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Female,Christian,born in 1980 & raised dairy farming, which I was still doing on my parent's farm into my 30s( conventionally,& not very small but still with a few slightly traditional elements left to it ). Homeschooled, then too unschooled, since 3rd grade, I am still a fan of it though. Married to a great guy, since 2007 who is also m/l into all this stuff. No kids of my own yet, not exactly by choice. Grew up reading and absolutely loving COUNTYSIDE&small stock journal- where I 1st heard the term permaculture, although it was much later I really started learning more- and old fashioned books like the original Swiss Family Robinson, & Grace Livingston Hill's books. Am soon to get on our own land again, & get started again with homesteading, working up our skill levels to be able to potentially make a living from it with a variety of planned enterprises, being the hope, for a few reasons. I have a local facebook group for Christian permies & homesteaders started, as I need more friends who are both- if you're those plus local, please join it ! If you've only 1 of them in common with me & want to be friends, I'm still up for that, too, just purple moosage me !
Dunn county, WI
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I have heard of this often enough, in my quite limited interactions with the world ( in-person or online) to figure this is pretty common. So sorry ! You may want to try . It works like craigslist, as far as secure email relay correspondence until you decide to share other contact information with someone, and it's free to sign up as a host. Like with everything else, you may get those you don't hear back from, don't show up or decide to leave sooner than planned, but I have had really good experiences, myself. I don't know how it's all going, what with covid and all, as I paused our hosting due to moving and dealing with other things. In the 2 years I was doing it, we had about 5 workawayers stay with us, one left early due to changing plans. All were lovely young people who were hard workers, and enriched my life. I had a few other I had to turn away due to things going on in our lives, and the 1 or 2 who I didn't hear from after first few initial contacts. Anyone may be using the site for any reason, but most seem to be those who are using it to travel for fun and social or educational experiences gained by it. Since sustainable/natural living type things are popular among these types of people, there seems to be a high amount who would be attracted to a permaculture, homestead or similar type host. It helps if you live near other cool attractions, I'm sure. We didn't, really, and aren't the coolest people or had much variety on our homestead yet at the time ( we keep moving, for various reasons), and we still got applicants ! Hosts supply room and board ( meals) and can't work the guest more than 25 hours per week or 5 hours per day, per last I knew. Along with a few other work guidelines relevant to those operating a business with employees. Their travel expenses are on them, but you should help them figure out how to get to you, and obviously, may need to go a bus or train or plane to get them. I always tried to meet at a public place first, especially when sending my husband ( he worked in the city) to pick up the girls, and texted them his picture , to help them feel safe and even though I know he's totally trustworthy, I don't encourage girls to take risks. There are a few other sites like this, which I haven't checked into much yet, one is help-stay I think. Permaculture Haven ( a youtuber in AU ) started one themselves, I forget if there's is the help-stay one, or is another name. I found out about it on a vlog of theirs. Of course, if can be a lot of hassle, and no way to know if you'll get a helper in time for a project you'll be doing at a certain time, but it can be way better than no help ever ! Also, be thoughtful about if you'll need them to speak english fluently to be able to help you with certain things. God bless, everyone !
2 months ago
Lehman's, in Ohio I think, specializes in hand power and old-timey stuff, like the Amish and off-gridders use. Most anyone who's been around homesteading long probably knows about them, but just in case someone hasn't.. .
4 months ago
Thanks, everyone, for your replies so far ! Yes, my husband knows about the importance of them being sharp, and sharpening properly. We need to find a steel ( not sure on spelling) like his dad had, both his parents are passed on now. He says the steel I picked up at a thrift sale is not the same. I do know that most any sharp knife can do the job, been doing that ! After he got them quarted, I did the rest myself , this past year, as he had to be at work ( long hours) and I definitely need to learn to sharpen myself.
Will be checking out the old hickory mentioned !
4 months ago
