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Western Washington (Zone 7B - temperate maritime)
Western Washington (Zone 7B - temperate maritime)
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If you find comfrey growing somewhere, how can you tell what variety it is?
1 year ago
It grows wild all over our 5 acres. It gets ripe right around the time that I get super busy, so I never really get a chance to harvest it.  If anyone lives near Bellingham, WA you're welcome to come pick some or dig some plants up (but I hear it doesn't like to be transplanted, but you are welcome to try).
2 years ago

Nancy Nantahala wrote:I spent many, many hours researching the difference between Russian Comfrey #4 and #14. Please check this out:

I have 17 pages about comfrey. I put a lot into this research because there is so much confusion about it. Also information about comfrey: health and growing.

Hi Nancy - I have purchased Bocking-4 & 14 from you before (darn chickens got it though before it had a chance).  My friend has a bunch of comfrey in his back yard.  I want to take some from him if it's not the true comfrey.  How can I tell if it's true comfrey or a Bocking variety?  It's too early to tell from flowers.  Are the roots any different?  Leaves?  Thank you.
5 years ago

A Walton wrote:Screenshot of the Exede Freedom page attached.

Thanks. Apparently I am not in an area eligible for this. Maybe some day.
6 years ago

Kyrt Ryder wrote:For the price Essential 10 really isn't that bad. 12mb/second, 10 GB data allowance, unmeasured downloads from 3am to 8am [scheduled downloads are your friend here] for 40$ per month.

I'm actually considering jumping ship from Comcast/Xfinity for it.

I have been with them for several years and much prefer my unmeasured hours - Midnight to 5AM. I pay $80 (plus $10 equipment lease) for 15 Gb + the early morning unlimited.
6 years ago

Cal Burns wrote:

A Walton wrote:I was able to find the 150GB Exede plan:

30GB is the highest they offer for our area, about what AT&T provides after they play with the numbers.

Maybe they like your zip code better than mine. When I follow your link, they ask for my zip code (98230), then the only plans I see are:
Essential 10 - 10 GB @ $40/mo
Liberty 12 - 12 GB @ $50/mo
Liberty 18 - 18 GB @ $70/mo
Liberty 30 - 30 GB @ $100/mo

What am I missing?
6 years ago

Thomas Partridge wrote:I would strongly advise against Hughes Net unless it is the only option you have. Even then I would consider just not having internet. We had them for two years but their service was terrible. The last four months of it we had no internet - FOUR MONTHS! They sent people out to get our internet working and each time the person left without getting it fixed - a different person each time.

We switched to one of those plug in 3g cards and were very much more satisfied even though we barely had enough signal to make a phone call. If you can get a cell signal I would recommend them instead of satellite internet.

Thanks. I know how bad HughesNet is, although I've never had it. If the HughesNet offer the other poster spoke about is a valid offer (150 Gb for $80/mo), then I would like to use it as a bargaining chip to try to get a better deal with my current provider. I would never actually switch to HughesNet.
6 years ago

A Walton wrote:
Wow yeah I just looked at the site and it's as you say. I guess I got in at the right time! I'm hoping they aren't going to force me to change the terms.

Edit: I looked at Hughes Net and they have a 100GB plan for 79.99. Don't know how the service is though.

Can you link to that plan? All I see are 3 significantly worse plans at Hughes Net.

Thank you
6 years ago

A Walton wrote:I've been using Exede for almost 1.5 years now. It's been serviceable. They came out with a new package around the time I signed up that had data limits that aren't completely ridiculous, so I've got 150 GB of transfer per month at 99 bucks (which is still expensive, I know). I would go with another option immediately if it was available, but for now the Exede is working OK.

I wish I had that. I've been with them for years and pay $90 for 15 GB. I just went on their website and for $99 bucks now you get 18 GB for $99 a month (there's a deal for $69 for the first three months).
6 years ago
I like it, but maybe there could be a button people could click which says "view site in classic mode"?