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Recent posts by Scots John

Well I would say that depends on your definition of failure?
Lots of people, probably thousands, are very happy to use their less than optimum rockets stoves?
If you build a device that satisfies your needs how can that be failure?
Don’t get me wrong as I am also extremely interested in progress and development to obtain the best possible function it’s just that I don’t see any issues with folk doing their own thing especially if it is fun.
1 week ago

Joe Danielek wrote:Heating secondary combustion air is energy intensive robbing heat from the system, in my opinion providing excess combustion air better serves your end means.

Cyclone separator is going to rob or more correctly add to much friction for the system to perform correctly. It greatly diminishes volicity that which drops ash.

I wonder if what you are saying really matters ?
Some people might just enjoy carrying out their ideas regardless if it is not an already tried and tested design or perhaps the glass feed ideas looks nice and that is more important than ultimate performance?
I love to read about folks interesting ideas and their journey to see how it comes out.
1 week ago
In the U.K. I can find insulating 1200c mix for around £30 for a 25kg bag or £35 for 1400c .
I like your ideas based around a cyclone vortex, that concept is used in both marine aquariums and Koi pond filtration units.
I have seen double glass used to feed air in Foxfish videos so it can be done successfully.
The issues I see might be the overall height of the fire box and if the  lower part is actually needed ?
I really like the ideas of the top part of your diagram but in any case I look forward to seeing how your ideas develop.
2 weeks ago
Thank you for posting your updates, it is interesting to see what you are trying to achieve.
In your mind are there any benefits with making your DIY foam cement mix over buying a commercial insulating refractory mix?
It is the cost or improved performance ?
2 weeks ago
A quick update, I managed to contact fox James via Facebook and he sent me this video and answered a few of my questions.
I do like his vortex j tube especially the glass air feed viewing window although I am still not sure about ceramic fibre and my grand children ?
Being logical about it I can’t really see how a ceramic core and riser could possibly effect anyone inside my summerhouse but my main mistake was telling the wife about the potential dangers!
She is right on the case now!!
I don’t particularly want a full size barrel in my space but I am inspired by the design at least something to think about?
1 month ago
I am no expert but assuming the blocks are for storing heat, am not sure if filling  them with insulation is a good idear?
1 month ago
There is this quite long thread about a hot plate, it seems to get over 1000f and gets red hot
1 month ago
Gerry thank you for explaining thermal overload, I am still not convinced about the safety expects of ceramic fibre, in the U.K. we can get body soluble ceramic matting but not body soluble ceramic board.

Satamax, thank you for the links and the accent!
That is a shame about Fox James his work looks great!

I won’t be retiring until the end of summer so I may wait  until there is more development from Peters new project, in the meantime I will keep studying the forum.
2 months ago
Thank you for your reply Peter, I am not a member of that forum but I have read about your new design.
Yes that is the sort of thing I would like, a compact stove with a interesting visual effects!
Like I have said I would love the vortex stove but it seems to be a bit sensitive unless you follow the builders exact overall stove design?
Your new version looks very promising but is not actually finished, perhaps I should just wait and see how it turns out.
2 months ago
Ok thank you for the info, I am probably over reading to much but I thought I read that placing logs on top of coals causes thermal overload (not that I know what that means) and smoke?

Anyhow if my low chimney will work that is something but it does not resolve the problem of the riser height and therefore the cooking top surface.
Also that will only apply if the batchbox is sat on the ground so the fire won’t really be very visible.

Mats designs all seem to use ceramic fibre in the fire box, is that really a good idea? It just seems to me that it will wear down with abrasion and is it not dangerous for your lungs being ‘non body soluble’ so micro fibres can rest in your body for years and then cause major health issues?
Sorry if I seem negative, I honestly appreciate your help I just want to be clear on certain things.

I have watched hundreds of YouTube videos (probably not that many but my wife tells me I have) I love this guys Vortex stove but I am very interested in his old stove at the beginning of this video. What type of stove is that it looks more like the sort of thing I had in mind but I don’t think it has a visible fire?
2 months ago