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Recent posts by Annah Rachel

I've been researching food forests, and it seems like mainly fruits and berries are what is grown. What about vegetables? I live in Western Washington, and I need some ideas on what to plant!
12 years ago
take the seasoning off??

Because I just did that and my pan looks very dull. =/ I don't think it was that seasoned to begin with, but I've had this pan for about a month now, and it doesn't seem to be becoming non-stick! =/
12 years ago
Hi! I have to research something for a project in my botany class, and I'd like to do something that ties in with permaculture. I can't really think of much though. Most of my ideas have been more in the Environmental Science arena. . . . Can anyone help me?
12 years ago

Peony Jardine wrote:I LOVE WORLD MUSIC!!

I hope you enjoy the complex rhythms in this Afro-Cuban beat. "Di Bombs" by Ikkwunga.

Not African but just plain cool Afghani rhythms none the less. Fun music to (belly) dance to.
"Laila" by Arash Howaida.

"Heartbeat" by Nneka. Modern, African pop artist.

Thanks so much!! I love Nneka! Also, I'm definitely going to listen to that Afro-Cuban beat. Have you heard of AfroCubism? Soooo good. Do you have a
12 years ago

Thelma McGowan wrote:I make a tea too...but it is more like a repelant........I make a tea with hot pepper flakes and dislove a small chunks of ivory soap in water so it is liquid. Mix the pepper tea and the soap liquid and spray. I used this on my cabages and lettuces keeps the slugs and critters away. I was able to keep my cabbages fairly pest free and the lettuce actually got a chance to grow up. I also sprayed my tomatoes when they got some little black aphid things and it seemed to work. you do have to respray after rain and every 2-3 doesn't hurt the plants

Slugs hate the spray!

Oh cool! What exactly is in the spray? Could you tell me how to make it?
12 years ago

Leila Rich wrote:
I agree that healthy soil/healthy plants=few problems, but things that are important for soil/plants like mulch and lots of soil organic matter, in my climate make slugs and snails really happy and I have to keep on top of the population.
When I first started my garden, I had aphids and shield bugs, but I never see aphds anymore and I know that juvenile shield bugs are NOT ladybugs and must die!
I think aphids are a really good indicator of stressed plants. I've seen a big, healthy cabbage with none at all and right next door a stunted specimen covered in aphids. The stunted plant pretty much always has an underdeveloped root system.
Lack of water's a major stressor and a good mulch really helps.
Ray, are they just 'standard' aphids on your trees? I've only ever seen trees with wooly aphids. Aside from the "enough water, mulch and healthy soil" thing, aphids are eay to get knock off the plant with a strong jet of water, apparently they don't climb back up.

How do you get rid of your slugs??

I'm thinking about getting some diatomaceous earth. . . .
12 years ago

Leila Rich wrote:Is it being eaten to the extent that it's harming the plants? I find lettuce can handle a fair amount of damage.
Try and ID the eater. Big holes? Small? Poos? Slime trails? Caught an actual critter?
I'd be very, very wary of using anything that's designed to kill stuff. 'Organic' is not an indicator of safety.

Sorry, I just meant something to keep the insects away, not kill them. I was thinking maybe there was something I could use like using vinegar for weeds, ya know? Nothing harmful. The holes are pretty big, but I guess they're not harming the plants...yet.
12 years ago
My lettuce looks like it's being eaten. Is there something I can make to keep the insects away? I've read that insects only eat unhealthy plants, so maybe my plants are just unhealthy? =/
12 years ago
I'm going to Ecuador to study Spanish for a couple months, and then I plan on working on a farm for a few weeks, at least. I'd like to find a place in Ecuador like Ecovillage Ecotruly Park in Lima, Pera. Anyone know of anything??