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Recent posts by Mark Brunnr

I must have missed that this was going on, I have a pound of seeds in both osage orange and black locust you can use, they have been in my fridge for 2 years now and in the trailer up on the lab for the last couple months. If they can be put to use for overseeding that works for me. Make sure to boil some water and then after you take it off the boil, toss in the black locust seeds and let them soak for 24 hours first. I had 100% germination that way when I planted seedlings. Osage orange shouldn't need that treatment.

I'll dig through the trailer to find the seeds and bring them to base camp, and can help plant if it's still underway.
1 month ago
I believe the more people who can see Helen's work the better. High quality editing of the content to maximize the presentation sounds good.
1 month ago
Way to go on installing the heat pump/split over the fridge! I walked by and did a double take seeing you sitting up there.
2 months ago
Yes it was Inge. I'm looking forward to seeing it move along to become a livable space.
2 months ago
I play modded Minecraft these days and would recommend the Serene Seasons mod which will add seasons and make foliage change colors and also affects the growing times of plants. You'll find warm weather and cool weather crop rotations are needed. Pam's Harvest craft is the other mod to get, it adds a ton of different crops and cooking recipes, so you will have plenty of food options for each season.
2 months ago
As part of getting firewood for next winter, this generous tree volunteered itself to my cause:
3 months ago
You could include a link in the top right corner of the YouTube video that goes to a playlist of all your previous Kickstarter videos; I would suggest having a greater ratio of goodies at the $5 level than the $1 level, like twice as many at $5; if you cut the campaign to 14 days there may be pledges that are missed for those who need to wait to see if they have the money. I think you normally have stretch goals at every $10k right? What about making those every $20k instead so it's easier to manage?
3 months ago
Good safety pointers, but I'm pretty sure Dez had help and the cistern had been full so there was no time for anything but air to get in there.
4 months ago
I was asked to resubmit this with the pics showing the width/length:
4 months ago
I used mine for the first time at the lab to reheat some chili, I learned to smooth the food down so it doesn't poke out where it can touch the glass, otherwise there's more to clean. With clouds about 50/50 with sun it took about 40 minutes to reheat.
4 months ago