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Recent posts by Clay Bunch

Mike Haasl wrote:

Gravity watering is a different animal though.  How much head will you have from the tank to the garden?  Drip irrigation needs some pressure and you need 2.3 feet of head to get 1 psi.

Thanks Mike thats very helpful info!

I've been trying to determine how high I'd need raise my rainwater tanks to use it effectively on my drip irrigation.  Math is easier than building twice!
1 day ago
Assuming the pond is lower than your gardens and gravity feed is out of the question. I'd say instead of buying a giant eyesore of a tank you could get into the Sepp holzer  terrace style stuff.

Build a jack spirko style timber frame pond with 2 release valves and use a solar powered pump at the pond. Add agricultural terracing/ swales between the garden and the pond and let the solar powered pump run water into the high pond daily and leak back down your swales to the pond. You could cut off the valve and shut off pump if you don't like it running continuously but also you could set timers so that you always have an 8×8×4 ft pond available for watering via the second valve and you could grow bluegill crappie or catfish in it.

Even if you don't wish to do all that id say looking into a timber frame pond as a storage tank is a viable option for a lower price and more appealing aesthetically.
Best of luck
1 day ago
Here is a link to penn states website with some more pictures and information.

I cant see all the markings well in your photo but they do look very similar. The difference I've noted is that yours seem to have made nest in a crack and the typical colony builds a woody material based hanging hive typically.

Good luck finding out what you have! I'd keep my distance and enjoy watching them from afar either way!
2 days ago
I'm not expert but it looks like D. Maculata or the bald faced hornet.
2 days ago
Thank you both! I'll post more soon!
2 days ago
Perhaps I am alone in this but it seems that when I plant a tree, unless its bare root, I always have a dearth of earth! It magically disappears even though I'm adding outside volume to the void!

I decided to approach the problem as scientifically as an electrician and hobby gardener can. So the next tree I took a sapling planter bag and put the shovels I removed from the newly forming hole and dumped them into the bag.

The result was incredible! I now magically had too much soil!

In keeping with the return of surplus and maximum yield i have started to do this with all large plantings and i merely dump the excess yield into the nearest raised bed and use it to level the settling soils in my beds and also to top off the area surrounding the tree should it settle!  

I highly suggest a mary Poppins style soil sack the next time you plant anything that requires removing soil rather than just spading in it!

Hopefully this is a helpful tip for the new planters like myself!
2 days ago
I like to take pictures of the bugs I find in the garden. Some I like to share with others. I hope you all find these interesting.
2 days ago
Thank you Paul! Cant wait!
1 week ago