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I have home movie proof that I started in agriculture at age 3 1943.
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I had felt weak and tired all day.. that evening I decided to eat a few eggs, and then felt instantly better.. so I guess for the next two years or so, eggs will be a regular part of my diet.. I wonder if the vegan diet fatigues me due to lack of animal protein/fat.. though eggs were not a regular part of my diet in The City, meat always has been a daily intake thing.. will keep monitoring..

This video may explain your reaction. It also explains why eggs are an excellent choice.  You may want to plan on a few hens for your plot. It may be a little late for your zone but if you plant winter wheat you will have feed for them.

Christopher Griffith wrote:How exactly are you pulling logs with the david bradley walk behind? I'm interested in buying one that is for sale locally and I would like to skid some logs with it, just unsure of how exactly youre hooking your logs up, and are you riding the logs while skidding? I can't see the ability to walk behind the tractor while skidding. I can't find any videos of people skidding logs with them, so was just curious to how you do it and how well it's worked out for you

Basically If you are going to pull anything with a 2 wheeled tractor the attachment needs to be directly from the center of the axil.  Even then it will be difficult to keep it from tilting forward or backward. I do have an attachment with a riding seat and rear wheels; using that and a chain attached under the axil dragging some things is possible. Note in the picture I posted above the disc harrow is attached which uses the same pivot as the riding wheels. The plow siting in front of the wheel has the strongest attachment and with the blow unbolted could be used as attachment for rear wheels.
5 days ago
I have used perennial sweet pea as a landscape element to complement a split rail fence on the berm surrounding a business. Makes long vines with attractive blooms. With seed maturity and summer drought the vines may die back and regrow from the roots with the next rain season. Vines with unopened browning pods  can be moved to seed a new location. May combine well with the upright nature of the lupin. Both prefer a mulch/ground litter for germination. I have a vinca minor ground cover around my 100 year old trees but how it suffers during summer drought indicates it may not work well for you. Evening primrose and holly hocks come up in my orchard and are biennial, grow tall and are often eaten by the deer which reduces the pressure on the tree leaves.
6 days ago

Dez Choi wrote:

Inge Leonora-den Ouden wrote:The question of beans and guts comes up here ... That's something I'd love to find the answer to.
Maybe there's someone here on Permies who knows more on it. In Dutch information I only found a little clue once: the fact that beans cause gasses in your guts (to say it nicely) does not mean they harm you. It might even mean they are good for you and it's the good bacteria causing the gasses ... But still that is not really clear.

I like your bacteria info.. if I love beans, I say they aren’t harmful! =D Apparently related to the sheer fiber content of beans.. the interwebs is suggesting small amounts at a time, to start..

The pancreas enzymes and or beneficial microbes need to break them down before the yeast starts to work on them.

Alpha-galactosidase is a digestive enzyme that breaks down the carbohydrates in beans into simpler sugars to make them easier to digest. The most commonly known alpha-galactosidase supplement is known by the trade name Beano. It's been around since the early 1990s, long before digestive enzymes started trending.Feb 19, 2019

I freeze things in large peanut butter jars with a large opening.
i store these in the chest freezer except for ones in current use.
You could use small snack size zip bags as dividers. They should be reusable with most herbs and spices.
I am able to keep most of my herbs alive through or mild winters except stevia and it is better dried anyway.
1 week ago
I only see them when they mate and lay eggs in my spring ponds. I have noticed the variety of patterns which match the various habitats around the field. Also note the absence of mosquitos when mowing that field with a scythe.
1 week ago
The plan seems good to me.  I don't think we need to stress our selves about planting pasture seed. Some just let the animals hooves do it. Some feed hay with the desired seeds in it to the same effect.  IN my case I do not have animals right now but past usage the animals have planted alfalfa in some places and vetch in others. When those reach ripe but not open seed pod I cut it and move it to places with poor forage and let it seed itself naturally. Now that the rains have started it has sprouted. It will mostly grow roots during our mild winter then overwhelm much of the weeds in the spring.
1 week ago
I remember a movie scene where a native American after eating roasted meat wiped his greasy hands on his body and told the white man "is good, makes skin strong"
2 weeks ago
Another category: wees as chicken feed. With the chicken tractor rotating through the garden during the winter the cool weather seeds that are sprouting get eaten. I feed soaked whole grains so some of them get scratched in and become volunteer crop if I am not planting that area. Millet and sunflowers are ripening right now.
If you like Dandelions cultivate them a little. several have mentioned how they change with irrigation. Reducing direct sun at the same time will also make them larger and less bitter. If they have gone into summer mode with tall green stems and small blooms they usually have a lot of energy stored in the roots which can be pulled or dug and used as a root vegetable.

But those green underneath are certainly not bitter, Lambs quarters are my favorite. But they do not like living where I live.

Dandelions are a perennial but Lambs Quarters are a short term annual, so gather the seed and plant them in a row so that they are obviously not a weed. then make succession plantings every 2 weeks so that they can be harvested at their peak.  Keep Dandelion roots in the row and put an open top box around them to force tall large leaves for harvest.  One friend let his Lambs quarters on the outer edge of the lettuce bed grow tall and go to seed to protect the lettuce from bitterness and early frost.  
3 weeks ago