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Good Morning Rebecca:  Would you mind detailing a little bit about the removable greenhouse.  We have thought for a while about doing something like that on our south facing walls here in Maine.  When its temporary that means it may be a bit flimsy and we have some snow (coastal) but we do have lots of wind.  Previously in another location we had 3 greenhouses, 1 plastic, 1 glass and 1 twin wall.  Difficult to see how any of these would work.  Thanks.
Yoders Produce Ohio for all things farming  Great for seed garlic and potatoes.
Kitazawa Seeds Really excellent quality Great micros
ColdStream Farms  Bare root trees and shrubs
Kriegers Nursery.  If you can get a 200 dollar order together the prices are then wholesale.  Never disappointed and they stand by their warranties.
2 months ago
Richters in Canada sells a variety called Profusion.  It is "patented" by them.  Will never bolt.  Amazing taste.  You can split it so easily.  I think you HAVE to get it from them but its worth it.
3 months ago
I am the same age.  We recently stopped farming for money after 15 years in upstate NY.  We originally bought the farm which wasn't much of anything for cash.  For 15 years we poured all the money that came out of the farm back into it.  My wife worked off farm until she got cancer 5 years ago.  We ran the gamut from CSA's, farmers markets and restaurant sales.  We specialized in mixed greens, herbs, and micro greens.  We stopped in November of last year.  Just couldn't do it anymore.  We were able to sell the farm and moved to Down East Maine.  Started over here with a great big lawn and tore it up and now only grow for ourselves and give aways to our neighbors.  Make do on my SS.  Expenses are cut to the bone.  My wife gets SS in a couple of months.  This has only been going on for 4 months but I feel whole better than we were growing 15K heads of lettuce a year.  Everything we learned we put into effect but on a smaller scale and it is enjoyable.  The farm systems that "worked" back in NY were tough.  Mennonites with 10 kids selling at auctions, or building CSA's.  The CSA's that worked required financial input from families and a lot sweat from families.  And even then times can be really tough.  The most we grossed in a year was 21K and we were working our tails off.  The bigger CSA can gross around 70K but there is not a lot of money for salaries.  We are both happier than we have been in a while.  Good luck with whatever you end up doing and I would be happy to answer an questions if you have them.
We have always grown a lot of the Moschata variety of squash.  Bakers Creek has a pretty good selection of this type.  The vines are too hard for the vine borers.  
4 months ago
Most of the ginger that I started right around the middle of May is finally starting to poke their heads up.  I tried a couple of different ways of getting it started.  Most seem to have worked but it takes 6-7 weeks for it to happen.
4 months ago
We have a lot of both of these on our property here in Down East Maine.  Does anyone have a suggestion on uses for either of these.  The sweet fern in general and the cones specifically?

Whatever you decide to do I can assure you of one thing.  As soon as you buy it all it will start to rain.  Happens every time.  
5 months ago
I'm kind of out of my league on the gasoline pumps since we never have used one.  Here are the specs for the electric pump


We only used the electric for overhead watering on our salad greens.  Tomatoes squash berries we dripped and we used the water supply from the house.   We had to put a pressure regulator on it or it would blow all the fittings.  Really doesn't take much water at all.  The amount of water going through a gasoline motor is huge and if you have a large operation you will need one.

Cristo is 100% correct good ones are expensive and if you are going to use it a lot get a good one.  If you get one with a Honda engine they can run 1500 dollars.  

5 months ago
Totally agree on the Wayne pump.  I have used ours for years.  You cannot use regular extension cords.  I had some 12 Gauge? from a contractor neighbor that worked easily out to 200 feet.

In our new place the pond is further than the 200 feet.  I am thinking of buying a small generator like a Generac and use that to run the pump.  I could also use it for the house when the power goes out.  

We used orchard tubing which is really cheap and we ran two sprinklers at a time.
5 months ago