Hi , we've recently become able to finally invest in some better knives for hunting, butchering, processing our venison and other animals. We plan in the future to raise either goats or beef, and pigs to butcher ourselves. My husband also occasionally gets a rabbit in the winter. What are the best quality - say, if price were not much of an issue - knives that experienced home butchers or professionals recommend ? I do plan on finding and asking some local butchers, I just want info from homesteaders as well. My best friend's husband used to work at one, and we did a deer with them one year, and he was just racing through and wasting wayyy more than my husband and I were used to, compared to his parents, who were depression kids and they wasted like nothing. Every little scrap was saved for burger.   ( the friend is a busy dairy farmer, and they're not used to being in need of the meat terribly, themselves, we guess is a reason... ). I don't know if that makes any difference on what knives get recommended, but, just in case, there you go. My husband isn't too happy with what he has for the gutting and etc. part of things, either. Gut knife I think .. . Thanks !
4 months ago
Hi, yes I would love a thread for this for each region, as I want to find as local of resources as possible. I also like frontier for herbs and spices, but I shop through Vitacost, an online natural foods and health supplements store. There are still many Frontier/country life buying groups around the U.S. , ask around at you local health stores and friends.
For bulk grains, since I'm not part of a country life buying club currently and wanted to just order some bulk grains without dealing with that, I found Pleasant Hill Grain, in Nebraska. I have yet to receive my order, but I was pleased with their prices, selection of Organic, and they come in sealed pails, with shipping factored into the price, per "zone" of the nation that you're in. Too bad they didn't also carry bulk salt. I want Redmond salt, country life carries it. I've been getting smaller ( a pound i think ) bags of it from Vitacost.
Garden seeds :  I also like Pinetree, they seem to grow some, at least, of the seeds they sell - or at least, grow the varieties there and comment on how they did in there climate. They have great prices, although for smaller amounts of seeds per packet, often, but that is their specialty, to offer a number more home gardeners wanted while saving them $. They have a super great variety, and offer supplies for home soap making etc.  and books. I have been super happy with germination and success with their seeds and varieties. But for a bit more local to me ( I'm im western WI ) I recently have found and like MIGardener and Nature and Nurture seeds, both in MI. The latter offers varieties that originated in MI, WI and another state I forget. I have recently ordered seeds from Everwilde, now based out of CA think, but the founders/operators are my best friend's relatives and from here. They sell in some bulk sizes and come in special envelopes ( each seed type ), resealable I think.
We've come into a little inheritance, and am using for a little prepping and just getting equipped. We now need to find out the best knives for butchering and processing venison and other animals. Local and not extremely high priced, appreciated, but we want really good knives and a quality "steel" for sharpening ( not sure of spelling), my husband's dad had one years ago, he remembers fondly. Anyone have recommendations ? I will ask in the  butchering forum thread when I get time again.  
4 months ago
Hey Grant, I'm in WI, nearby (-ish). I think campgrounds allow them, depending on size maybe. Problem is that they may not be open yet, due to Covid. You may want to check with mobile home parks too. It is annoyingly difficult to find land with a well and/or power, on Realtor sites or etc. . They don't have a search option, and using search words do not always work. You may have to resort to want ads, which can include CL, local bulletin boards ( I suggest especially using ones at health food store and any businesses around your target locations) and even newspapers, esp. ones such targeting farmers/rural folks. Mention how nice it may be for them to have the rental income in these tough times, and offer to give character references ( so they can know you won't make a huge mess, pay your bills, not bring druggies around or whatever thoughts may make folks hesitate to become renters). A lot of farms have or had a mobile home set up for an adult kid staying with the farm, which when situations changed, may have been abandoned, but the utility hook-ups and etc. are still there. They also usually have lived there awhile, and know all the neighbors who may have something. I assume you've been checking tiny home groups and the website tiny house listings ? The latter has a search criteria option for sites. One you may not be aware of is Land-link ( .com or whatever). It is mainly for connecting those who want land, usually to farm, with those who have it, but it has all kinds, often into alternative stuff ( organic or permaculture), and not a ton of listings to wade through, either. It's very simple. Search for your state right away when "googling" the website, that can help you find the one for the upper midwest. The national one is it's own site. There had been a listing by a couple with land ( and a tiny house already on it and welcome to bring own) down nearer to Madison, last I knew. Also maybe check with  Maybe some local hosts would have a rental spot for you. To be a host it's free, to contact a host, it takes a paid account, but you can look up hosts near you for free, and see if it's worth it. Some of the hosts in our area sound like they may be able to host a tiny house. You never know. Just meeting all these kindred spirit types in the area may help you what you need. Maybe even look on local harvest ( an online resource ) and email some promising looking small farmers in your area. Home some of this helps someone !
4 months ago

