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Now that the weather is cooling off it's time for rabbit babies again
2 weeks ago
Thanks! The roof does latch. I don't know if I have weasels but I've been thinking about trying to add a flap that can also latch for over the nest box.
1 month ago
I built a 4'x 4' x 2'H coop from Cedar 2x4s, galvanized steel roofing panels & wire mesh. In theory this is large enough for 16 birds with 1 sqft each. I have 4 so it's plenty for me.
1 month ago
I collected some wild strawberry leaves for me tea. I would never have thought to try it.
1 month ago
I processed a rabbit and fed to offal to my chickens. Since there is only one rabbit and four chickens I gave it all to them whole. This type of food is perfect for omnivorous chickens. (Side note, I saw a carton of eggs the other day that said 100% vegan diet. Animal abuse!) Any offal they don't eat (who are we kidding, they devoured it) will draw flies that they will love to snack on.
1 month ago
This recipe for stew is an open-the-fridge-and-see-what-goes-with-rabbit kind of thing.

One rabbit
Half a large onion
One bell  pepper
Several carrots
Garlic to taste
That one spicy pepper you have around
Salt & pepper

Toss in the crockpot on high for a few hours until you're hungry.
Here is my application for BB20. If there are grains still available, I would be most interested.
1. Develop a possible residual income stream
2. Sell "goods" (something you made, grew, or foraged)
3. Move, charge and replace a lead acid battery
4. Replace Flood Light with Motion Detector Flood Lamp
5. Troubleshoot and fix an electrical appliance - 0.5 to 4 points
6. Fry an egg on a cast iron skillet
7. Cook Grain on a Stove Top
8. Bake a pizza
9. Reuse Water From a Shower
10. Give Urine to Growies
11. Sand, Prime, and Paint Rusty Equipment
12. install, replace, or recharge a fire extinguisher
13. Grease Hinges
14. Patio Ramp
15. Clean/Decalcify a Shower Head
16. Club style mallet from hand tools
17. weave a basket
18. Sewing on a button
19. Create a textile toolbox
20. Sharpen a knife
2 months ago
I made a basket from grass because I wanted to know if I could. Apparently I can but I don't think I recommend it. If it holds up it's going to be an egg basket when the eggs start coming in. A couple pictures have a tape measure in them to be sure it's over the minimum. I actually made three styles of basket today and I think I have the pictures if they ever turn into other badge bits.
2 months ago
Agreed, you likely need a local attorney. This may fall under the concept of adverse possession. The other parties may be able to claim ownership, depending on how long it's been.
2 months ago