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Douglas Alpenstock

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since Mar 14, 2020
Canadian Prairies - Zone 3b
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Rob, that's pretty cool. I have vaguely heard of it.

Can you recommend a good  link to learn more? I keep my goldfish indoors for 6 months, in a warm space with south facing windows, and maybe with a few LED grow lights ...
Agreed, Greg, The acronym has a lot of history. It's not good to stray too far from a recognized brand.

Radiant Reburn Mass Heater - RRMH

"Radiant" is a soft, friendly, descriptive word. It's tactile, feminine.

"Reburn" suggests advanced engineering and efficiency. It's technical, masculine.

[Gad, marketing is such bullshit. Except it's not.]
7 hours ago
I agree, an incredible amount of food can be grown in half barrels and other large containers. A large volume of soil is really important to maintain consistent moisture to the plants, and to reduce hands-on time.

Interesting. Sort of a "hostel for tiny homes" approach. It's a unique business proposition.

Random thoughts:

I wonder if (given the low density of residents) the cost of development and shared facilities could be recouped through the fee structure. Outside of Silicon Valley.

It certainly mitigates the problem of extra space and resources for surviving winter in a tiny home. The concern is the compatibility of residents using the shared spaces. It would need to be rather selective process for potential leaseholders. I almost wonder if a condo-style covenant-and-responsibility type of agreement is more manageable than lease/rental.

Zoning for tiny homes in particular could be a barrier. Multi-resident zoning usually means fourplexes, townhouses or larger. Some cities are making zoning changes to accommodate tiny houses if they are mounted on a fixed foundation with the axles removed. Also, negative perceptions of "trailer park" or "RV park" or "low income housing" would need to be managed amongst neighbouring areas.

I pulled a few links that are not directly relevant but may offer a few different perspectives:

[Minor edit for clarity]

7 hours ago
After my previous post I looked up some of the commercial grade units. Very different from the 8,000 BTU cane style I had previously seen.

I can see their utility in some situations. As soon as weeding involves paid labour, this would be less expensive overall.
9 hours ago
I suggest that "double burn" could replace "rocket."  It's kind of the heart of the concept, as I see it.

Double-Burn Mass Heater

Double-Burn Radiant Masonry Heating System
9 hours ago
My only comment is that it depends on how long you want the building to last, and how much maintenance you're willing to do to keep it free of rot and destructive insects.

I know people with a large log cabin on a lake. It's now 40 years old. Gorgeous, but the annual maintenance on that thing is ridiculous.
I vote "no." My gut feeling is that flame weeders are a solution looking for a problem. In other words, a gimmick. It's just a plumbers propane torch on a stick, for a lot more money, expensive to run, and can only be used for one thing. Doesn't kill taproots. I really don't get it.

Edit: maybe I'm thinking of the wrong thing? Link please?
10 hours ago
Nice! My granny had one of those in her basement. As a kid I always thought it was pretty cool.
10 hours ago
BTW my two spading forks are made by Garant. Grizzly series I think. I have beat up the handles but never bent the tines. They are built like tanks, suitable for heavy clay soil.
12 hours ago