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since Apr 09, 2009
no. cal, 50 miles inland, zone 7 oak savannah
northern california, 50 miles inland from Mendocino, zone 7
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My friend Anthony has designed and supervised several straw bale projects. One on the Oregon coast, 100+ inches of rain most years.
8 years ago
Neighborhood dogs can be the worst predators. We use guardian dogs with our goat mob. The bears, mountain lions, and coyotes stay away because of the guardians, but straying dogs have had that wisdom bred out of them and will cause confrontations.

H Ludi Tyler wrote:
Now I don't know if I even want to watch it.     Am I just going to see a lot of pretty images but no idea of how to achieve similar results?  This is very frustrating to me.   

I didn't mean to trash it, its just that soil types and annual rainfall and general weather would give me enough info. to consider trying something rather than guessing.    
9 years ago
"The map is not the territory",  Mollison.  ok I'll give myself an eyeroll on that one.

I think the data collected should be be extensive on soil type and climate, rainfall and additives used.

I sometimes have a hard time translating what folks do elsewhere to my place.  The current Skeeter video is a good example in that it does not provide enough info for me to emulate what he's doing.

Where is the largest existing permaculture operation?  How many permaculture operations currently sell to market on a large scale?    What examples are there for a corn/soybean farmer in Kansas to study in order to consider a change?    I think Benjamin is on the right track.

By the way, I am a white middle class hippy.   (on a 150 acre ranch with 550 goats)

9 years ago
Be aware that it is possible to have a bacterial and fungal infection in your ear simultaneously and require different treatments.

Bulb ear syringes used incorrectly can break the eardrum rather easily and then the infection can move into the middle ear.

Some ear specialists use sophisticated video tweezers to clean out ear wax and do not recommend bulb syringes.

9 years ago

kcrashcore wrote:

2k an acre too good to be true, it was a tax sale and has no legal access.

Acquiring legal access can be expensive.  And may eventually involve lawyers.
9 years ago
You might want to check out this thread.

The black locust that I grow don't spread.  They will come up from seed but not many.

Sounds like honey locust to me.
9 years ago
On low.   This batch went about 15 hours.    The smell of the onions cooking is great too!
9 years ago
Easy way to preserve onions packaged in meal size portions and frozen.

8lbs onions, 1 stick butter, crock pot on low overnight
9 years ago