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Recent posts by Ben Knofe

Wow this thread is awesome! Why didn't you tell me earlier that it exists? :)

Started following it now...!
4 hours ago
Do you have time to experiment with a few?
1 week ago

Robert Ray wrote:I am just getting my arctic variety started that hugs the ground like thyme. The literature tells me to just run over it the fall with a lawnmower. Now I just have to get brave enough to do it without killing it.

Send images!
What variety is it?
My Thyme is not on the ground at all haha.
1 week ago

Inge Leonora-den Ouden wrote:
It's interesting what happened to you raspberry bush Ben! Now you can do the experiment.

What I learned about raspberries (I have the two different varieties too, here in the Netherlands):
the summer-raspberries, fruiting in June, you cut the branches that had fruits (only those ones!) directly after you harvested all fruits (so that will be in July);
the autumn-raspberries you prune by cutting everything 10 cm above ground in January / February.

Sounds great! I'll keep you posted throughout the winter :).

Aren't there also varieties who create two times fruits per season?
1 week ago
I think I figured what happened: I think the wind almost broke off the main cane a few weeks ago and then the plant started to create new shoots right under where it broke off. Now it is a real exciting thing to see what will happen. I would call this nature pruned by itself haha.
1 week ago

Skandi Rogers wrote:ok I just clicked on it this post may be a bit rambling as I'll add to it as I come to things

1. the featured plant says

The berries ripen from early May to late July in most of the Pacific Northwest (later in cooler climates)

where is the pacific north west and what is the climate? For anyone other than an American this doesn't mean anything. it really needs to be in heat days/zone. or as a minimum a climate zone.

2. I feel it would be better to be able to click on either the picture and/or the name rather than the little "show" button

3.Light condition
Prefers full sun,Prefers shade  
this makes no sense a plant cannot prefer two different conditions. Many of the plants have this.

4. heat zones would be very important for those of us in Europe. there are many things that can survive the winters here but will never fruit as we don't get warm enough, apricots, peaches etc etc.

5. when you click on Rose for example is it possible to then go to a sub menu for different types? climbing Dog roses cannot be used in the same place as rosa rugosa.

The information I am normally searching for is;

Heat requirements
Cold hardiness
Alkaline/acid soil
wind resistance
Which parts are edible and if they are a bit strange how to make them usable

Hey Skandi,

thank you so much for your feedback!

2. Such an obvious thing! I fixed it already and it should work now by either clicking on the image or the name of a plant. See here for example:

1./3./4. This is all based on the fact that the start of the data is mostly my personal and naive notes. I've put this whole thing online in the hope that others will start contributing too, so the info gets better everytime a little bit. Feel free to fix/edit/add info you find useful!

5. Currently there is no way of separating varieties or grouping in families etc. Right now I suggest just adding another plant called "dog rose" or similar.

Thanks again and let me know if you have any more questions, happy to chat!

1 week ago

Silke Vg wrote:
2. Maybe a bit of more basic knowledge on the site would be nice: hardiness zone? What you mean?

Hey Silke,

I just added a knowledgebase article about hardiness zones here:
I also link to to from the search and all plant profiles, if you need to read it up again quickly.

Let me know what you think and if you have more questions!
1 week ago
Look what I saw today! The main branch broke off, now I am confused haha
2 weeks ago

Skandi Rogers wrote:There is also a method with Autumn raspberries to get two crops, leave the old canes and they will fruit again in early summer, then cut them down and the new canes will fruit as normal in Autumn. You will need to cut them back if they like it as they get to congested and then you just get mould not raspberries.
those new shoots in your picture are not what people mean by new canes, new canes come from the ground rather than halfway up old canes.

Thanks Skandi, this sounds like a great idea! Will let them grow and see what will happen next spring!
2 weeks ago

Silke Vg wrote:Hi Ben,

1. Yes there are much plants without pictures... but it is normal it is not that easy. I will see what I can do  I know the app Plantnet... they have much maybe ask them?
2. Maybe you can put the basic info like an intro by the subjects. And repeat that base + more info in the knowledgebase. Hope you understand that maybe better?

I am looking forward to use it! Although it is a bit more difficult for me because my mother tongue is  dutch and I live in France so I can cope in English but it is more work for me to translate everything... when you want to work more in other languages too, you know where to find me !

Wish you much luck!


Thanks for the feedback!
1. Yes pictures needs to be added and you could take them from Plantnet but make sure to set the right source link back to them, then all is fine!
2. This is a great idea, I will look into that soon.
3. I am dreaming of having the platform in more languages than English, but it is just too much work to get going. I can consider that when there is a bigger community using the page. In the meantime what would be cool and probably helpful for you: Go ahead and add dutch and french names to the plants as I did with German for some plants, that makes it already much more easy to find plants!

Thanks again,
2 weeks ago