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R Parian

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since Aug 28, 2020
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NW Washington - Zone 8a : 10 to 15 (F)
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Recent posts by R Parian

I found a patch of feral grapes along the edge of a pasture.  Most were too high to reach, but I picked as many as I could reach without a ladder and the bounty measured over two pounds at 2.69 lbs.

1 week ago
I think I qualify for this Sand badge.

Do: (extra credit from before this requirement was removed)
  • create a natural medicine journal

  • Do 1 of: harvest, dry, and store enough for a tea, infusion or decoction - create one
  • burdock root
  • hops
  • mullein leaf
  • red clover
  • rose hips
  • rosemary
  • stinging nettle leaf

  • Do 1 of: vinegar infusion (fresh or dried)
  • garlic

  • Do 1 of: oil infusion (fresh or dried)
  • mullein blossom and garlic

  • Do 1 of: salve (fresh or dried)
  • mullein leaf

  • Do 1 of: tincture (fresh or dried)
  • elder berries

  • Do 1 of: poultice (fresh or dried)
  • dandelion leaf

  • Do 1 of: syrup or gummies (fresh or dried)
  • blackberry
  • elderberry

  • Do 1 of: infusion (hot or cold) (fresh or dried)
  • blackberry leaves
  • ginger root
  • hops flowers
  • red clover blossom
  • rose hips
  • stinging nettle leaf

  • Do 1 of: decoction (fresh or dried)
  • dandelion root
  • mullein root
  • stinging nettle leaf

  • I made blue elderberry tincture.  It is quite amazing how dark colored the tincture became without cooking or smashing any of the berries.
    2 weeks ago
    I think there may be some middle ground on this one.  Checking the Certified button could automatically uncheck both ToDo and Pending.  I'll play with it and see what I can do.
    2 weeks ago
    Interesting.  I'll play with it a bit and see how it goes.  I'm on the fence on this one because I actually check both the ToDo and the Pending column in cases where the BB involves one last step of waiting a long time - like for tinctures where you do all the work, and then you have to wait for 6 weeks for it to soak.  So while I'm waiting I have both the ToDo and the Pending column checked, then once the time elapses, I take one last picture and post the BB and uncheck the ToDo column but leave the Pending column checked until the BB is approved.  This helps me differentiate between BBs I haven't started (only ToDo checked) and BBs I have submitted but aren't yet approved (only Pending checked).
    2 weeks ago
    I foraged over 5 lbs of mushrooms and dried and stored them.  It took three separate foraging expeditions because the Chanterelles were not super abundant, but luckily I found a giant Western Cauliflower that pushed me over the 5 lb goal!

    Here are the weights (3.35 + 1.744 = 5.094 lb):
  • Chanterelle (0.748 + 0.952 + 1.65 = 3.35 lb)
  • Western Cauliflower (1.744 lb)
  • Oyster (forgot to weigh)
  • 2 weeks ago
    Made a rose hip tea from fresh foraged rose hips.

    - A picture of one of the plants in the wild

    - A picture of the harvested goods with the remaining plant in the background

    - Into boiling water, turn off heat, cover, steep 5 minutes

    - A picture of the yummy tea in a cup
    3 weeks ago
    I foraged rose hips, and dried them in the dehydrator.  This is a first for me, and I was very surprised how good they smelled in the dehydrator.  Such a sweet fruity aroma.

    Rose hips in the wild.


    Into the dehydrator.

    Out of the dehydrator.

    In a sealed and labeled quart jar, plus some extra.

    3 weeks ago
    Thank you Opalyn and Christopher for pointing those out!  The spreadsheet has been updated.  Also missing Natural Medicine links were added.
    3 weeks ago
    I foraged rose hips, and dried them in the dehydrator.  This is a first for me, and I was very surprised how good they smelled in the dehydrator.  Such a sweet fruity aroma.
    3 weeks ago