May Lotito

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since Jun 11, 2020
I am relatively new to permiaculture, only stumbling upon this website in 2019. It opened a new world to me and I have been learning and practicing ever since. I have tried composting, hugel beds, biochar, mulching, polyculture,growing vegetables and fruit trees,raising chicken and building wildlife habitats. I am seeing improvement in soil quality which then bought in healthier plants and a greater diversity of critters on my land.
I keep on learning and making my little contribution to the Permie community.
Thank you.
Missouri. USA. Zone 6b
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Recent posts by May Lotito

I have used pallets or logs to encircle to compost piles. First picture showed the one that I kept going throughout the winter, noting the snow had melted from the heat released. I planted a fig tree in that spot this year.
Second picture is my future garden area that I am composting in situ to build up soil underneath. I have done a quarter and sow some covercrop mix. With hot composting, I should be able to get the whole 16'x16' ready before winter time. Not so pretty right now but the garden will be next year.
1 day ago
Our weather is erratic this year so I am not following the book too closely.
I keep an eye on weather forecasting and plan ahead for direct sowing. In early Aug we got multiple rain showers so I sow daikon radish and mustard greens underneath corns. After I harvested the corns I cut the stalks off the ground so as not to disturb the roots. So far the veggies are doing great, the daikon roots are over 1" thick and I am anticipating a good harvest.
I also follow the volunteer plants and plant along side. After I harvested garlic in early summer, some bulbs were left in the ground. in mid Aug,  they were already growing new leaves. So I started burying more cloves in ground where there were vacant spots. These garlic got longer growing time to form bigger scapes and bulbs next year. They are also evergreen throughout the winter, helping to trap fallen leaves in the garden area as a thick layer of mulch.
6 days ago
I am learning to knit socks recently. Did two in DPN cuff-down way and will start the 3rd one using circular needle.
I am also going through my wool scrap/stash to make my kids a minecraft blanket.
1 week ago
Thanks for sharing the video, that's very impressive! I found pots they made and apparently the babies had left. I also had many mud daubers coming to my frog pond to dig up clay balls. Hard working little fellows.
1 week ago
I got this remnant of home dec fabric for $1 and decided to make a pouf out of it. After some calculation, I was able to maximize the pouf size to 20" by 18". I inserted an invisible zipper at the bottom and reused bean bag pellets for filling. Aslo put a 2" foam at the bottom to keep it flat.
1 week ago
Shiitake mushrooms
2 weeks ago
here are some online stores that I use:

Wawak for general sewing notions

Fashion sewing supply for interfacing and elastics

Sew sassy for lingerie supplies

2 weeks ago
Do you know how much is the wearing ease for the shirt? Maybe you can increase it from a semi-fitted 4" to a loose fitting 6-7" or any way you like.

I would not worry about edge finishing for the 1st muslin, just put the pieces together with long basting stitch and check the general fitting. Also muslin tends to have large seam allowance like 1". If the neck and shoulder area fit alright and only certain part is feeling tight, just let out the seams for quick adjustment. For example adding a couple inches in the back to accommodate broad back.
3 weeks ago
Missed one pic about construction. I first sewd the seams and finished edges with a overlocker.
3 weeks ago