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Recent posts by Burra Maluca

Because it's Permaculture Experience Paul, designed for people at Wheaton Labs.

We're still waiting for volunteers to set up all the other versions.  Are you volunteering?
2 days ago
Is washing soda (sodium carbonate) suitable for this BB as 'dish soap'?
2 days ago
My other half and I just did our first - give urine to growies

I took the 'soft' option - two photos, one of diluting the pee and one, below, of applying it to a plant.

Austin took the 'macho' option - direct stream!

What a fun way to spend time together...
2 days ago
Don't you worry Michael.  

I'm an aspie and prone to extreme anxiety and I take mega doses of B vitamins, which help a lot. But they do turn my pee yellow unless I'm so stressed out that I use them all up.  So the fact it's so yellow is actually a good sign!

Here's a link - http://www.nutritionalmagnesium.org/autistic-children-vitamin-b6-magnesium-and-autism/ I did have a better one, but that one's a good start.
I actually made a list this morning of the ones that I'd like to do myself and the ones that I thought my partner would like. These are my personal ones that I'd like to work through.

give urine to growies
wash dishes by hand
use water from a dishpan
deep clean interior of fridge
fry an egg so it slides around
seed saving
three log bench
sharpen a knife
sharpen hori hori knife
peen and sharpen a scythe
dry food in a solar dehydrator
salt brine ferment/pickle something
make soup
cook and serve a pound of fresh sunchokes
mint tea
perform some sort of labor over the internet and get paid at least $100
harvest, dry and store lemon balm
do laundry by hand
sweep floor

We just finished uploading our first attempts - give urine to growies
And, just to prove it really was a double act, here's the photos he took of me watering the young mulberry tree...

Kenneth Elwell wrote:I'm not sure that I understand the BB5, BB10, BB20 badge idea.
Are those BBs also counting towards other badges? for example: the woodworking sand badge?
Or... is it a sort of running tally of BBs completed, regardless of BADGES achieved? and sort of layered on top of the other badges? So, maybe by the time you reach PEP2 you have also reached BB250, and by PEP3 you're at BB400? (numbers not necessarily to scale.)

This, yes!  The two things will run side by side. So if you're like me and feel like a PEP1 is out of reach at the moment for whatever reason, you can still collect a BB5 or BB10 badge while you're working up.

In fact, I'm getting ready to start my first BB right now. Couldn't resist the give urine to growies one.  

We're planning a double act.  

He's just finishing his morning coffee. Which might be an extra large one, just to make sure...

T Blankinship wrote: I will look into the sepper and bootcamp.

Of course, if you support Paul's kickstarter at the $100 level, the $100 gapper fee is waived AND you get all the kickstarter goodies thrown in.  Just sayin'...
Michael - so what do you think of the BB5, BB10 and BB20 idea, where you can pick up badges for *any* combination of badge bits?
Here's the link to the Permaculture Experience for Apartments/Anywhere -dwellers (PEA) forum - PEA