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Pediatrician with a Master's Degree in Nutritional Sciences. Moved to Portland, Oregon in the summer of 2013. Took Geoff Lawton's first online PDC in 2014.
Moved from south central WI to Portland, OR
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Recent posts by Julia Winter

Hi, I posted your page to the Portland Permaculture Group email list and this realtor was recommended: Catia Juliana in Eugene: https://catiajuliana.exprealty.com/agents/Catia+Juliana
I love the carved "S" "M" and "L" for the glove boxes!

That's the kind of little thing that just makes the place better.

That looks great!  I'm glad your oven is working so well.  
1 month ago
It's been a long while (sorry!) but I'm curious - have you done something with this structure?
1 month ago
Now's a good time for finishing a rocket oven, doncha think?
1 month ago
I've kept my rocket oven at 350F steadily for an hour or two.  It's helped by the fact that I have a couple of pizza stones in there, so the mass helps hold the temperature steady.

I've found that one bigger piece of wood works better for this than lots of small pieces of wood (which tend to burn fast and hot).

I think you could build a rocket oven for this task, but I can't make any guarantees.  If you had even more mass inside the oven space, it would take longer to heat up, but it would be easier to keep the temperature steady.
1 month ago
This looks great!  How does it work?  Have you made pizza?

I'm impressed that you've made so many, especially for community gardens.  This is such a great tool for community building (let's all have a meal together!)
1 month ago
35 minutes is super fast!

I think your pizza would be tastier if you get the temperature up closer to 500 degrees, but the speed of your fire is impressive.
1 month ago
Someday I'd love to see what you made from the single-ply meat sheep wool fabric. . . . no rush!
1 month ago