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I find it useful to compare the cost allowing for the different amounts of protein in the food.

Here's a chart I made last year to help me decide which sources are best value. I have to restrict my carbohydrate intake so there's quite an emphasis on low-carb protein sources but I included some peas and beans too. The chart is arranged in order of the cheapest per 100g protein.

protein cost per 100g

yellow beans - €1.40 per kilo,      60c per 100g protein
beef heart           -   €2 per kilo,     70c per 100g protein
beef protein isolate - 22c per dose,  74c per 100g protein.
chicken leg  -   €1.50 per kilo,      80 c per 100g protein
soy beans       -  €3.33 per liko,  83 c per 100g protein
pea protein     - 20c per dose,      84c per 100g protein
soy protein       - 24c per serving, 88c per 100g protein
milk protein      - 24c per serving, 88c per 100g protein
chicken liver  -   €1.50 per kilo ,    88 c per 100g protein
split green peas - €2.50 per kilo, €1.09 per 100g protein
split red lentils - €2.79 per kilo, €1.15 per 100g protein
sardines          - €2.39 per kilo,   €1.26 per 100g protein
flavoured whey - 33c per dose, €1.36 per 100g protein
whey powder  - 34c per dose,   €1.44 per 100g protein
pork               - €4.00 per kilo,   €2.00 per 100g protein
cheese           - €5.00 per kilo,   €2.08 per 100g protein
linseed           - €4.00 per kilo,   €2.10 per 100g protein
whole milk      - 74 c per litre,   €2.24 per 100g protein
frozen fish     -  €4.00 per kilo,   €2.22 per 100g protein
eggs              - €1.89 per dozen, €2.25 per 100g protein
soy milk          - 85 c per litre,    €2.42 per 100g protein
chourico         - €4.89 per kilo,   €2.71 per 100g protein
frozen peas     - €1.69 per kilo,   €2.84 per 100g protein
chia                 - €6.60 per kilo,   €3.30 per 100g protein
tuna                   - 65 c per tin,   €3.67 per 100g protein

I'm eating a lot of beef heart (known in this family as bee-fart, I just checked in case I called it that in the chart...) this autumn, and not much tuna! Some things, like linseed (flax-seed) and chia I eat for the fibre, and mostly I don't eat beans because I can't cope with the carbs.
8 months ago

John Weiland wrote:
It's one thing to put an engine head on the space sanctified for dining, but to remove the valve cover!......... Where is Miss Manners when you need her?!

- :-)

Well that was the old head which gave out rather spectacularly on a French motorway half way back to the UK.  

Here's the shiny new one!  On a kitchen chair, because the table was full...

Valve cover had to come off so he could pull the valves out to put in the new one.  This was a couple of years ago and the Pajero it belongs to is still running well.  Though I now know at least one reason why 'Pajero' is considered a rude word in Spain...

9 months ago
Slightly off topic, but it's always seemed to me that most other women don't find it normal for their kitchen tables to find themselves occupied by sometimes rather large bits of engine...

9 months ago
They tend be described as having a 'robust' flavour!

More tender and sweet in the winter. They can be a bit too powerful for stir-fries in the summer, especially in hot, dry climate.

They're pretty drought friendly, though they will grow more leaves if you keep them watered. Our temperatures fall to about minus 5 C in the winter, with some brief spells a bit lower.
9 months ago
I sent a load of perennial Portuguese galega seed over to the states once in the hope that it would be distributed and at least someone would save seed and share it around. *Someone* ought to have some still!

perennial Portuguese galega kale seed
9 months ago
Did you buy streaming access only? Or one of the download options?
Don't speak to the microphone.

Don't speak to the thousands of potential viewers.

Speak to the ONE person who you're trying to reach. 'See' them the other side of the camera. Make eye contact with them. Not some random person, one actual living, breathing, personal friend who really will watch your video and hear your words and respond to you.

Just don't use their name...
9 months ago
What I do varies very much according to the time of year and what else is going on.

If it's summertime and I just want a cup of tea made using the electric kettle, then yes, I'll boil the exact amount I want in the kettle.

In the wintertime, when the woodstove is running, I'll boil the biggest kettle full of water on the stove and have left-overs for washing dishes or myself or the laundry.

In spring and autumn when I want hot water for washing dishes, I'll often heat up enough in the electric kettle to provide enough to do that after I've had my cuppa. In the middle of summer I can draw hot water from the tap outside as the pipes heat up in the sun so I don't need the kettle to heat it for washing.

My mother always measured the water into the kettle, but she also always had a tank full of hot water for washing other things. I suspect it's more economical to not have that hot water tank on a thermostat but to heat up just what you need when you need it.

9 months ago