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Charles Kelm

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since Apr 30, 2010
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Western Washington (Zone 7B - temperate maritime)
Western Washington (Zone 7B - temperate maritime)
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Recent posts by Charles Kelm

I haven't heard of the borers in my area near Bellingham, WA.  I planted 2 years ago and now they're about 20 feet tall with no root suckers to be seen.  It's funny, but I haven't seen any seedlings sprout even though they drop thousands of seeds each year.
4 days ago
Welcome Patrick, glad you're here! I gave my wife a Truly Garden Hori Hori knife as a gift many years ago, and it is still one of her favorites and sees use each season. I can say it really is a great knife!
1 week ago
Kelly - I like your ideas.  I'm not a router guy, but soon I will have to start using one to round off the wood railing tops to replace the rotten planks on the railing that surrounds my deck.

I wonder if a powerful wheat grinder would work.  Probably not since it would be difficult to feed the root into the machine.
Kelly yeah I see it all over the place. I have heard smoking it is actually really good for you. Back in the day they see it to cure tuberculosis.
I have about 40 of these growing right now that I plan to harvest soon.  I heard Jack Spirko once talk about how some unscrupulous people use the seeds to stun fish (they float to the top).  Illegal of course. Anybody ever heard of this?
If you find comfrey growing somewhere, how can you tell what variety it is?
1 year ago
It grows wild all over our 5 acres. It gets ripe right around the time that I get super busy, so I never really get a chance to harvest it.  If anyone lives near Bellingham, WA you're welcome to come pick some or dig some plants up (but I hear it doesn't like to be transplanted, but you are welcome to try).
2 years ago

Nancy Nantahala wrote:I spent many, many hours researching the difference between Russian Comfrey #4 and #14. Please check this out:

I have 17 pages about comfrey. I put a lot into this research because there is so much confusion about it. Also information about comfrey: health and growing.

Hi Nancy - I have purchased Bocking-4 & 14 from you before (darn chickens got it though before it had a chance).  My friend has a bunch of comfrey in his back yard.  I want to take some from him if it's not the true comfrey.  How can I tell if it's true comfrey or a Bocking variety?  It's too early to tell from flowers.  Are the roots any different?  Leaves?  Thank you.
5 years ago

A Walton wrote:Screenshot of the Exede Freedom page attached.

Thanks. Apparently I am not in an area eligible for this. Maybe some day.
6 years ago

Kyrt Ryder wrote:For the price Essential 10 really isn't that bad. 12mb/second, 10 GB data allowance, unmeasured downloads from 3am to 8am [scheduled downloads are your friend here] for 40$ per month.

I'm actually considering jumping ship from Comcast/Xfinity for it.

I have been with them for several years and much prefer my unmeasured hours - Midnight to 5AM. I pay $80 (plus $10 equipment lease) for 15 Gb + the early morning unlimited.
6 years ago