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Recent posts by S Smithsson

Rebecca Norman wrote:I guess my mother must have hated turnips, because I'd never eaten one, and had the idea that turnips are heavy and dull.

When I came to Ladakh I discovered that fresh and raw, they are crunchy and sweet as a carrot. Cooked, I like them much better than cooked carrots, light and appealing. A tradition here where I live, as well as in neighboring Kashmir where they do it even better, is to cook meat in the pressure cooker with turnips. It's delicious!

Do you have a recipe for the meat and turnips? Sounds delicious!

2 weeks ago
Covid, transition to work at home, dogs, coyote fence, garden fence.. all have contributed to no progress on the hugel / swale.  Also we hit tuff about 4-6 inches down.... so it will not be much of a swale! and the dogs have torn apart the two layers of logs/dirt/small sticks that we DID have laid down.

We are planning on getting back to it soon, since it is almost Monsoon season. I'll post some pics when we get there.

3 weeks ago

Christopher Shepherd wrote:I just sprinkle them with a home made dry sprinkler.  A large mouth jar with five 1/4" holes drilled in the lid works good.  I only target the beetles, because there are lady bugs and lighting bugs all over the place that do no harm.  I saw a hand sprinkler at tsc.  It was like $17, to much for me.  

Going to go make one right now!  Awesome idea!

3 weeks ago
I've always thought of the differences more of a climate issue rather than a space issue.

Here's a good article:

I can grow Irish potatoes but not sweet potatoes where I live, we have too cool and too short a season.

Hope this helps,

3 weeks ago

Christopher Shepherd wrote:
<snip>  I have been killing them with de.  Here is a couple pictures of shriveled up potato beetles.  This only took 2 days.

How are you applying the DE?  I;d like to do this on my plants - all planted in pots on may patio, couple plastic ones and the rest are all in fabric pots.

3 weeks ago

Jack Edmondson wrote:Well done video.  It does a great job of covering all the topics and tools the permaculture community has developed to re-hydrate the land.  It is more of a survey than instructional or a deep look at each technique.  It would be great to share with those whom are new to the subject.  It is also visually pleasing enough to keep the information fresh for anyone whom has studied this before.

$10 bucks was worth it to me to support this educational effort.  If you get a chance, please give it a watch and introduce someone new to the ideas and techniques.  

Thanks for the review!  

What I wouldnt give for 28" of rain!  we get just over 16".

3 weeks ago

Eric Hanson wrote:Hi Dan,


I like to think of my compost piles as being like a version of chop and drop.  Maybe something like chop and pile and wait till spring.


LOVE this!!!

1 month ago
I love my tumbler, definitely put some native soil, finished compost, or manure in there , something to kick start it.  The ONLY thing I dont like about it is since it is not in contact with the ground, the red worms die over the winter.  In my container ones that are in contact with the ground, the worms live over the winter (in the soil perhaps? )

1 month ago
I wake up to see it is funded twice over!!  YEA!!!
1 month ago
$10,828 in just over an hour and a half! over 75% funded!
1 month ago