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Jerry Ward

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since Sep 09, 2010
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S.E. Michigan - Zone 6a
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Recent posts by Jerry Ward

Pure speculation here - back when cloth was significantly more expensive for the average working person having a dual-purpose item (outwear & blanket) would make sense.  However, now that we are in the age of mechanical cloth production the cost has plummeted (relative to income) so everyone can have a blanket for their bed and a coat to wear.  Also a cloak is much easier to make than a coat.

Setting aside fashion considerations (someone likes the look of a cloak better than a coat) I'm not sure a cloak functions better at keeping you warm during outside activities than a coat.
2 weeks ago
Does anyone know why cloaks are not part of outerwear anymore?
3 weeks ago

Gray Henon wrote:Any chance it was girdled by rodents near the base?

Not visible, I did look and couldn't see anything.
1 month ago
One of my Paw Paw trees looks to be dead all of a sudden.  It appeared fine a week ago and now the leaves are wilted and brown.  There is another paw paw only 10' away and it appears fine.  Any idea what happened?

1 month ago
I have to think that it would be better to have the solar panels mounted that are optimized to collect the sun and feed a stand-alone battery bank and then use that to charge the golf cart batteries as needed.  With the solar panel on the golf cart once those batteries are full the solar power can't go anywhere.  I guess if you use it every day and use some of the power then it might not be an issue.

1 month ago

Due to a charger failure and a trickle draw I have six GC-2 batteries that are completely dead.  They had been lightly used for several years prior to this.  Any advice on rescuing them?  My smart charger will not even start up when hooked up to these batteries.

2 months ago
Didn't build any.  I decided I didn't want to take on several departments of making you sad to dig in wetlands and near a creek.  I still think it would be a great idea and greatly improve the ecology of the area.  But there isn't any accepted research to support my desires.
6 months ago

Marty Mitchell wrote:

I have been staring out the window at the falling snow all day. Looking at the barn in the distance. I bet I could close off one end of the loft area with a solid sheet of plywood... and put 4 of these hives next to each other up there in that small space.

I would still insulate it up there since it gets so hot during the summer. Just vent it to the outside and all should be well. Even well protected during things like general hurricane remnant blowing through.

Check out Slovenian Beekeeping for ideas around hives built into a building
Web Site
8 months ago

Marty Mitchell wrote:

Mike Haasl wrote:What's a HD water bottle?  Like a water cooler jug?

Even if they were packed with honey... they would be about 1/2 as heavy as they would be if they were filled with water. Which is very doable by most elderly people even.

Honey is about 50% denser than water, but you have the bee space between the combs.  So I would guess it would be about the same as one full of water.
8 months ago