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I have home movie proof that I started in agriculture at age 3 1943.
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Gilbert Fritz wrote:Any thoughts on how I would go about building an efficient radiator/fan combo from scratch? I'm particularly wondering how to put some type of radiator inside a long length of piping so that I can blow air through it.

I imagine that putting an old baseboard heater inside a pipe wouldn't work; the airflow wouldn't work out properly.

The fins would have to be soldered as radiuses around the water pipe instead of across it as in the baseboard heater. Water flow would come out the end the air is going in.
How large an air duct would you want to use?  You could use multiple water pipes with fins wrapped around them and then bundled together so that each pipe would supply 2 fins.
4 days ago

It feels somewhat wasteful to burn such beauty

There will always be new beauty showing up in the wood pile. You have not been doing it long enough. Look forward to the time you find a blue tinged one that glows in the dark.
Thank you to those that responded. I did not have any experience that would guide me to answer the question so I flagged it for attention.  More questions along this line have come up and I have come to the conclusion with research that grafted or transplanted this family will only thrive in the soil and amount of overstory that the variety is adapted to. For example: "Relationships: There are about 450 species of Vaccinium worldwide, about 40 in North America with about 15 in the Pacific Northwest.  The genus Vaccinium includes Blueberries, Huckleberries, Cranberries, Lingonberries, Whortleberries, Bilberries and Cowberries.  Other Northwest Vacciniums will be discussed later under the sections on Deciduous Shrubs and Groundcovers."  Almost all of the species not native will thrive in my climate but only with the soil and light exposure that matches there species. Most efforts to transplant Evergreen Huckleberry, Vaccinium ovatum that is so prolific here fail because there habitat is so specific that 100 feet from where they came they will die.  Even more so "Where do red huckleberries grow?
It grows from southeast Alaska to central California, Oregon, and Washington, It occurs in the lower Cascades to the coast. Habitat: Red huckleberry grows on old decaying stumps or logs in moist coniferous woods, wetlands, or in the transition zone of wetlands. Basically you have to transplant a stump in order to transplant them. I know because I have tried.
So the question is Can you match the habitat the the berries were growing in in Montana?  I have come to the conclusion for me: scattered blueberry and huckleberry patches in there niche but blueberry fields forever ? No.
5 days ago
Possibly both rare and difficult to spot.  USDA Forest service database link indicates it is very much an understory plant adapted to certain tree types. Exists in isolated populations.  Read the page and and then look for the associated forest type in your area. Also consider whether you can provide such habitat.  Much of the discussion on permies about blueberries and hackle berries is that hey do not thrive outside of there natural habitat.
5 days ago
Tip for starting fire: As you found a candle works good for generating enough heat differential to start the draft. A much more economical answer is to ask for the waxed cartons that wet produce is delivered in to stores. These are unrecyclable problems in the waste stream but very repuposeable for fire starting. Strips of them will burn just like a candle. Start strips back in the burn chamber then strips with kindling in the feed chamber. This should provide good starting but as you observed checking for unfavorable conditions first is important. Documenting conditions and results on each start will help you tune your appliance.
6 days ago
Yes that design or just using recycled base board heating units in the peak of your greenhouse would allow you to use the full capacity of the pump.  To maximize growing space close your tanks without any space underneath and build planting beads on top. That eliminates evaporative heat loss and water loss. The system then maintains soil temperature with a slow transfer. To warm the air the baseboard unit could be lowered or have an additional unit for that purpose. I can see as units could be obtained adding one on each side and one in the walkway below the tanks. Water circulating from the lowest to the highest and then returning to the tanks. If the  water is warmer than the air the heat will rise if it is colder than the air the cold will fall, so the air circulation is passive and you can use the fan to move heat outside beyond the systems capacity.  
I am considering using black black PVC waste water plumbing and blue plastic barrels in such an arrangement. This would have the advantage of radiant heat transfer more than air heat transfer but would still have air heat transfer.
6 days ago
I have had good success with air layering non determinant tomatoes. They put out an excess of side shoots so instead of pruning them I air layered them first then cut them free and planted them and they fruited right away.  So with a frost free area and extra light I hope to have flowering plants in February.
1 week ago

Nicole Alderman wrote:If you can list the threads about "Back to Eden," and there's 50+, then we should be able to make the forum.

I believe Paul's stance on Back to Eden is that it helps spread permaculture. There's lots of philosophies and techniques under the permaculture umbrella. Paul doesn't care for all of them, but he's happy to have people discussing and learning about them, and learning about a whole lot of other stuff here on permies.

So would creating a forum with this topic add significant search traffic? back to eden    Value demand 14033 real supply 5224 profitability 2686 Most profitability scores are in low hundreds.
2 weeks ago
Thank you for your quality post and starting this thread. If you have your photos already on line for example on a personal blog or site where you can generate a URL for each photo then you can use the Img button to place it in the text. Please keep updating your results. I will boost this for more attention.
2 weeks ago
Actually I would recommend a very territorial small dog.  As  you recognized your neighbor has created a feeding station and critters assume what you put out is the same.
Cats hunt for food  but do not stay on duty at all times. Dogs will persist in telling other critters this is mine stay out.
3 weeks ago