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Recent posts by Shawn Bell

Ellen, I was watching some outdoor survival videos and came across an idea that might help you.

The guy stuffs trash bags full of leaves to use as an insulating ground mattress. Maybe you could stack bags of leaves
around the perimeter of the basement.

Well, it is an idea anyway...
12 years ago
Did you pass the test?
They might be trying to hide them from you so they can hatch them.

That is the first idea that popped in my head.
12 years ago
Saybian, I found some killing cones large enough for turkeys on ebay. They are not cheap though.

If this is just a bird that you are doing for Christmas, can you sew a cone out of heavy fabric. I know the cone out of metal
makes mass slaughter easier, but for one or two birds this might work. It also seems like it would be cheap and quick.
Maybe sacrifice an old pair of jeans.

12 years ago
I keep my eye out for them, I only started considering this winter.

I did eat a deer that I killed with my car, went back the next morning and got her.
No reason I can't eat one someone else hit.

My wife also thinks it is gross, but whatever, if I see one it is coming home in the back of the pickup.
12 years ago
Paul, here is a method that I found on the Mother Earth website. It is a board with a hole and some nails.

Mother Earth News - Cheap Corn Sheller

Hope that helps.
12 years ago
I can't believe that he ruined that painting by adding that ridiculous house!
12 years ago
Passive Solar Design
12 years ago
Paddy, the new forum software requires a last name. Hatfield and McCoy have been used until you fix your name.

Were the original wood shingles coated with anything? I always thought it was the layering of the shingles and steepness of the roof
that kept the water out of the house. Now I am wondering...
12 years ago
Thanks Jonathon.

I like the three ethics, but I understand Paul's frustration (I think).

The world needs to change really, really quickly. The more people who embrace Permaculture's growing philosophy,
the better off the world will be.

However, if the three ethics turn off a significant portion of would be practitioners, are they doing more harm than good?
And I know plenty of people who would refuse to read the design manual because of the rainbow snake on the cover.
Narrow-minded? Yes, but unfortunate.

In an effort to get more people to change more quickly, it seems re-branding is needed. It is the difference between rapeseed oil and canola oil.
Please keep in mind, that I don't have any problem with the permaculture 'brand'.

Maybe quick and easy actions are easier to use to get the general public involved. Hey, it is "National Plant a Fruit Tree in Your Backyard Day!"
Not really permaculture, but if there were a million fruit trees planted in peoples backyards that would be great.

Maybe someone could start a Perennial Garden Club, package a couple of fruit trees, berry bushes, perennial veggies and flowers, and show
people how to save time and money while growing food.

They don't need to know that it is permaculture, or that it is a guild, or that you used all three ethics while helping them.
12 years ago