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since Aug 23, 2011
Thekla has been studying soil life and the process of soil development since 1965, also, the then new idea that fossil fuels were a limited resource.  She currently farms 2 1/2 acres of what used to be fine grained blowing desert sand but is now 4 inch deep soil, and counting!
Grand Valley of Colorado's Western Slope
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Recent posts by Thekla McDaniels

where will you post when you go live on kick starter?

I want to order a hard back in the first hour, just for fun.

I am posting on this thread in case this is where you put the notice up!


by the way I love your backyard goats book!
1 week ago
Another idea for extras, possible stretch goal addition to the conversions between different measuring systems would be substitutions.

Honey for sugar type of thing.  Applesauce or flax seed when you don't have oil.  The one I love the best is bitter cocoa powder (not the chocolate milk powder) for bakers chocolate.  I don't like melting the squares of chocolate, partly because I don't like losing what sticks to the pan, or the extra step.

And I don't know if they still sell it, but they used to have a product in this country that was a plastic pouch you would squeeze the chocolate goop out of.  I never liked that because I never knew what it really was, and I did not like leaving some inside the package. (I was raised by people who lived through the depression!)  

3 level tablespoons unsweetened cocoa and 1 tablespoon butter, for every 1-ounce unsweetened baking chocolate.

1 month ago
another idea: a page that has a pocket in it,like we put in binders... so we can tuck things in, and some blank pages so we can write new recipes into it, I hate little tiny pieces of paper!  Invariably lose them. I have lost SO MANY good recipes overthe yeawrs
1 month ago
I think a bookmark with conversions cups to kilos liters etc would be a great thing to accompany the book,because you are marketing it worldwide (Go Kate!)  The conversion bookmark would also be good for low level backers,but shipping would be a pain unless they gave you enough to cover it.

Another idea that just popped in to my head and I haven't thought it through yet, so I don't even know if I think it's a good idea is a little flip book, bound on top with something like ring or comb binding, so that the book would stay open and could be propped up on the windowsill..that had no photos,no chatter,no descriptions, just ingredients,amounts, order of including,times,temperatures...

The kind of thing we jot down someone is sharing a recipe with us.  The barebones of the recipe.  That could maybe be a stretch goal to be included with anyone who backed at the hardback level...

I seldom get excited about "candy"offered along with other rewards, I am more interested in the actual item,in this case the cook book, and to answer your question about a person buying multiple cookbooks, I would see a reduced rate on the second cookbook as an opportunity. Or a reduced rate on the paper back if someone buys the hardback,kind of thing.

The ebook is never interesting to me, being visually impaired and no internet at home, it has been cumbersome to have to use the computer to get the recipes for testing...and I don't want the computer in the kitchen. I guess maybe people print the ebooks?

1 month ago
Kate, I want to volunteer to test your recipes.
Having trouble with PM,
2 months ago
strategic grazing by any of its many names also is a tremendous soil builder.  And for people with no inclination to be involved with livesock, the grazing action can be replicated by cutting the top third to half off of tall green plants... grasses and forbesmore than woody shrubs and trees.

When a significant portion of the top is lost, the plant is stimulated to exude CHO substances  from the roots.  This ios a form of communication which stimulates the soil symbionts to bring specific compounds the needs to regrow... and one of the  results is incrementally richer soil.

There are lots of people teaching elements of strategic grazing, how big to let the plant get between grazings/cuttings is one that would apply,what time of day to graze (for higher brix and faster gain) might not be as important.
Seems like you probably already know this, the amount of fiber arts experience you already have Raven,but the thing that comes to mind after all that's been mentioned, is to spin very long fibers into the sewing thread.
funny, I did not get the notification that folk had posted to this topic.  I just came back today to look for the recipe, and found your posts.

I have the bones and the pots, just need to cook it down now.

plenty of deer still waiting to be deterred!
3 months ago
I am having problems with deer eating tomatoes, columbine, staghorn sumac, knifophia and many other plants listed to be deer resistant.  I went to permies to find the bone sauce recipe,and looking for recent posts.  Anybody have any updates on methods materials and results?

I live in a small mostly conservative mountain town in western colorado where many people LIKE the town dwelling deer.I am trying to create a food forest on my half acre,and really need help!

I will check back in a couple of days,meanwhile can begin to assemble materials and equipment.

3 months ago
I've been making soap for 20 plus years.

I quit palm oil  few years ago because even though a "sustainable" palm oil is marketed, I was not convinced that orangutan habitat was not being destroyed, politics of poverty and wealth being what they are.

I use coconut oil, tallow (to replace the palm oil) and either rice bran oil, sunflower oil or olive oil. I have to work at it to be sure the sunflower oil is not GMO, and I am leery of inexpensive olive oils because olive oil from some regions is adulterated with canola or other oils.  Even award winning "olive oil" often has other oils in it.  (this from an olive oil producer friend in Central California).

The best resource I can recommmend is "the soap makers companion", which includes charts and lists of oils and the qualities they impart to the soap, but I find that author's method of "superfatting", which she calls "discount" incomprehensible.

The price of shipping has gone up a lot in the last few months, but I don't have a better source. I have bought  my ingredient oils from "Soapers Choice".

And I recommend Liberty Natural for decent price and quality essential oils, though prices are going up on those too.  
4 months ago