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Carlton County, Minnesota, USA: 3b; Dfb; sandy loam; in the woods
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Recent posts by Christopher Weeks

Thanks for doing this, Matt! I usually concentrate on all the plans that aren't getting done fast enough but taking the time to point out this explicitly how the yard has changed was an amazing exercise.
4 days ago
No idea on, but congratulations to you and your son!
6 days ago
If you keep a weed-tea bucket/bin/tub, what do you do to avoid providing mosquito habitat? Do you use/dump the whole thing every few days, or keep it lidded, or what?
2 weeks ago
When I was planting my Milpa I chose to pre-soak my corn and soaked too much. So trying to figure out what to do with the leftovers I spread a bunch on one bed and tossed some compost over it and then put the rest in this 1020 tray. If I’m gonna do something with it, I need to do it soon. But your crowded sisters made me think of my crowded babies. :-)
2 weeks ago
You're talking about the spray, right?
2 weeks ago
Will lowbush blueberry grow there? I see it in sandy spots around here. Or black locust? What about dry herbs like thyme and rosemary? Or prickly pear?
2 weeks ago
Welcome, you four; keep up the good work!
And I don't know enough about fungi to ID except for a few.
2 weeks ago
Oh man, I have too many to attach to one post...
2 weeks ago