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Recent posts by Mark Brunnr

Blaine, when you mentioned the visual impairment my brain starting thinking up the reply of "have you used ZoomText, WindowEyes. or JAWS?", and then you mentioned being in ACB so I'm guessing the answer is yes LOL! I used to be a computer instructor for the visually impaired, many moons ago. I never played with Vinux, we were Windows 95/98 back then. I still remember my concern when driving with 2 80-cell refreshable braille displays in the trunk, which at the time ran about $12K each, thinking "I'm driving a $10K car with $24K in the trunk!" At that time there was a "laptop" which was a device with 7 buttons, matching the 6 braille keys and a spacebar in the middle, and it was really fancy with a floppy drive in the back that could save Word-compatible files. These days I expect things are a bit further along!
1 week ago
I haven’t tried Office using Wine, but I have installed a variety of games and used Wine, Winetricks, Lutris, and PlayOnLinux to get those games working. Mostly searching forums for working combos as I’m no good at manually tweaking Linux myself. With a few exceptions most games I play will work. I think if you stick to an Office version older than 365 you can probably get it to run. The current click to run version tied heavily into the cloud so it may have issues.
1 week ago
I’ve been to some security training which showed just how poorly Gmail handles message content, not to mention how all the emails are scanned for keywords to sell for advertising... I switched to ProtonMail which is properly encrypted email. It doesn’t matter that there’s nothing to hide but it’s the principle of it. If you get to use something for free outside of open source software, you’re the product being sold in most cases.
2 weeks ago
My biggest lesson learned was not to over-muscle the post driver due to rocky soil. Caught on top of a t-post and levered down on my head and got a concussion, headaches lasted about 6 weeks!

I used the 5 foot tall rolls of reinforcing mesh for concrete and those ends are really sharp, heavy leather gloves are needed at all times. I found rolling the mesh out first then standing it up was tougher than setting posts and then rolling the mesh back and forth around them.

Definitely recommend wire between posts, I used a string which survived the year but sagged.
2 weeks ago
Nothing to see really, the trees I planted inside still died due to drought so it just some weedy dead grass.
2 weeks ago
I can confirm that a circular space can be fenced this way without corner posts. I enclosed 1/4 acre and it was still standing after a year.
2 weeks ago
Blaine, I used to use the Opera browser and that VPN was enabled when I signed up for Netflix. I didn’t realize at the time, that Netflix assumed I was in Canada due to the VPN and so they charge me in Canadian dollars, so I get about 20% off the monthly bill ever since!
3 weeks ago
Do you have any concerns with processing it on the ground? Whenever my dad brought home a deer, it was hung from a tree branch so he could split the skin down the belly, reach in and cut the esophagus, then pull out all the organs at once from throat to anus. If the day was cold, that also helped with getting the meat to cool down, you could put a stick between the ribs to keep them spread open. Then you could easily skin with both hands free too, and keep the dogs from taking any samples when your back was turned  
3 weeks ago
Unfortunately counties/states are going more and more online, so for example county assessor info is considered public and searchable by anyone online. These sites are actively searching that info when you do a search on their site.

Browsers give away a lot of info by default. You can use add-ons to hide some info, use a VPN to hide your location, or go deeper with Tor. Phones are even worse, not only do apps ask for access to data they don't need simply to sell it, many out there steal data without asking. For example Tik Tok was recently sued for compiling facial recognition, which is widely used in China for their "social credit score" system. Lots of technology tools are being created in recent years, and they will all quickly be leveraged by bad guys as well as good.

My credit card has all my behavior info based on typical purchases, and when I take a trip to a new place I have to let them know in advance or risk purchases being blocked. And unless I remember every year to submit a request to every card and company to deny access to my purchase data to "affiliates", all that info is sold and resold.

Unless you're willing to pull out some cash to make in-person purchases and avoid online transactions at all costs, use a browser like Tor and a VPN on a secure operating system, pass on the smartphone and purchasing property you will always have some of your info online.
3 weeks ago