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since Apr 21, 2011
Foothills of SW Maine - Zone 5a
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Recent posts by Jackson Barnett

That's great, Thank you!

Nice time-lapse work.
8 years ago

I would remind those who urge you to "XXX", "YYY" or "ZZZ" that one completed project is worth more than a million "It would be better if..."s

Just sayin'.

What great design on that built coop... Gonna steal some ideas, no doubt.
You could build some mighty fine hugelkultur beds with that bird wagon...
8 years ago

Chad Ellis wrote:Posted saving money on electric heat on http://www.Ellisfamilyokc.com

Liked and tweeted!

paul wheaton wrote:We made it onto lifehacker!


By all means, Team Permies, go look at the article at lifehacker AND if you want to add to your impact, Share it to somewhere AND/OR comment as well.... I did!


Excellent work, Abe! I promptly followed your link and "liked" your comment... Let's go, Team Permies! Time to swarm and keep Abe's comment at the top!
I agree! Posted, tweeted and (soon to be) Facebooked and Stumbled...

I just grabbed your pic and bio from makeitmissoula...