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since Jun 24, 2018
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Carlton County, Minnesota, USA: 3b; Dfb; sandy loam; in the woods
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Recent posts by Christopher Weeks

Hi all, I guess I never went looking for this kind of thread when I started hanging out here. We moved from Jordan (55352) to 20 acres in Carlton County (55720) almost two years ago. I'm permaculture-inclined but no where near an expert -- I'm building out more gardening space each year; developing several locally-adapted landraces; planting fruits and nuts; Working on a hugel-mound; building a deep-litter henhouse, etc. I'd like to get to the point where I'd be comfortable supplying all the calories and nutrients the family needs from our land.

Part of the landrace-development effort that most troubles me is finding relatively local folks to swap saved seeds with. If any of you save seeds from your garden, and particularly if don't think heirloom purity is a thing of value, I'd be interested in establishing a trading relationship. And if there are enough of us, maybe a seed-swap get-together.
1 week ago

Marisa Lee wrote:orange hawkweed and it’s a pain

What's bad about hawkweed? We have it in huge swathes of orange and yellow (some of the oranges are so deep I'd call them red) and they're super-pretty. I might call it a problem if I was trying to hay the field because it's pretty competitive at the ground level and doesn't send much biomass up the 18" or whatever that the blooms grow. I love that it's competitive with grass.

Also, this thread is great!
1 week ago
I wasn't in a position to buy into watching it live and was hoping the video would come available to watch on my own schedule. Based on my assumptions from the previous campaigns, I imagine that I'll be a backer if this gets done.
2 weeks ago
Exciting stuff! I'm glad you're past the hurdle with the deer.

(Mostly I'm commenting to note that I used to live about 7000 feet from where you 23 years ago. It's fun to run into that kind of relation. )
2 weeks ago
I just came in from planting into pure compost atop our sandy loam.
3 weeks ago
I bought 100 pawpaw seeds from Sean at Edible Acres in New York about 18 months ago. I first kept them cool, then warmed them, then planted them to air-prune beds. Something like two dozen of them were two inches high by the time the summer was closing down, so I built a shield-wall of 3-high hay-bales around them to help insulate and block wind. They appear to be entirely gone. Not a one survived the winter. I'm giving them time to see if anything other than weeds pops up in those bed-boxes, but not holding my breath. But hey, I knew it was a longshot.

If you find a source, I'm interested too!
3 weeks ago

Mark William wrote:Folks who grow coriander seed: are you soaking, crushing the seed coat, or anything else to stratify or scarify the seed?

No, nothing. stick it in soil, it grows.
That's awful! I would demand that they remediate the damage they caused.

(I doubt very much that this would go anywhere, but it would be interesting to see how it works out.)
1 month ago

Jenny Wright wrote:Does coriander have a distinctly different taste and smell to everyone else?

I just tasted both side-by-side. There are elements in each not present in the other. But there are also obviously overlapping flavor elements too. I get the sweaty/musky/soapy odor from both, for instance, but for me it's weak and pleasant. It's a tough comparison because the lemony, wet, fresh-greens sensation of the cilantro is so front and center that it's hard to "listen" for the subtle spice elements of the coriander.
When I plant coriander, the cilantro that grows has very sparse foliage and a bumper-crop of seeds. That's nice and all, but I really want cilantro leaf for my salsa. Anyone know what I should do differently?