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Recent posts by George Lee

Drying currently:

Mexican Marigold
Japanese Buckwheat
Edna Okra
Georgia Collard
Ghost Pepper
Chinese Lantern Pepper

Let me know - thanks -
You'll above have some really nice selections...

Spring 2015

Have: Lots of Cherokee Edna Okra (10' tall, very heavy yields), Clemson Spineless Okra, Cherokee White Eagle Corn (DarkBlue/Black, White Kernals, flint type), Lots of Early Jalapeno Seeds, Purple Cayenne Pepper, Mizuna, Red Giant Mustard, Hemp, Arugula, Russian Red Kale, Dino Kale, a hot climate grown Burdock, SW Bluebird Corn (Anasazi), SW Copper Corn (Small stalks, two ears avg), Long Cayenne Pepper, Kallard (Kale/Collard mix)

Would like: Buckwheats, Calendula/Pollinator Flowers, Alfalfa, Dry Bean Varieties, Onions, the like.

Thanks -
I'd go cultivated over time dandelion seed over truly wild for palatability
I currently sell them to my chef he loves them but they were raised over years in italy i believe

9 years ago
my friend, a mutliple doctorate student, at a recent ted conference speaking on biosolids and P reclamation

9 years ago
Messaged you about walking onions.

I don't have a need for tropical plants atm, but...

I have a mass of a tall Cherokee OKRA

Followed by a Cherokee white-eagle corn that grows very tall and is of flint variety (good for grindstone/meal)

on the cob...

incredible variety

GA rattlesnake melon, lots of seed, these are tasty on a hot day...