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Recent posts by Addy Fletcher

I make banana and walnut bread a lot with blackened bananas but this was my first time making a 'rustic' wheat loaf (successfully that is). I used the following recipe for the rustic loaf with the ingredients halved for only one loaf: Rustic bread loaf. I have my own recipe for banana bread in the photos below.
My bathroom door was getting very creaky so I applied some coconut oil to the hinges. I left it for a couple of hours and now there's no squeak!
3 months ago
I made some pine needle tea. I found this tree in a local park. In the UK, it's legal to forage in parks as long as the plant isn't in a garden bed (purposely planted) or in a royal park (such as Greenwich or Richmond). I found this tea much nicer than the dandelion tea I tried earlier this year.
6 months ago
I cleaned my bathroom today. I mainly used warm water and elbow grease, but used some baking soda and the general purpose spray I made for a different BB ( for the toilet. It is made up of vinegar, water and lemon juice.
7 months ago
I made a general cleaner with half water, half ACV and some lemon juice.
7 months ago
I bought this shirt from a charity shop during a heatwave last year and haven't worn it since. I decided to make it into rags to add some colour into my cleaning routine.
7 months ago
I got given this sewing kit years ago and I've replaced the thread it came with (and lost some straight pins!) over time. I added scissor sharpeners to it recently so I can apply for this BB. The needles are hard to make out but they're in one of the compartments. They have their own little needle case so I don't lose them.  
8 months ago
Granted! Now you become paranoid about whether your cats are actually dancing as you never see the evidence.

I wish for all of my clothes to be mended.
9 months ago
Granted! Unfortunately now that every military has been disbanded, some aliens have taken the opportunity to invade Earth.

I wish for a plate of rhubarb crumble.
9 months ago
I've saved jars over the last couple of years, but most of them are being used to store my herbs and spices or make oil infusions. There's also a part of me that's a bit worried that I won't sterilise them properly as I don't have a dish washer. I'll research it more and also try out the oven technique Luke mentioned.
9 months ago