Ryan Hobbs wrote:We are buying the farm in Portsmouth Ohio for sure. I am effing ecstaticly elated. Gurtitude awaits!

Here are the attributes and plans:

It has a pond, 2 acres, both city and well water, a 3 bedroom house, two car garage with a storage loft, a small barn, comes with appliances including a new ifrared stove, has a fireplace, persimmon tree, pear trees, and a chestnut tree.

The first order of business is to till and ammend a starter garden of 3760 sq ft. The stock fence there is on 3 sides and needs completion. The back porch will be expanded and made into an outdoor kitchen; to include a 6 ft diameter double chamber cob oven. An herb garden in stone or brick raised beds will lay between the house and the street both providing herbs and protection from drunk drivers. A small apple orchard needs planting on one corner of the property. I rather like vibernum bushes so at some point the house will get a facelift via these perfumey shrubs. I have plans also for setting up wood working shop and for eventually raising chickens, goats, and pigs.

      Hey, Ryan, major congrats ! I am wondering about your plans to till the planned garden.. . Have you heard much about no-til gardening ? I have barely begun it myself. having had to move twice in recent years, and didn't have the health to really aquire & spread a more ideal amount of mulch etc., but i still highly recommend it - definitely wayyy less weeding, and If you avoid even that 1st time plowing etc., youyll probably be better off "weed' -wise & compaction/soil structure-wise. I have learned a ton more on it just in past year, on YouTube mainly ( but most of these are authors too) from these HIGHLY successful & knowledgeable/experienced folks : Charles Dowding, Richard Perkins of Ridgedale Permaculture, James Prigioni,  No-Till Growers w farmer Jesse, Singing Frogs Farm of CA.. and more. Richard Perkins doesn't even soil test, which was good news to my lazy way ( well, just not super technical way ) of doing things, though he does mess around with making his own "amendments" & uses them some, he & others also show that mainly, you just need to be "feeding soil, not plants" & you do that with compost topdressing &/or mulching, have photosynthesizing plants covering it as much & as for as long, as possible, & by not tilling. Hope everyone who hasn't yet, checks 'em out !  
1 year ago
Is this Mark Shepherd's farm ? New Forest farm ( or farms) when i looked it up this past summer. If so, when I was looking online, there didn't seem to be a minimum order for any of the trees, I thought. It said " 1 to ---" under pricing info & didnt seem to indicate any minimum order. I guess i shoulda went & looked b4 commenting.. oops 😁, sorry. But I don't have time now & do want to encourage folks, here in the midwest esp. , to go online or in person & check em out. Watching the interview w him that Justin Rhodes did on Youtube (part of his Great American Farm tour road trip series ), titled " S. T. U. N. " really re-educated my understanding of raising trees. Plan to buy whatever I want, that he grows, when we get our own place again.

Mike Jay wrote:Dunn county is a pretty area.  The missus and I traveled through there on our homestead search.  Welcome back home

Thanks ! Yes, it very much is ( beautiful !) .. not so much east side of Menomonie, but most of rest of west/central WI is, the driftless region tops it overall, but a lot of our ol stomping grounds is quite similar. Organic/natural/alternative & homesteading have been very popular for a long time ( continues to grow) in the area, too.
1 year ago
Hello all Wisconsonites !!! My husband & I are from Dunn co. ( left for job & some family reasons 3 yrs ago) & are planning to move back when our place here sells. Am on a few FB permies & regen. ag groups, but am not on fb a ton.. ( havent been on here much either, but am seeing this as a great resource to use more, with all the categories) .. anyway, hoping to really connect with area permies & homesteaders there, when we move back. Plan to be in northern Dunn co. To Chippewa co. this time ( my bff is just west of Bloomer on an organic dairy farm). While definitely have a lot to learn & hone still, I have been into homesteading type stuff all my life, grew up daury farming & roaming the countryside & my husband grew up rural & since being married 11 yrs ago, have had chickens & gardens most yrs. & planted a lot of perennials & trees. Hubby is a diesel mechanic with wide experience base, good welder, good shot, knows trees quite a bit, & overly adores chickens & really wants honey bees. He hasnt put in the time as much, learning about permaculture type growing, regenerative ag etc., other than bits I've shared with him,  but is on board with all this kinda stuff. I am huge fan of Richard Perkins, Charles Dowding, Allan Savory & Joel Salatin, & love Singing Frogs Farm farm also.
1 year ago