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Douglas Alpenstock

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since Mar 14, 2020
Canadian Prairies - Zone 3b
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Recent posts by Douglas Alpenstock

That's challenging. I'm not sure about your situation. Pics would be helpful.

Usually, riprap and breakwater structures are used to capture and dissipate the energy of the flow, which would otherwise cause erosion.
5 hours ago
There is much to be said for a party that is "all in." Full debauch is a spectacle, for better or worse.

I think I would plan my escape routes, and open my own drinks.

Isn't there a song? "My Mama Told Me Not To Come"?
6 hours ago
Oh, absolutely. Lightning ionizes nitrogen, making it available to plants. And lordy do they respond.

As long as it comes as liquid from the sky. In my part of the world, hail is a thing. It can pulverize everything in its path. I desperately want the liquid inonized nitrogen, and the rain the comes with it, but the "big white combine" can just buzz the **** off. Welcome to the prairies.
7 hours ago
Good thoughts from Phil and John.

But dammit, I'm impatient. I want results RIGHT NOW! (haha)
11 hours ago
And I didn't answer the OP's question! Tsk.

I mostly look for posts where people are doing homesteady things, or trying to figure out how to do homesteady things. Posts where I can learn or contribute.

I do like meaningless drivel posts as well. After a long day on the end of a shovel, a cold beverage and a little witty, silly banter is good for the soul.
3 days ago
I think it depends on the soil you start with.

At my old property, in deep black #1 soil, I added coarse raw char and it was a benefit. Our major problem was that plants would grow and grow before starting to set fruit -- the soil was heavy in nitrogen. Not ideal in a very short growing season.

In my current "soil," a powdery sand where truckloads of compost disappear without a trace, both raw char and wood chips are a major drag on plant growth. I have taken to soaking char, chips, and some municipal compost in barrels -- using the stinky liquor captured from composters along with my personal contribution of Vitamin X. Early results are promising, though there is definitely still something missing. But it's a multi-year experiment.
3 days ago
If commercial products are allowed, I think Roxul matches your criteria. Cellulose is also an option, though I'm leery of it in locations that can get wet.
3 days ago
Absolutely. Here's proof:
3 days ago
I try to break up my long-winded posts. Now and then, I succeed.

All of us are overwhelmed with content. I try to convince readers that the quality of my content is worth the investment of little bits of their lives.

I worked in video -- communications media -- way back. Today, written stuff is the equivalent of the spoken word. Live speech. Write accordingly. Grammar still counts.

The point: A word is a sentence. A sentence is a paragraph. A paragraph is an essay. An essay is an encyclopedia. Long blocks of text will simply be ignored. Distill it down. Convince me/us it's worth our time, or we'll sail right past.

Egads, I think maybe I just broke my own rules. Haha!
4 days ago
Good idea bumping this thread. Lots of people are getting squeezed hard right now. Permie methods for growing food are labour intensive, but require nothing other than a few tools.

All of this assumes access to a garden plot. I suspect that's a big barrier, practical and psychological, for anyone who wants to grow food. I know at least one city where a registered-and-insured community organization will connect garden volunteers with homeowners who have unused garden space. The resulting produce feeds the gardeners, the land owner, and food banks. This approach helps mitigate the issues of trust and liability that keep owners from offering land for strangers to use.
5 days ago