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Hans Quistorff

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since Feb 25, 2012
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I have home movie proof that I started in agriculture at age 3 1943.
Longbranch, WA
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Recent posts by Hans Quistorff

The split and healed vertical branch looks the most problematic to me. Removing it will probably cause another of those rings of bark trying to close off the bare wood and after many years a rotten core.  The tree can remain remarkably strong even when hollow but snow load or twisting winds can break them eventually.
As others have indicated you can just keep removing parts of the tree and it will regenerate itself.
We had a row along the highway and when they were considered  hazard we cut them for lumber and 10 years later repeated the process. Not unusual in this area to find bicycles and bed springs incorporated in massive regrowth of large maples that were cut down and then ignored.
3 days ago
I do the combination of salal and Oregon grape or Washington holly berries.  The skin of the salal berries will give a dark to black color to preserves if that is desired.
The plant spreads by roots underground, therefore can be propagated by dinging up some roots and transplanting them; best along the edge of a hedge row. Can be mowed to maintain low height.
2 weeks ago
Not bur dock; you don't want the burrs when it goes to seed . What you want is curly  dock which has seeds more like beats.  It penetrates blue clay on my property. Roots have the same usability as burr dock best harvested in winter for the stored nutrition for the next years seed production. Dandelions may show up on their own   If it is sandy soil plant a cover crop of wheat in the fall; it has high energy seed that can get started without much soil life. When  you harvest the wheat the stubble makes a protective cover to start new seeds which feed on the decaying wheat roots. Feeds my chickens and my soil.
2 weeks ago
Was working on my own signature links and just had to fallow yours.
something constructed or created from a diverse range of available things. Add ier to a french word means one who does that activity.
2 weeks ago
Your pile of good soil is important because it has native soil life that is not in the wood chips and compost. So sifting the weeds out and mixing it with the compost will will turn it into soil. The life and death of the organisms in the soil is what releases the nutrients to the plant roots.  
Be wary of any grass roots that are long with a white growing tip. These are the invasive and will grow along under the cardboard until they find an opening then come up. Do not cut the root because each piece will grow. dry them and then burn them.
I set a 2 day wait on this before I answered. So On second thought I went out on the mowed part of my meadow to see if could find something like it.
I found 2 things had to be in place. (1) the clover leaves are bruised but not cut by the lawn mower; the cut ones have a jagged brown edge that is narrower.
(2) the clover has to be crowded by something that is growing faster and shading or starving it  In your case the grass. In my case it was dandelions. In most cases it was the clover that had the stronger root power and stressing the grass.  
2 weeks ago
Are you sure that at some time in the past a fertilizer with herbicide in it was not applied to this ground?
2 weeks ago
You need to mow undesirables before they set seed and if possible let the desirable set seed and spread that where needed.
get started with the chicken tractors as soon as possible.
3 weeks ago
The invasive scotch broom we have here has proved to have medicinal benefit  for rabbits. They often get liver damage from coxidiosis which is spread by the bird population. When it is a small part of diverse forage the rabbits select the proper dosage and the livers are restored to health.
Occasionally the scotch broom will have both yellow and red in the bloom which is very decorative used as cut flowers. Be sure to chop and drop unharvested branches after flowering to prevent seed which happens when the pods split and twist throwing the seed long distances. The seed seems to be programmed to come up progressively over many years.
4 weeks ago

Jennifer Richardson wrote:Josiah made a good catch--somehow we managed to only show half the cold sink in our scale drawings, instead of the full 5 feet. Here's a modified version:

Glad this shows the black pipe idea. I have been working on this for some time. It needs to be a double loop to work well. The air heated by the black pipe should be pulling hot air from the ceiling under the grow bed and into the bottom of the pipe in front of the window. The black pipe would continue down the back of the ceiling and under the grow bed to store heat there then empty into the well. The reverse cycle with radiant cooling at night the black pipe draws air from the well where cold air is falling from the window warms  it with the stored heat the cooled air is then wormed again as it rises to the ceiling. A deep well is not necessary just the air space in the 2.5 feet below the floor. Multiple loops can be installed different diameters could be used to test which is the most effective.
1 month ago