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May Lotito

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since Jun 11, 2020
I am relatively new to permiaculture, only stumbling upon this website in 2019. It opened a new world to me and I have been learning and practicing ever since. I have tried composting, hugel beds, biochar, mulching, polyculture,growing vegetables and fruit trees,raising chicken and building wildlife habitats. I am seeing improvement in soil quality which then bought in healthier plants and a greater diversity of critters on my land.
I keep on learning and making my little contribution to the Permie community.
Thank you.
Missouri. USA. Zone 6b
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Recent posts by May Lotito

I took a close look on my two year old peach tree and saw lots of flower buds!  Hopefully we will have a less erratic spring next year so I can have some peaches.
4 hours ago

Christopher Weeks wrote:

I didn't make it for any specific person and it turned out a little tight for my giant noggin, but was a loose fit on my teenage daughter:

Nice combo of pattern and yarns! I am wondering if you could add a lining to it. A thin layer of knit fabric will both make it fit more snugly and add a lot of insulation.
4 days ago
Thanks for the reminding and tips. I bought a pack a seeds this spring, 200 of them. I thought there were a lot, until I found out how densely they need to be planted. I could only grow 1 square foot! Nevertheless, I planted most of the seeds more sparsely and harvested 50x more seeds in summer. However the fibers seemed to be too mature and brittle for processing. I will make sure the seeds are properly stored for next year's planting.
4 days ago
Thanks for the replies. I go for persimmon too. Recently I found a wild American persimmon tree by a road loaded with quarter size fruits. I took a leave and it did look similar, tasted similar too. If I bought the persimmon from grocery store, more likely it was variety like fuyu. Hopefully the seedlings will survive the winter in zone 6.
1 week ago

Jay Angler wrote: I have no idea what it's called, but I sewed a wool suit back in the 1980's that had that sort of a pocket/side opening combo. Do people want me to go hunting to see if I still happen to have the pattern?

i'd appreciate if you can find the pattern number when you got time. No hurry. Maybe other vintage patterns have the same pockets but I can't tell just from their cover photos or line drawings. Thanks.
1 week ago

r ranson wrote:

I think it's an adaptation of the tie-on pockets we see in earlier times in England and Europe.  

The Megan Nelson Flint pants have the tie-on pocket. Clever design for adjustable waistband without using elastics. Maybe they get the inspiration from historical/vintage clothing.
1 week ago

C├ęcile Stelzer Johnson wrote:
I think that in order to get nice big uniform roots is to make sure to remove all of them in the Fall, select your best and replant within a month, like garlic.

I bought mine off local craigslist: $20 for 4 lbs, freshly dug out of ground. I probably ate too much at a time and got gassy so I grew them as privacy screens mostly. But today I tried moderate amount and so far so good 6 hours later. Guess sunchoke will be a staple food for me too.

I plan on doing the same: remover all the tubers and sort them out. Only the biggest one will be planted back for next season and smaller ones cooked or pickled.

1 week ago
Thanks for the reply.  I planted these tubers too shallow on heavy clay soil. They grew very well though, up to 12 ft with branching flower stems at the end. These all make them very unstable in high wind. One clump ( from a single tuber) was totally uprooted so I dig out all the tubers. They were all within top 1 ft of soil and weighed over 8 lbs. Quite a surprise as I thought they wouldn't filled out so much until the above ground parts die back.

I will let other clumps die back and compare the yield to the early harvest.
1 week ago
I am a bit confused about that. I am not sure it is the type of pockets used a lot on vintage skirts and pants but not contemporary patterns.

It is a pocket that serves as the side opening too. I took a picture of a Pendleton wool skirt I found in the free store to show the details. Anyone know what it is called?
1 week ago
My sunchokes bloom abundantly in October, providing food for bees and butterflies. But since the seeds are not viable, am I supposed to remove the tops so energy won't  go to the seed heads? Will the seed heads feed birds later on?  I snapped some plants shorter since high wind just blew them sideways. Has anybody compared yields with or without deheading the flowers/seeds?
1 week ago