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Recent posts by Ed Waters

Prices all seem pretty close to me.  Around a buck a watt.  I'm not very well versed in solar energy but determined to get there.  I just bought some solar panels to go with my ecoflow battery pack from newpowa.com    I got a 100 watt panel for 89 dollars delivered.  From California to Maine. But more importantly they were very responsive in answering my questions.  One question that I sent Sunday morning was answered that afternoon.  

Good Luck
1 week ago
We live in Washington County.  Right now its just dog ticks and yes there are a lot of them.  Last year hardly a single one.  The deer ticks may show up this month.  Last year there were no deer ticks at all even though we have quite a lot of deer that pass through our property.  Everyone has a different explanation, but all agree that this is a really bad year so far.  Hang in there.
6 months ago
We have used cold stream farms for years.  Nothing exotic but great prices, customer service, and quality.  Here in Maine we found Winter Cove Farm.  Great source, not very big and they have 3 pick ups spread around the area so that you can save money on shipping.
6 months ago
Purity I realize I never got around to thanking you for the very informative reply.  No excuse except I'm getting old.  Thanks!!
7 months ago
Ken Fern is the second one up in the following video:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8vkH-vBVqYw&ab_channel=IceAgeFarmerResources    He talks about his experience growing on the coast of England.  He begins after Ken Hart.

We live directly on salt water in Maine.  Only one growing season so far.  Good success with all types of berries.  Little to no success with nuts.  Best we have ever had with parsnips, sunchokes and carrots.  Potatoes not so good but it might be because we were late getting them in the ground.  The soil is sandy loam and unusual for this part of Maine.  What hasn't done well, at least so far, is sea kale and comfrey.  Nettles good, hardy kiwis OK table grapes not so good.  The ramps we planted last April came up so we consider that a bit of a success.  Sweet corn and winter squash weren't very good.  We will see how this season goes.  Its still dry and the wind makes it worse.  
Remelle what greenhouse kit did you decide on?  Wyoming is known for their winds.  We live on the coast of Maine and the winds can really blow for days on end and kind of gave up on a greenhouse, opting for a couple of cold frames.  In our previous lives we built 3 greenhouses and would like to have one again
7 months ago
I restarted making sourdough bread at the onset of covid.  Had done it a couple of times before but it just got to be a pain and I ended up going back to buying bread.  My partner is gluten intolerant.  She eased into it with no ill effects and now has toast in the morning and is fine with pizza and flat breads.  I "feed" it just about every day unless I forget but never more than two days.  It sits on the shelf above the woodstove and gets too dried out if left for too long.  I use King Arthur Organic that we buy in bulk from Webstaurant.  From 5 cups of flour, 1.75 cups of well water, and some starter we get 2 nice loaves of bread.  I use the discard to make the pizza dough and flat bread.

No suggesting that this will work for everyone but it is working for her.
9 months ago
Brian, I have no idea.  Advert in Quoddy Tides says Columbia Falls 100 acres overlooking Pleasant River and the ocean.  

We are newcomers here in Maine but from what we have experienced so far people basically just leave you alone.  It is a nice experience after living and farming in NY for the last 15 years
10 months ago
Silly me, its listed for 165K.  Yeah land is cheap up here.  Other tracts go for less.  This one has irrigation etc already in place.
10 months ago
Just finding this.  We live on the coast of maine (9 acres) up in Washington County.  Just moved here under a year ago.

Scott there is a blueberry farm for sale in Columbia Falls.  100 acres, 25 in berries.  Electric at the road.  207-263-6757

Would be nice to see this thread keep going.

10 months ago