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Recent posts by Mark Brunnr

Definitely within the general asset system, FYI not sure if it's still there or needed, but I did leave a glass replacement stove cooktop in Dogstar under the bed when I was staying there.

Coydon Wallham wrote:

Stephen B. Thomas wrote:

What is this device called?

That's a log dolly, I bought one (assuming that's it) to use up on the lab but found it didn't work as I had planned to use it, so I just chained logs to the truck hitch to drag instead. Even on a dirt/gravel road, an inch or two of wood would be ground off hauling it back to peel, in just 1/4 or 1/2 mile. so where you can load logs on to it to absorb weight, and chain it on tight so it'll rotate during turns, it can be very handy.

Inge Leonora-den Ouden wrote:

Mark Brunnr wrote:According to the Picture This app on my phone, that bark might be from a black locust.

Black Locust is the same as Robinia pseudo-acacia, isn't it? Because that's what I think this tree is.

Precisely that!
3 weeks ago
According to the Picture This app on my phone, that bark might be from a black locust.
3 weeks ago
As far as the squash not doing well on the end of the hugel, as Ben was talking about that I noticed the sprinkler wasn't reaching that area so it could be a lack of regular water. Until a plant gets really good roots down into the mass they can need some babying if there isn't regular rain.
3 weeks ago
I don't recall if aerobic composting breaks down all or even some of the meds, but you could always have a "guest bucket" that gets composted separately and is only put on trees/plants you won't later eat.
1 month ago
Hmm, any chance the door was sticking due to the hinges pulling away from the frame/wall, or perhaps just swelling of the door due to spring humidity? If it's the latter, would a yearly coating of linseed oil or equivalent possibly help?
2 months ago
This site has a lot of plant based recipes, and that includes a number of dressings:

Here's a channel on YT I follow, which has some oil-free carrot-ginger and cilantro-lime dressings in this video:
2 months ago
I've been receiving email notifications for Stephen and Trace, so now it's working properly as far as I can tell!

paul wheaton wrote:and you are certain that you have a watch set up on the thread?

Yup, I checked that each thread had a check mark on the watch settings. I did receive 2 notifications today for Chase and Stephen, Stephen's already was checked previously, but I wasn't getting notifications. I was wondering if anything had been done on the back end, that I now got a notification. I'll see if it continues to work on these two threads.