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My dream has always been to live close to the land. My goal is simpler, sustainable, more self-reliant living. In 2009 my husband and I bought a neglected 1920s-built bungalow on 5 acres, which we've gradually built into our homestead.
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Recent posts by Leigh Tate

I can answer a couple of your questions.

Nikki Roche wrote:On line 13 of the template, there is a bunch of code after the YouTube link. Is all of that supposed to be included? What does it do?

No, that code shouldn't be there. All you need is the YouTube link.

What's odd, is that when I tried to edit that code out, it doesn't show up on the edit screen. So I'm not sure how it got there or why. Nicole wrote the original post, so maybe she has an idea. Nicole?

Is there an affiliate link for Chelsea Publishing? An old post mentioned requesting a link from Destiny, but that was many years ago.

Not that I've found. Hopefully, someone may  have the answer.

We do have affiliate codes for Amazon US, CA, and UK. That's one reason we add those links. Here are the codes:

Amazon.com  rs12-20
Amazon.uk   rs12-21
Amazon.ca   ?tag=permies06-20

The one for Amazon US is automatic, anytime someone clicks on the link. I'm not sure about the other two.

The codes are added after the book number in the url, for example - amazon.com/exec/obidos/ISBN/0865718326/rs12-20

Do we still add Amazon links for other countries, or just the .com in the template?

I add them:

1. for any affiliate revenues we might accrue
2. as a courtesy for members in other parts of the world. If they order from their regional Amazon, they don't have to pay VAT type fees.

I've been adding Amazon AU as well (maybe someone can sign us up for an affiliate account there(!) because we have so many member who live in Australia.

A lot of people don't seem to like Amazon, so it's always good to include other buying options as well. Usually the publisher's sales link, one from the author's website if they have it, and maybe for one or two other book seller sites as well.
Baby goats! 3 days old and so cute I just had to share.
1 day ago

Ryan M Miller wrote:I've been trying to find some Japanese recipes that call for kudzu, but it doesn't help that I don't know any Japanese so I'm probably not finding recipies in the right places.

Ryan, check out the thread mentioned above - https://permies.com/t/5624/kitchen/Kudzu-food
Lots of recipes and ideas there for non-Japanese speakers.
2 days ago

Chris Vee wrote:I’m planning on growing a kudzu plant indoors to experiment with it and to feed to my animals— any tips would be greatly appreciated if you’ve already worked with kudzu. Would it be hilarious to grow a hydroponic kudzu or is that just me?

I love a good experiment! Go for it!

It definitely makes good livestock feed. My goats love it and a vet told me it has the same nutritional value as alfalfa.

At first I’m thinking I’ll cut and dry it as i go. my intent is to create a zero risk atmosphere where it never has the opportunity to escape my controls. If a kudzu vine touched soil will it send roots out?

Yes, it will do that. It's one of the ways it spreads. And the vines are indeterminate, so it spreads by growing up and across anything and everything. If goats have easy access and the vines are cut low, they will continually trim the new growth until they kill it.

Kudzu is a cultivated crop in Asia. I have a small wild patch that I've actually protected so I can harvest it as hay and feed. With a small area, it's easy to keep the vines trimmed back, even though it grows quickly. It just requires regular tending.

Here's another thread that might interest you, about using kudzu as human food > https://permies.com/t/5624/kitchen/Kudzu-food. Lots of interesting ideas there.
3 days ago
I have very fond memories of potato soup, but they're from the time when I ate mostly commercially canned soups. I don't buy these any more, and for the most part don't miss them, except that I cannot seem to replicate a good potato soup. Does anyone have a good recipe for potato soup they'd care to share?
1 week ago