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Jesse Glessner

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since May 09, 2020
Born and raised in Indiana - joined the Army for 3 yrs right out of High School. Moved to California after service and had a job with Hughes Aircraft for 35 yrs total with a 2 yr break in the middle of that. Received AA, BS in Business and MBA/CIS all classes after hours of work. Moved back to IN after retiring and taught low level computer courses for 11 years. Totally retired I got back into gardening, then canning especially for Emer. Prep.  Now into woodworking of all sorts but working on lathe and desktop CNC systems. Still gardening with 4 ea 3 ft X 16 ft beds and 4 ea new 4 ft X 4 ft. beds, plus a couple of short fence rows and berry plantings - most recently red & black currants and several Elderberry bushes. I read a lot and don't get to fish nearly as much as I wish!
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In Fall of 2019 I had late carrots come up. I just left them in the raised bed to see how they would overwinter. They may have died topside, however, they came on strong in the spring. Again, I just let them grow. I eventually wound up with three of the plants more than 8 ft from root to top. A friend just could not believe this and wanted me to take pictures so I spaced 8 ft 2 X 4's with the three plants laid on each side and in the middle. He wanted the pictures to show his son.
5 days ago

Jamin Grey wrote:

Jesse Glessner wrote:I saw this posting and just took a very few minutes to browse web sites and a couple of catalogs to obtain some info for comparisons. Don't be afraid to use your Browsers! I simply typed in the following:  4" square reusable seeding containers   to get most of these results.

The issue is, many of them *say* reusable, but are made out of cheap plastic that only lasts two or three years and cracks easily.

Some even say, "reusable and recyclable" - but if they are oh so reusable, why would I need to recycle them? =P

I agree that those you have purchased look much better than the cheaper pots and should last several years.

I saw that one person is going to try silicone, but I have doubts that those will work well. They have silicone baking pans and when I've seen on TV people trying to get their goods out of those they are peeled off because the silicone is "sticky" and the soil core having roots grown around it would expand putting pressure on the silicone. ALSO, I've worked with and around a lot of silicone and I would NEVER use silicone for anything that goes into an oven. I don't care what they say, it all out-gases and you can bet your life it goes into the food. Remember that the old TEFLON pans were also supposed to be SAFE and many people later found out that they were NOT safe at all?

Any way, I just thought I'd give people links to go search for what they wanted/needed and could afford in the way of seeding pots.

1 week ago
I saw this posting and just took a very few minutes to browse web sites and a couple of catalogs to obtain some info for comparisons. Don't be afraid to use your Browsers! I simply typed in the following:  4" square reusable seeding containers   to get most of these results. IF you want a great CATALOG of greenhouse and/or growing supplies see the last paragraph for info on calling or faxing for their current "Greenhouse Supply" catalog. The price on the front of mine is $2.75 but got it in the mail free as I have been a customer in the past.

Amazon:     12 Pack Small 3.90 Inch Plastic Flower Pots for Plants,Cutting,Seedlings,Black Nursery Pot Square Starter Pots with Saucer (Plants Not Included)     $9.99=  
Greenhouse Megastore:  4” sq X 3.5” tall  -  15/Pack  $3.39
Growers Solution:   4” square  Sold as Each     $0.25
Amazon:  Kinglake 4” Plastic Plants Nursery Pot/Pots Seedlings Flower Plant Container Seed Starting Pots  -  100 Pcs    $12.09
WalMart:   DecorX - Plastic Plant Nursery Pots  -  8 Pcs   $20.16
WalMart:   UHUSE  -  Flower Plant Plastic Nursery Pot Seed Starting  0 100 Pcs   $23.49
Johnny’s Selected Seeds:  Square Plastic Pots  3 ½” Sq 3 ½” Height  18 Pack   $8.17
Burpee:  PotMaker – Make pots from old newspapers – Hardwood Mold    $19.95

ORDER - CATALOG only:  E&R Seed, LLC  1356 E 200 S, Monroe, Indiana  46772. This is run by Amish, so no Web Site. Phone 260-692-6827   -   Fax 260-692-6576     Ask for the current Greenhouse Supply CATALOG.  I’ve personally purchased from E&R and had good luck with their products. This catalog is an excellent source for just about everything concerning from starting seeds to greenhouse structures.
1 week ago
Go on-line to both the InstaPot and Mealthy Web Sites and search for recipes.
They both have tons of those on hand.
And, did you know that you can also make a cheese cake in those? Try it!
But, the very best beans I've ever had came out of my Mealthy - and amazingly went in dry, no pre-soaking.
2 weeks ago
These posts reminded me of what we did with the Christmas cards when I was a kid - many, many years ago!
We strung a couple of cloths lines in out living room (old farm house) and hung each and every card on the lines for everyone to enjoy. Even friends dropping by would take the time to view all the cards - not to be nosy, but for the artwork and the printed messages.
It brightened up the house for about 4-6 weeks - especially during bleak winter weather and snow.
2 weeks ago
I took time to review the information on the Monolithic Dome site and some things are hard to find on your first Navigation through the site. SO, I have added some specific links below to get you the the HOME area and to actually see Homes that have been built.

This link offers views of various builds of Dome Home plus much general information about designs, acquisition, financing, insuring, etc. The links further down are on the page, but may not be noticed for specific OFF-GRID LIVING ideas. ENJOY!

OFF-GRID Monolithic Homes
2 weeks ago
Check out Monolithic Dome Homes at:
These structures start with a "?rubberized canvas?" which is inflated after which an approx. 4" layer of foam is blown on the inside of the expanded half-sphere. After that process is completed and foam is cured re-bar hangers are inserted and then re-bar fitted vertically and horizontally on about a 9-12" grid. After the re-bar is set a light-weight concrete mixture is sprayed on the inside of the foam insulation to around a 3"to 4" thick layer.

Check out the web site for a TON of information about all of the How's and Why's, however, with the weatherproof "skin" and the insulation on the outside these homes are very good at maintaining temperatures, so good that the company usually tries to dissuade people from building fireplaces because of overheating possibilities.

2 weeks ago
I just buy the iron on patches for pants repairs. Works great and after a washing hard to tell it is there. These are patches applied from the inside to repair rips and tears.

I used "Liquid Stitch" permanent adhesive for gluing a piece under the front part of a straw hat to keep my nose out of the sun. I swear, it looked like that cloth was a part of the manufacturing process.

I also use this glue on my paper back books that start falling apart and that works well if applied very lightly.

Never used it on anything that has gone into the washing machine, but, the tube does say it is permanent but to let it cure for 24 hours before cleaning.
1 month ago
You know you are a "reuse everything" person when....

you have an entire corner of your workshop piled high with all of your cutoffs, scraps, and bummed up project materials!
1 month ago