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Douglas Alpenstock

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since Mar 14, 2020
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Canadian Prairies - Zone 3b
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Recent posts by Douglas Alpenstock

I got a good chuckle out of your dish hiller for garden root veggies! It's the only good use I can think of for television equipment.
15 hours ago

Thekla McDaniels wrote:Both my current bath rooms are very cold… sitting down on the toilet seat BRRRR!  

When I built an outhouse at my old property, I installed a wooden seat instead of plastic. Instantly warm when you sit on it!
15 hours ago
That's very, very interesting.

People in northern winter climates are often Vitamin D deprived, which is a health concern.

Also, I know people with psoriasis who are prescribed an expensive ointment with a specific formulation of Vitamin D to suppress the condition. Hmm!
1 day ago

Ted Abbey wrote:... plus about 75 lbs. of pistachios ...

Whoa, you just got my full and undivided attention. Nice scrounge!
1 day ago
I imagine hydraulic cement, which is almost an expoxy, would bond well. I'm not sure if it would be cost effective though.

BTW, I've seen super polished concrete floors that are deadly slippery when wet or with a bit of snow/ice. Back/neck/head breakers. No thank you!
1 day ago

Brian Maverick wrote:Sometimes I get lucky and find those DishTV antennas.  These can be repurposed for all kinds of good things.  I joke about writing a 101 ways to repurpose DishTV antennas.

Dude, you can't just lob out that teaser and not dish on the details. Start a thread!
1 day ago
Personally, if I found substantial amounts of mold, I would figure out how to squirt hydrogen peroxide through that loop. Vinegar would spot clean, but the problem might go deeper. My 2c.
2 days ago
Awesome, folks. More please!
2 days ago

John Walter wrote:I don't see how you could have a RMH in an apartment.  Is there a way to have one without a "chimney"?
That and the "mass" are my 2 biggest problems.  Are there any lighter weight heat retention materials that could be used instead of heavy masses.  My RMH would have to be on a wood subfloor above a full basement.

Hey John! I think you are taking this literally, and you ask good questions. But respectfully, I think the idea of the thread is to push back on silly/lazy objections rather than practical ones. Sort of like 'What good are goats if I live on Mars?" Cheers mate!

M Smythe wrote:It was hard. They took over my shop, destroyed my house, I lost control of half my fields after they blocked access with aggressive dogs. They had a whole squatter encampment set up and walls and fence to keep me out. The worst is the law of this state make it hard to get rid of criminal scum. Imagine being told by law enforcement that said squatters got rights and you don't.

That sounds pretty ugly. And yes, having good and trusted neighbours and family is of great value, wherever you are. These give law enforcement a 3D picture of the situation, and attest to your character, which guides their response.
2 days ago