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Not sure if I'm using the term correctly, but seems like 'appropriate technology' to have a more powerful/informative interface when at home on a PC or wherever on a laptop with an actual keyboard and pointer, and a streamlined viewer-oriented interface in a more mobile setting with crude touchscreen inputs.

The 'adaptive' approach sounds good in theory, but I'm guessing this is why I've been having trouble on my laptops with various websites lately. I tend to set the browser at 125 or 133% to emphasize text for readability, but have noticed the screen looks like my phone, missing many options I see on my PC. I'm not sure how long I've spent on some of these sites looking for settings to restore the full interface, but it is enough to make me sad about the site(s).

I read stuff here on my phone all the time, but it doesn't seem like a big deal to wait for a better interface to be more interactive. I hope site functionality doesn't go down trying to keep up with the rat racers like so many other forums have.

That said, the main implementation here is far superior to any other forum I've been on, so I trust whatever you come up with will likewise be stellar...
I'm planning out a medium-small solar charging system. I've listened to the survival podcast show for a basic idea on material needs, but feel I should put more into a purchase decision. I saw a link to this kit at Harbor Freight and it looks about like what I might start with, but... it's Harbor Freight. The questionable quality is legend, but I also know many aficionados that have found ways to use HF goods as raw materials to customize some amazing items. But but, I also believe that most globalized corporations are built upon a mountain of skeletons that they couldn't fit in their closet and the specter of unknown externalities might haunt me relentlessly.

Are there smaller scale, transparent companies that make and sell quality solar panels? Is it all just a crap shoot of commodity market inputs? Looking at ads from local businesses for solar, they are marketed toward homeowners looking to stylishly supplement their consumer lifestyles, not seeing much for homesteader wanabe hillbillies...
1 week ago
Sorry not to reply, I don't recall reading your last post, I thought this thread had dropped into hibernation after my last post. Your PM also never made it to my inbox.

I have been waiting to post here until I had an update on some land. It has been tied up in process for over a month, and I am going to investigate a couple more options next week and hopefully finalize something then. One prospect is near national forest land a ways east of Rhinelander, another is near county forest land south of Ironwood, and another is in national forest land near Lake Gogebic in the UP.

I have solid interest from one other permaculture aficionado to participate in establishing camp at this time, and a spattering of others waiting for details to develop. Hopefully that news will follow in a week or two...
2 weeks ago
Driving through the Northwoods of Wisconsin yesterday I saw a couple of Bill boards that read "Americans spend 83% of their time outdoors" and "92% of drivers read billboard signs", reminding me that 71% of all statistics are made up on the spot...
2 weeks ago
Anyone care to share opinions/reviews on the Wisconsin Permaculture Convergence (Sep 24-26 this year)? I'm deciding if I should go ahead and buy a ticket or wait to play it by ear while figuring out schedule pressures...
1 month ago

Jay Angler wrote:Hubby did the math (he's like that) and wrote this:

If people are spending 92% of their time "indoors" then they are spending 8% of their time "outdoors".  8% of 24 hours is about 2 hours a day.  That doesn't sound too far off for most people. The recommendation of 20 minutes a day outdoors is only 1.4% so their recommendation is one sixth of what they say people are already getting!  Something doesn’t add up about their math here...

I suspect that what doesn't add up, are that there are people like here on permies, or who work outdoor jobs, who get a whole lot more than the "minimum" which skews the statistic. I also suspect that the article may be trying to encourage the people who need it the most by setting a target they might see as realistic. However, he does make a point - the math seems like bits have been left out. Did they mean 92% not including sleep?

The OP didn't give the details behind those numbers. I'd guess the 92% is a total number including weekends and holidays, while the 20 minute minimum is a recommendation for 'workdays' that are packed with indoor stuff.

I also didn't see an explanation of what's considered outdoors. Does it include zooming around in 'shiny metal boxes'?
1 month ago
I've been thinking along the same lines as the OP. I'm not getting the cob answer in this context, seems like a massive amount of work to put into something that might only be used for a year or two.

Unfortunately, it seems dimensional lumber is the clear winner here. The thing that makes it so easy to sell to a wide market makes it most likely to be reusable in a new design. Bricks might seem even more so, but mortar kills the deal whereas good screws will have many lives to lead usually. I'm guessing a star pattern head would be the most resistant to fouling? They've been working much better than phillips or square for me.

Of course now the big deal is sourcing. Seems to me the shortage primarily falls upon the type of lumber that is most sketchy- commodity wood from who knows where, probably clear cuts. I thought this would be a minor gold rush for people with private mills, but learned that most building codes require graded wood from the cabal of mill owners causing the 'log' jam in the industry right now. Is this certification generally a thing with urban areas, contractors or what?

Of course the point of this is you can make use of old lumber. I have a bunch of 2xX pieces scavenged from an old farm burn pile that are now on their 3rd or 4th life as furniture around my place. Easy to take 100+ year old 2x10s or 2x6s that were on a decaying barn and cut out the parts that were rotting around the nails or edges and still have a sizeable solid piece, feeling good that they didn't use toxic gick like more recently back then...
1 month ago
Could someone clarify the payment options when ordering from I usually avoid paypal and prefer to enter credit card information directly to avoid adding an intermediate agency, but the website took my order and is asking for payment in a followup email with a choice between paypal and paysend. What are the costs/risks of using these options internationally compared to each other or a direct bank transfer and can I still go back to that option?
1 month ago

Fred Frank V Bur wrote:Would it be preferable to have further communication through PM? My real input would just be for the importance of having all things growing for needed food and things, greater in importance than how good what shelter we have is. We will need adequate clean fresh water and good fertile soil

I'd like to keep this thread about the main themes and current updates on the project. Anyone interested should is welcome to post some kind of intro here and go into those topics, but best to have more detailed philosophical or technique specific discussions elsewhere.

I'm not foreseeing food and shelter being much of a priority conflict. My general priority with the land is going to be a modest structure with an RMH to have something going for next winter and to prove the building techniques. It would be great if a group came together quick and smooth such that next winter could be spent elsewhere at a more climate friendly camp, but toughing it out here is an important option to have IMO. However, I believe this would involve cutting down some timber to dry as much as possible before starting construction, so time in there to focus on other areas.

To me the food priority is to start some fruit trees from seed and transplant a few more saplings, perhaps some annuals like asparagus to give them all as much of a head start as possible. It would be very very welcome to have others with knowledge and time to add a bunch of perennials to the mix, so PM me if you have an idea of what/how you'd think you could participate along those lines. Hunting/fishing/ricing/foraging are great opportunities to further pool efforts. I'm thinking the question of off grid refrigeration ought to be addressed somewhere in all that.

Enough live water to get Sepp Holzer drunk should be readily available for the hauling/pumping. The soil looks decent where I'm envisioning a food forest, just not sure about the pH with the conifers having been there. Permaculture (non-?)irrigation is also new to me, so would need some advising on that.
2 months ago
Okay, taxes and training are out of the way for at least another year. Sorry to not respond to recent PMs, catching up soon here.

I've been scouting around some more, looking to put in an offer on a property later this week. It would be nice to get more input on permaculture prospects for various land parcels I'm looking at, but just want to have something to start working on in a few weeks. I found one that clicked with me on a few key aspects, we'll see where that goes.

I'm halfway through Paul's "Permaculture Thorns" book on community that came as an ebook with the latest kickstarter. I often have a differnet perspective than that given in the book, but recognize most of the situations from my own community 'experiments' and would recommend it as reference reading if interested in being involved here or in something similar...

2 months ago