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I have home movie proof that I started in agriculture at age 3 1943.
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Recent posts by Hans Quistorff

Does anyone grow their own ground cover to be cut and used as a thick mulch right where the plant was growing, or grow enough mulch somewhere else on their own property? I'm picturing a small forest of sunflowers slowly rotting in place...is that enough to prepare a bed?

If you live in a zone that winter wheat is grown then planting wheat , barley, rye will give you a straw mulch. In my case it also provides feed for the chickens when the grain develops.
I bought a bag of bird feed for the chickens in early spring and by fall what they buried provided more feed pluss more mulch.
2 days ago
I hope Dr. Readhawk comments on this but I think both points are valid, the bacteria need the humus environment and are sensitive to heat and ultraviolet. I also wonder if soaking the seeds so the root starts to form before inoculation would be more effective. Keeping roots in the soil constantly that feed the bacteria would be ideal. Keeping a blanket on it to protect it is next.
Dirt needs cultivating, soil does not. Disturb the soil only enough to remove unwanted plants and transplant or plant wanted ones.
1 week ago
What I did was put a link in my signature line to a page that describes my available land and how it matches Lawton's video. It is not particularly for you but those that read this thread because they are searching.   My little peninsula has so much homesteading potential because it has such fertile soil and alto north where the summer days are long and the winter short the winters are mild because of the protection of water and surrounding mountains.
We have a ready market for our produce to the rich people that buy waterfront homes but hte interior land is limited to no smaller division than 5 acres. Unless planing on large numbers of large animals that can produce all you need in this climate 7b but more like 8b except for about 2 weeks each winter..
3 weeks ago

Rahn is replacing the carpeting in the living room, hall, and 3rd bedroom with laminate.

Time for me to break out this video again. I cover my pumpkin patch with grass and leaves then the carpet for the winter. In the spring I transplant between 2 strips of carpet and the vines spread out and cover the carpet without any weed pressure.
4 weeks ago

paul wheaton wrote:
The casserole door is, I think, a design that needs further optimization.   And I think the first optimization is that we need to get away from batch box stuff.

The Honey Do Carpenter discovered that having a hollow door with the primary air being drawn in the top of the door and drafting the fire at the bottom of the batch box solved the problem of the hot door and preheated the primary and secondary air.  The cook top gives a view of the flames so the door view is not necessary.
1 month ago
You may find your container garden an advantage.  Most of my bush plants are in 15 gallon barrels now so that I can start them under cover in early spring move them out when the weather is warm and move them to afternoon shade in the summer and eventually back under cover this time of year.
1 month ago

Does anyone out there have exercises to help with hip and back pain, ideas for doing gardening tasks more easily or just knows what hip pain and associated sciatica is like?

I am in my 80th year now but in my 54th year I thought I would not make it to my 67th when I could retire. I made a career change to be a massage therapist and chiropractic assistant. So I learned what works to maintain and repair the body.  
The real secret is not to rest or sleep with muscles tightened up protectively. I am not sure what balls are available where you live but I generally recommend the large beach balls rather than the expensive exercise balls.
Lay on your back on the bed with legs over the ball.  Push back on one elbow at a time as if you are walking. This triggers the walking reflex and the ball should roll to the opposite side until the other elbow stops it. When the hips are loosened up then shift to training the proper leg lifting muscles.  Place the heels on the ball about half a foot space between them. Try to stretch the ball by pushing with one foot and pulling with the other. Keep the knees and feet pointing up so that the muscles you are using are the ones attached to the front of the low back improving the arch of the low back and its ability to move.
Finally try to move the ball with the heels in a circle and then in a figure 8 pattern to improve the ability to keep your balance on uneven ground.
Remember the rule of FUN. If you remove FUN from functional it is no longer functional so continuing strengthens the dysfunction. Therefore always stop with discomfort and try to do something else until that action is comfortable again.
1 month ago
The rising humidity on the bedroom wall as you heated it indicates to me that there is still considerable moisture in your covering mass.  It would be nice to compare how the other bermed structures on the lab preform. Some I remember had air tubes in them to transfer heat which could also reduce moisture.  If I were building one I would defensively put tubes into the inner layer to be sure it was heat charged during the summer.
1 month ago

I think the big bonus in time that I get comes from being in a warm spot in Maine and being up on the South facing hillside that descends a long ways down to the river that separates southern Maine from NH....LOTS of room for the cold air to drop away from me.  

This is an important point to keep in mind when looking for property and locating features on the homestead. A feature not mentioned is not only dose the cold air fall away but if there is a source of warmth such as a body of water the air warmed will rise up the slope. that river of warmth will provide a warmer micro climate. For example we had a garden alongside a spring that flowed down into the bay below. Not only did cold air flow away from the garden but warm air would flow up under the branches of the fir trees and onto the garden.
So applying it to wofati design give consideration to cold air flowing away from entrances and catching rising warm air that may be rising.  Note the difference under the overhang and the more distent outdore temperature.
1 month ago