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Recent posts by Kathy Vargo

Thank you for this information.  I understand the different kinds of fire brick.  I have a question is ceramic fiber wool the same things as mineral wool?  Also is ceramic fiber board the same as "Micor"  a mineral wool board used in making hearth pads?
5 days ago
I always learn something here.  Wasps are not my favorite.  As long as they don:'t bother me, I try to be more tolerant.
Is there anyway to repel them for awhile, or get them to move out.  Like when you need to repair or remove metal roofing or repaint your house?

3 weeks ago
I'm surprised no one has mentioned lemons and oranges, olive trees, seasonality goes with a short winter rainy season and no rain the rest of the year.  Not sure how much water Almond or Pomegranite require.  I second fig trees as a good choice.  Date palms and rosemary have both been mentioned.  I've also seen hedges of jade plants/bushes handle drought well too.   Bogenviallia (sp?)is beautiful and thorny, but grows very aggressively in very dry climates.  Could be grown over your cattle panel trellises for quick shade cover.
1 month ago
Looks great and plenty of summer left to enjoy it too.  The tool slot was a great way to turn a problem into a solution.  
2 months ago
Can't wait to try it. Thank you.
2 months ago
Beautiful pictures Anita!  It make s me miss my time in Sicily.  They are a lot of work, but worth the effort.  We had them on pasta.  in the Spring.   Could you share you fava bean salad recipe?  Looks like tomatoes, garlic and or onions, not sure what the greens are though.  If I remember correctly, one farmer told us he fed his beef animals on fava beans he stored in a cave, not sure if they were soaked or not before feeding.
2 months ago
Demanding pics for your funky movable feast thingie!
2 months ago
I discovered the BWH magazine later in life, so I bought the annual publication books and just recently found out it was back in print.  It really does offer great information.  I always find something useful.
3 months ago
I live in western NH,  township of Meriden in the town of Plainfield, NH.  Our town is mildly regulated.  You're supposed to get a building permit for new construction unless its a movable structure of a certain size.  There's a tiny home I see on a trailer type platform near me, also, a couple of underground homes.  There are co-housing opportunities nearby in VT.  I don't know about the rest of NH.  I find the more rural you are the less building codes there are.  My son and his family live nearby in Canaan and it has no building codes.  Not sure about the zoning.   Another son lives in Claremont, NH in a decent town house rental and works at a computer company, but easily works from home.  Claremont is cheaper and nearer to some real rural places.   I've spent time in the north country and the towns are inexpensive to live in, but check out the internet speed before you decide on a spot.  Its definitely slower up north and if your job depends on it you will likely have to stick close to a town.  Streaming is still slow up north.

Its because I live in the Hanover/Lebanon/White River Junction area  that you find more regulations the closer you get to those towns.  Dartmouth College is in this area and its much more white collar.  My town has zoning issues, but its a smaller quicker process for getting exceptions now, and it usually depends on your neighbors objecting or not.  Still I'm a bit too close to that main area.  So draw circles around the major population areas for the jobs,  and rings outside of that for places to live.  Spending time living in one area and help you explore while here and find the places with the best fit.  Southern NH is notorious for lack of rental housing right now.  Best of luck!
5 months ago