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i think, the articles misses one things: where does the infection start?

normally it starts in the throat and then drips down into the lungs. this takes a few days. within these days the body starts to build up immunity/resitance.

if the virus load is high the infection can start directly in the lungs. this is (i think) one of the causes why some young and healthy people get very sick very quickly.

germany has put huge restristions on social life.

my thoughs on viral load: i think, normal flue germs are nearly everywhere. but we don t get the flue everytime it comes around. so there MUST be some resitance, at least against small doses/virus loads.

do you remember the "bodies police force" from: Once Upon a Time... Life
4 years ago
if you have that kinda soil: you can make adobe bricks. Or you can make a form and create rammed earth blocks

Or you could build the whole thing from cob or from rammed earth. That would require protection from rain. But that would make a project with "stacked functions of learning" (I assume that you re doing this with children?).

As first experiment you could try to use 4"+ tin cans and throw some clay-rich-soil about it. See if it cracks. If yes, add chopped hay or straw and/or sand.

just experiment, it won t have to be perfect.
4 years ago
Angela Merkel said no to selling it. And you don t mess with her in times of crisis.

but ... according to german laws it will take many years to get any medicine/vaccine approved. Unless government decides to speed things up, what they will probably do
4 years ago
sorting out kitchen cabinets (better reduce shopping for groceries ....)

thinking about what to cook with all the amaranth I found ...

eating more sprouts ...

planning to build round-wood toilet paper holder (well i did think about it before, but for the larger kitchen cleaning tissue) ... i should do wood burning into the TP holder: Corona 2020 .... or something like that

4 years ago
a few days ago Angela Merkel said: "Nope, that s not gonna happen ... solved..."

german: Merkel erklärt CureVac-Streit für beendet
4 years ago
Hey Sebastian,
thank you, that helped alot! I did order cheaper LEDs. 1.59€ LEDs on a 0,5€ Lamp are a bit overkill ... I don`t expect the quality of the LED to be a bottleneck.

It seems to work, but I ll see when I ve got them soldered.


Using LEDs for projects is a nice thing. They could also be used in wood, if you drill holes. One might use these kind of solar lamps and solder a longer piece of cable between LED and the unit. Should be cheaper than buying the solar cell, charge controller, battery etc.
A cheap way to use LEDs in project is to get LED string lights from the dollar store and use them.

Have a nice an blessed easter!
5 years ago
Hey Dale,
have you thought about using an ozone generator with an air pump and bubble-making stone (like the things used for fishtanks)?

I have a 500mg generator with pump and it uses around 6 watts.

5 years ago

Pearl Sutton wrote:
There's no power.

Hey... what about using solar for a fan? There are 12V DC fans from Desktop PCs (around 1$ each). You could hook them to a (used) 12V car battery. They should run for days on a battery load. But you could use a 20-30watt solar panel (nominal 12V, 25-40$) and a cheap 5AMP charge controller (7-15$).
5 years ago
Hey Sebastian,
thank you.

Do you know, what kind of Volts and Watts I would need?

I know, I will need to test it until I find the right LED, with the right color and brightness. But it would be nace to have place to start.

Have an awesome time ... you have moved?
5 years ago

I bought a bunch of small solar garden lamps on a sale. The kind that have a long spike to push it into the ground.

I plan to use them as artificial tea-lights(candles). Got thing is that they have 100maH NiMH batteries. The batteries are changeable, so they can be upgrade and the things are solar rechargeable and somewhat waterproof. In my opinion, these have the potential to become really nice lamps.

Problem is: the LED is blueish cold white. I want nice warm white. So I could get LEDs from ebay and resolder them. But I am confused on what kind I need. What voltage and other specifications would I need?

Could you awesome experts provide some links on ebay that would help me go in the right direction?

thank you a lot!


5 years ago