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Recent posts by Scots John

This video shows the same wire brush attachment that I used.

1 year ago
Best method I have used is a wire brush attachment on a 4” grinder, still takes time and effort but do get a clean shiny finish.
1 year ago

Peter Sedgwick wrote:

Scots John wrote:My God those traps look barbaric!!!

I know what you mean.

I’m not a massive fan of killing stuff myself. But the locals do this to protect the crops and veggies. They just trap the deer kill them and bury them. So we decided to start eating them. Thought it was too much of a waste.

As for the traps themselves, they are using spring loaded wire traps the grab the deer by the foot. The plate part you see is not like the old bear traps with big jagged teeth like you are probably thinking. The plate just holds the wire open after it’s been spring loaded.


Sorry I am not much use helping you with your stove but thanks for your comment above, where I live in Scotland, you could  go to prison for using such a trap but shooting deer with a guide is far more exceptable !
Some people travel from all over the World to shoot Red deer and they can pay a £1000.00 a day to hire a guide  and the privilege  to do so!
At least you are making an effort to eat the deer, looks like a big one too!
Your new barrel extension will make cooking difficult  otherwise you could sear  your venison on top of the barrel.
1 year ago
My God those traps look barbaric!!!
1 year ago
Hi, I have been looking at the forum for a few years and I have a couple of questions…
It seems that the J tube became very popular on the forum around 10 years ago and the standard method was to use a barrel and a piped bench.
I have read hundreds of post but I dont see anything about the placement of the riser in the barrel, I mean does it have to go in the middle? Does it work best with the riser in the middle?
If so then the popular formular of 124 or on a 6” system 8” deep fire box 16 tunnel and 32” heat riser wont put the riser in the middle of a 23” barrel and still have room to feed the wood?
If I want to make sure the riser is in the middle for say cooking purposes  than you would need a 10.5” high fire box 21” long fire box and tunnel and a 42” tall riser and that wont fit in a single barrel?
Also I read that the shorter the tunnel the better!
I know the J tube has lost some popularity in recent years but as a cooking stove it still seems like the best option for me.
So I wonder if there is a way to get the riser in the middle of a single barrel, could I use a angled riser or perhaps cut out the bottom of the barrel somehow  to feed the wood ?
1 year ago
I would think you would need to heavily insulate the drum to maintain that sort of temperature?
1 year ago
I may be wrong as I am far from experienced but I am sure that if you are following PVB rocket stove dimensions, it is not recommended to shorten the riser?
Also I think  granite  is prone to cracking and I would think you might need more than 25mm of fibre ?
1 year ago
Wow that looks horrific!
1 year ago
I think that ‘what makes a good pizza’ is a subjective subject and for many people it would have to come out of a wood fired brick floor oven.
Not to say others would completely disagree and may consider the opposite  to be the best!
My neighbour is a very vocal, Italian gentleman and I know what he would say ha ha…
1 year ago
Nice video, this forum has many hundreds of post stating that steel wont last in a rocket stove so your video is an interesting one.
As far as I can work out, if you insulate the fire box and heat riser the temperature will get so hot the metal will quickly deteriorate but if you don’t insulate then the fire will not burn very cleanly.
However it seems to me that metal rocket stoves have a strong presence and are by far the most popular.
Yours is a good example of how a metal rocket stove can be used successfully for many years.
1 year ago