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What a wonderful thread. Some truly talented people here!
Writing is my main hobby, as well as an income source. I've learned all aspects of indie publishing, so I do everything that's needed for my own books myself, apart from editing and proofreading.
My next time-use is reading, planning, and daydreaming for my future piece of land I'm in the process of purchasing, a weed-filled acre with an old house and a stream at the bottom of the garden. Reading "Invasive Plant Medicine" in preparation.
I also sew, paint, and do a little woodworking, all badly but I have fun so that's the main thing.  Oh, and fermenting. I'm just getting back into it again and making some interesting (and sometimes explosive!) edibles.
2 days ago
I couldn't see any option to leave a written review on Gumroad, but it did let me leave a rating.
My sister back in Sydney is definitely permie. We grew up on my grandfather's farmlet, where much of the family food was grown, and for both of us that's an ideal we'd love to recreate in our own lives. She now lives with our elderly parents to help them, and since moving in has started a veggie patch and a chook run. The healthier food plus having something interesting to do and to watch has helped Mum and Dad a lot.
My hubby, though, is about as non-permie-friendly as it's possible to get. He tolerated me planting a hedge/food forest around our small yard to stop kids riding their bikes across it as a short-cut, but constanly defeats my attempts to get understory plants growing by weeding it back to bare earth. He rakes up mulch because it looks untidy. He won't eat home grown food and rarely will eat my home cooked food. Probably because he's on the autistic spectrum, he prefers beige food that comes wrapped in plastic. He sent me an article suggesting regularly consuming kefir may have some protective effects against viruses, but won't even taste my fermented foods and drinks.
I love him dearly, but... sigh!
Lovely post!
For me, pretty much anything in my grandfather's garden, especially the fruit. He grew and preserved mulberries, apples, pears, and peaches. I bought my first house purely because it had a big mulberry tree in the backyard.
4 days ago
I wonder if what was burned to produce the ash would make a difference. Interesting to see if anyone can replicate it.
Nice article, gave me a smile to see how the farmer had improved his life. Thank you fpr posting it, Brian. :)
1 week ago
Looks good to me, and I haven't come across any functionality that isn't functional. Using Chrome on a Chromebook.
I want to make one of these: https://www.rockyhedgefarm.com/how-to-sew-a-linen-cross-back-pinafore-apron/

Rather than spending on linen fabric, I'll look for a second-hand cotton sheet I can use. They usually sell for only £1 or 2 in the local charity shops, and I've picked up a couple in fab vintage style fabric.
1 week ago
OOh, nice! Those simple buckles look great, and possibly historically fairly accurate to to what an ordinary viking would have worn. https://www.cs.vassar.edu/~capriest/mensgarb.html There were some other links I found with drawings of simple buckles that looked very like those.
2 weeks ago
That's what I think is happening, yes. I'll have to figure out how to actually embed a video so I don't have those points under false pretences!