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Recent posts by Julie Pastore

Randall McLaughlin wrote:Sorry to dig up an old post, BUT, looking for info on the topic and this is the only thread I come up with, and I have a question on the start post.

It sounds as if John was describing carbon-zinc batteries, not alkaline, right?

This would work the same for either, right?


Did you get answer to this??
2 weeks ago

Dan Boone wrote:Strong hydrochloric acid (you may know of it as "battery acid) is a tricky product to handle safely.  Mistakes, splashed droplets, unexpected trickles, leaky containers, unventilated fumes -- these can damage work sufaces, clothing, skin, eyes, and lungs.  It's not ALL that hard to do safely, but the required level of care may be more than you want to volunteer for in your routine gardening activities.

That said, I don't see anything in this idea that would disqualify it from working with a weaker acid that's safer to handle.  Say, white vinegar (acetic acid, usually 5%).

You'll need more of it, and it will need more time to work.  Warmth will help.  Perhaps put the batteries in a pop bottle of vinegar, store in sunny place, shake from time to time?

Likewise your chelating agent.  If conditions of your life make collecting and saving urine inconvenient, I should thing a bit of cleaning ammonia (the cheap stuff, no added soaps or perfumes, just dilute ammonia) would work.

Disclaimer:  I haven't done this.  I am musing about possibilities.  Be careful out there.  Don't make any accidental soda-pop-bottle bombs.

Thanks for this! I never would have gone out to buy pool acid but I do have vinegar already and so may try it!
2 weeks ago

Jordan Lowery wrote:Like I said before it depends on the plant species I have never done oxalis before because it's not a problem plant for me. It could die off in a week maybe two years. I have a feeling seeds can be even hardier given you add a species that can lie dormant under lake beds until drying out surfaces them and they sprout for example. Which could have been underwater for years before the drought.

To answer your question no I did not add more plant material.

Are you afraid that they will sprout underwater and move into tour garden? Just don't dump the leftovers on top of fresh soil.

And again this is not a compost tea, compost teas use compost not raw plant matter.

Are you saying oxalis bulbs won't rot away in a bucket of water? That's what I'm trying to do right now.
Also, would you expect the oxalic acid in the water to be good for blueberries and other acid-loving plants? ..bad for any plants?
2 weeks ago
It's a small tree in Oakland, CA.
2 weeks ago
If you know what this is,  please let me know! I haven't seen any flowers yet. I can go get a closer photo when the smoke clears.
1 year ago
You mean advice for when you feel like you have taken on too much? Try not to add stress/anxiety/overwhlem to your burden by saying "so what if it doesn't happen" to yourself as often as possible. If you are worried about survival, ask for help. Ask for help anyway. There are tons of younguns wanting to learn. Maybe one of them could throw a design workshop and all you have to do is lay out the rules and the to do list for them in advance.
1 year ago
...using aquaculture/ algae. Why is there very little about the Green Power House on permies?  
1 year ago
What meadow seeds can I plant whose roots can penetrate compacted ground after removal of asphalt from a parking lot?
Anyone? I'm thinking burdock? Dandelion? Owen Wormser? Thank you!
1 year ago
What meadow plants will grow from seed and penetrate compacted soils? Burdock? Yes/no? What else? I ask because I may be rehabilitating a parking lot this year! I want plant pioneers to do the work of loosening things up.
1 year ago
I found two co-housing partners to buy a property in the very expensive East Bay and unbenownst to them, it is going to be a Permaculture homestead. I made sure they are ok witha composting toilet, but I don't know if they will use it... maybe if the indoor plumbing has "mysterious" issues. Pretty exciting! I learned permaculture from The Bullocks, Rick Valley, Michael Pilarsky, and my brothers, Tony and Vince.
Trying to assemble a downpayment - wish us luck!!!
1 year ago