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Recent posts by Douglas Alpenstock

My local recycling centre has a take-it-or-leave-it corner, and over the last few months I pulled half a dozen kitchen knives out of there. Frankly, someone is cleaning out Granny's house and passing things along to others -- that's life. These blades are not junk, either: German and Japanese steel of decent quality, but needing a great deal of TLC to bring them back to life. And I guess they found the right guy who is happy to do that. And when I'm done, I will start passing them along to neighbours who confess they have junk knives. This is all very silly i guess, but it gives me a warm glow.
5 hours ago
Excellent scrounge! And FWIW don't feel bad that you might have ripped off the thrift shop or anything like that. I know managers of several charity thrift shops, and they receive 10x more stuff than they can display and sell; most of it is sorted and shipped elsewhere. I am confident that they appreciate your $10 in hard cash to support their causes and pay the bills.
5 hours ago
Oh, wow! What an opportunity!

Welcome to Permies, Volya Audun!

Can you give us a rough idea of the location and grow zone? And your sense of the sun exposure for these beds? Too little, too much?

Mike Benjamin wrote:

Douglas Alpenstock wrote:If it's an old and well-travelled road, accumulated heavy metals like lead may also be a consideration. Remember leaded gasoline?

The road is a major one for the neighborhood, but no through traffic. I suppose disposing of the soil is, sadly, the safest bet.

I was going to plant some native cocoplums in the swale next to the road. Rather than garden vegetables, I'd be eating fruit and seeds from a woody plant. What are the community thoughts on this. Sufficiently safe or still best to avoid? The swale is about 20' wide and then sidwalk and my front yard which has many fruit trees. I feel fine about that. But this conversation has increased my general toxicity paranoia! Maybe I will do some tests to clear my mind

Hey Mike, apologies,  I fear we are beating you down with worst case scenarios. CYA etc. We are speculating without hard data.

Unless you are in the runoff zone from a chemical dump site, I think planting woody shrubs that bear good fruit is an excellent plan. This is how we fix the world. My 2c.
1 day ago
Holy smokes, the copyright on the user manual is 2006. Is my Canon really 18 years old and still functional? I might buy another Canon!
1 day ago

Nancy Reading wrote:Is there any way of converting the printer to wifi that the phone can talk to? My husband says you can get a dongle that plugs into the PC and makes it a hub under windows "share this printer" settings.

I don't think so. My model (Canon MF3240) doesn't have drivers built in but rather needs them installed on the PC or whatever. This was apparently a good idea (pfft!) in the long long ago. Modern printers are more self-contained.

I searched DuckDuckGo and found a couple of shortcuts that may speed the driver reinstall process on my PCs. I'll drive the old beast until it dies.

But I'll still be sniffing around for a replacement, in the interests of domestic harmony.
1 day ago
If it's an old and well-travelled road, accumulated heavy metals like lead may also be a consideration. Remember leaded gasoline?
1 day ago

John F Dean wrote:Anyway, can anyone else come up with a Tom Swiftie?

"Maybe," he said uncertainly.
2 days ago

Carla Burke wrote:We use ours so rarely that the ink dries up, in between the times we use it. So, we've given up. We just go to the library to print, now.

Good idea. If I was within walking distance I would do exactly that. But I'm in the country so I'd have to drive (not my first choice).
2 days ago
Okay, apparently there are a hundred "roadkill cafe" menus. People lap this stuff up, or maybe use straws. Here's one:
2 days ago