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Foothills of SW Maine - Zone 5a
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Recent posts by Jackson Barnett

Henry Jabel wrote:If you are on clay adding some sand to soil (about 2 inches/5cm ) and incoorperating that in has made a huge difference in my heavy clay garden. Also carrot and parsnips I now sow as soon as I get the seed because they dont have a great viability if they are left too long. Hope that works for you!

That's interesting... My mentor farmer in Maine Organic Farmers' & Gardeners' Assn (MOFGA) lo, these many years gone, always had a few old saws at the ready. One was "Sand in clay, money thrown away; Clay in sand, money in hand." Interesting to hear positive results from doing it bass'ack'ards. 😁
[Good luck! Let us know how it works out.
10 months ago

Ulla Bisgaard wrote:

Jan White wrote:
That’s the beauty of it all. I just wish I had more things to use the whey for. Our of every 2 gallons I start, I end up with 1 1/2 gallon of whey and 1/2 gallon of kefir yogurt/cheese. As it is, most of it goes into the drain.

Would the whey be nutritious for your garden? That would be cool.

10 months ago

Jennifer Lowery wrote:Eight $1 ceramic tiles ($8 per shelf) seems to be a great way to get a solid rugged waterproof surface over the wire rack:

That's brilliant. 🤗

1 year ago

r ranson wrote:It was perfect timing today.  We got snow overnight and I managed to get up before the sun to film the footage I need to finish the finishing video.  

That's some very fine craft work. Also major props on the video, music and narration. You're a triple-threat times three (if I counted right.) Brava!
1 year ago
Yes, please, I would like a ref code.
1 year ago

Adam Klaus wrote:oooh, I thought of a couple more I like-

FWIW- for what it's worth
FTW- for the win
and of course, since you mentioned it first, GMILF.  

There's always ASAP and FYI.
Sometimes I use FFR: for future reference
GOAT is Greatest of All Time (I think that's kind of cute... "GOAT" - hehe)
ROTF - Rolling on the Floor
LMAO - Laughing My Ass Off
And, of course, ROTFLMAO.
Can you make them profane? I glad you asked. Dropping an "F" into anything does the trick:

I'll stop before I get to TEOTWAWKI, or worse. I think these fall within the General Consensus. Please correct me if needed.


1 year ago
The Guardian just published an article about the Oglala Sioux Tribe's  walipini at the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota.


Trés cool!
I would like some Ref Codes please! I'd love to share this!
1 year ago
"Build a small TLUD" (trip!)

Whoa, what's a TLUD?

It's always a good day when I learn something...
1 year ago