know what sort of voices he’s hearing, or what they say? They’re not always a bad thing, unless they’re causing him significant distress or causing him to behave in concerning ways, which I suppose is likely to be the case given that he’s in hospital. Websites like Intervoice or the Hearing Voices Network might have some useful resources for looking at different things that might be useful. If he’s still in xxxx, there will be groups there that he can get in touch with for support, though it’s likely that he might not appreciate such things if he doesn’t see the voices as a problem (though HVN groups are supposed to be very inclusive of different people’s understandings of their voices and don’t seek to pathologise them). Do you know if anything specific happened that triggered his voice hearing? Obviously a global pandemic and lockdown is enough to tip anyone over the edge, but perhaps he had other things going on too. And do you know if he has any friends/family locally that know about his situation and might be able to check in with him when he’s back home? I’m sure that, at the very least, it’d give you some peace of mind to know that he had other people around him.

As for the book, it has 10 personal accounts of people’s experience with psychosis and therapy, what helped and what was difficult or uncomfortable, so it might be useful from that perspective in terms of gaining further insight into the experience and common things that might be helpful or unhelpful. It also has overviews of 10 different types of therapies and how they might be adapted (or are particularly suited) for people with experiences of psychosis, so getting some background on the psychological understandings of psychosis and the theoretical aspects of supportive treatment might be useful too.

I hope some of that info is of some use or inspiration to people.
1 month ago
I concur with what most other people have said - mice are after somewhere cozy for the winter more than the compost, so if I was in your shoes I'd be concentrating on mouse-proofing, not an air-tight compost bucket. Plus emptying it and washing it every day.

This is my kitchen compost caddy, full and with the lid removed.

It's an old enamel pan we found in the house when we bought it, complete with an aluminium lid that also happened to be here.

We don't empty it daily, but when it's full enough I use the contents for composting in place.

This is my perennial cabbage (galega) bed, which is mulched. I'll put the compost there before it starts to smell.

I scrape the grass mulch away, put the compost bucket contents down, then re-cover with the original mulch.

After emptying, I wash it out. Or at least a good rinse with a bit of help from a suitable brush for any bits that stick.

After washing I usually put it upside-down to drain and dry. One of the things I love about this old pan is that at some point the bottom of it must have worn out and has been replaced. I love the way the locals get the most possible use out of their precious tools and equipment. This one has obviously been part of the history here for so long I couldn't bear to get rid of it and found it's been a most satisfactory compost bucket.

But seriously, I'd concentrate on washing it out daily and mouse-proofing the house to stop them getting in.

1 month ago
The linden tree, tilia cordata, is another one.

2 months ago
The old fireplace in the kitchen in my new place has this trivet for supporting pans for cooking over a fire.

We sealed the chimney off a few days ago to stop all the warm air from the woodburner downstairs disappearing up it overnight and discovered there was a big chain installed there too, for hanging cooking pots from.  No photo of that, sorry...
2 months ago