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I have home movie proof that I started in agriculture at age 3 1943.
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Recent posts by Hans Quistorff

paul wheaton wrote:
Just to be clear, there are many types of hedges and the type of hedge we wish to create is something that will keep animals in.  Something that you grow for two or three years and then do this:

I have had a grape vine fence on the north side of the garden for ten years.  It kept the deer out.  They would brows the tender tips as they grew in the spring but those need to be pruned anyway for best production and control of spread. Satisfied they move on instead of trying to get to the tasty things in the garden.   I have just rebuilt it so it is not deer proof at the moment but I will try to find a before picture and take a current one.
I got free sliding glass doors to build the front and used old carpet and padding for the north side for insulation during the winter but can be removed for summer.   High hot summer sun is blocked by roof mid day during the summer.
I mix my worm compost with local sand to make starting mix.  Drill 3 or 4 holes in the bottom of yogurt containers and set them in old pans with water around the bottom for starting plants.
1 week ago
[quote Tree chair]
When they get big enough they can be used for "ships Knees."
My mason bees use the triangle between green siding and white trim boards.   My observation is they hover in front looking for the dark hole.  Holes drilled in posts they favored the ones in the smooth light colored pealed surface over darker split surface.   Crown bees suggests they also use smell to locate used holes.  
2 weeks ago
A high low registering thermometer is a helpful tool to stimulate the record keeping.  The temperature in the greenhouse needs to be regulated by opening and closing doors.  I have a collection of  bound account journals with space for date, item  and income/expense columns. I make notes on weather and planting in the item space and the low high temps in the income/expense when I close the doors and reset the markers for high/low.   This gives me a comparison for planning starting dates next year.

Alan teaching bio-mechanical walking

So important. Many come to me in pain because some small injury caused them to alter their walk pattern then never returned to the proper pattern after they healed.
2 weeks ago

Micro terrace tomatoes

or cat shadow without a cat.
3 weeks ago
Unburied grow bags would need to be stored in an unheated but freeze free space like a garage or crawlspace for the winter.  I bring my grow bags with potatoes into the greenhouse where they start growing earlier than they could outside though potatoes do overwinter outside in my climate.  Started yacon in grw bags this year because voles ate the storage tubers when I left them in the ground too long.
4 weeks ago
To maintain clearance along a fenceline we would take our herd of dairy goats on a walk to a section of fence line each day weather allowing.  They are only going to brows for  about an hour at a time anyway then spend time lounging and chewing the cud.  With 3 family members our schedule would sometimes allow for 2 or 3 walks per day.   With a electric net and shelter,  abundance +plans,  you could progressively work down a fence line by letting them out to eat ahead to clear enough to make the move easier for the next section then putting them back in the pen where they will chew on things because they are bored.  We had a few sheep as well to maintain the grass.  Goats will unite to trample a fence down and sheep and pigs to go under it.  Each one clears a different level of growth so consider all three.
4 weeks ago
I did a ferment in a glass peanut butter jar which has a gasket ring in the lid.  Used a stone from the top of the wood stove figuring it was sterilized by the heat. Figured if the lid was too tight it would bulge to remind me to burp it.  Keeping it on the counter top so if I see bubbles trapped along the sides I tap the jar on the counter to bring them to the surface.  Have not had to loosen the lid. What should fermented kale be called?
4 weeks ago