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I have been interested in living close to Nature ever since I can remember. Finding "Secrets Of The Soil" was my eye opening, awakening, and inspiration, for Permaculture,the soil and living sustainably.
Have I to...yes!
Mont Clare, PA
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WOW! Kate..your book is awesome!
I would totally buy it!
Keep my name for reference!
Love it!
Blessings to you for success with your book!
1 month ago
Rebecca, I totally get it! I live with my oldest daughter and 14 yr old granddaughter, and it's my daughter's condo...thankfully it's 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms!!!
I would definitely love to have us in seperate houses, and it would be great if she found a partner who loves the homesteading  life too.  (My granddaughter's father died three years ago)
My daughter is almost ready to do it, but, she is teetering on the fence.
I do have many relatives in New England , and some are great builders and I have that covered.
Perhaps I 'll give them a shout about possible locations.
I wish you luck and best wishes in finding your dream place.
Say hello to your parents!
1 month ago
Thank you so much for your help!
I am going to ask the Realtor about Tenney Road. Looks like the place may need some handiwork as there are no interior pics. I hope it's not in a flood plain, as it is close to  the Connecticut River, and the listing said "unknown".
I appreciate  your help!
1 month ago
Margie here.
I am looking into Vermont, the original landing place of my great x ?grandfather (mid 1700's). (Still researching the exact area).
A small 1, 2, 3 acre plot with a cottage or half decent cabin. (Half decent means...not falling apart!)
Does anyone have a good idea about which areas would be good ? Perhaps in an area where I could help out, in exchange for some help? Near a University?
My thinking is to get started, and my daughters would join up later on.
Where would I begin to look for the possibility of taking over a home, when the owner can no longer do so, but wants to keep the property going on, Permaculture style!
I am 62, and want to realize my dream, for as long as I can. My favorite part of gardening is making terrific soil.
I am super resourceful, and I really want to build a rocket mass heater and stove!
I am sure there are other young seniors who would like to do the same.
Thank you!
This is the best forum in the world!

1 month ago
Hi Bryant!
This is awesome! I did this 2 years ago, in the 2018 growing season, experimenting with 1 special healing plant.
I had the thought, that "Hey, we take vitamins and minerals, why not give some to my special plant!")
So I dissolved three of my natural vitamins in filtered  water, and after giving the plant a fulvic  mineral drink first, I waited 2 days to add the vitamins. Next time, I am going to crush the vitamins in my morter and pestle for dissolving ease.
My daughter thought I was being ridiculous. I must say that adding vitamins, along with my bio dynamic soil blend produced an incredible potted healing herb!

It's been a challenge to grow on my porch, since I don't have safe land here at the condo, even though I have a 4x4 plot...the ground had been sprayed in the past, but out garden club put a stop to took 5 years, but we convinced them to stop having the landrapers treat the entire 20 acres 2 x a year. Victory!
So happy to learn that others are being little mad scientists in the garden, like me!
Thank you!!!
2 months ago
Congrats to the winners!
Enjoy your new tool!
2 months ago
Omg....I had no idea "freebies" were available for only 48 hours! I am not computer savvy at when I actually looked around here, I learned something, so thank you!
My problem is, when I start reading my dailyish, I absolutely am so engrossed, I can't stop! I spent hours reading, and not doing....anything. I spent hours today reading. I love it here. I read on my phone, I read on my computer, and I told my mom that it is addictive!
So, while I feel like a flunky in the tech world, I am learning valuable Permie knowledge.
So that's a big win!
Wow...looking and reading about all these very cool tools!
My little gardening bag is pitiful, although, I am grateful to have something, and thanks to my Sister in Law for giving me the gift.
But oh so poorly made plastic and super weak aluminum,  It's more for porch gardening with potting soil.
The shovel blade bended badly when using it in my little plot garden. The hand held raker has tines that are too thick to use, and the plastic clippers are practically useless. Kitchen utensils, a buck knife, and occasionally borrowing my mother's awesome tool set, but still incomplete with some items necessary for an awesome Gardner like my mom, she will be 80 this year!
I made a list of the 10 most awesome tools that I will eventually purchase. Thanks for the info on Truly Garden, as I will be looking there.
I love making great soil...which makes great gardens, which need great tools!🌱🌱🌱
2 months ago
Hi Dre! Thanks for being here, and thanks for helping out with "give aways."
2 months ago