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since Feb 22, 2010
Federal Way, WA - Western Washington (Zone 8 - temperate maritime)
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Recent posts by nancy sutton

I can understand why some folks are totally anti-tax... Ariana Huffington wrote a book years ago, "Pigs at the Trough", about corporate theft.  Also I think Nomi Prins' "Other People's Money" is a good one.   And the contracting give-aways are obscene, not to mention the 'cost plus' military contracts, et al.  

I think 'understanding' on both sides is the missing 'magic sauce', including understanding that essential services ARE essential and require taxation. (Acts 4: 32)

Hopefully, with UNDERSTANDING will come cooperation, and we can ALL support candidates brave enough to write the necessary laws, and regulations! (with luck they will live long enough to see them enacted - I'm 74).  Are we  'cutting off our noses to spite our faces" by letting 'them' divide and conquer us.  (We seem frightfully addicted to hatred... sinfully ginned up on both sides.)
1 week ago
BTW, you can sign up on the waitlist for a free viewing of the FILM, 'Sacred Cow'
And I think you painted a very accurate picture of 'sacred' cow life, Mike .... thanks ; )  (Plus, of course, all the cows only exist because a farmer arranged to breed them..)
And, another btw, the book/film answers the question, "Yeah, but can we feed EVERYONE with pastured animals?  Huh ??? ")
1 month ago
Thanks, Creighton, for clarifying the book's presentation of a different take on taxation.  Don't know if I'd call it libertarian (don't know if I know what that mean, exactly, either ;)  I would describe it more as local direct democracy.  Hope more folks read it and we can have more discussion...
1 month ago
OK - is he crazy?  or am I nuts? (well I've always been a bubble off plumb... but .... )  or do we all need to pay attention... and DO something?  'Super pigs' with 'diseases' requiring meat production to stop?  (Someone tell me this is not for real!)
1 month ago
Maybe OT, but John Michael Greer's book, 'Retrotopia', is a ficitonal, post-US civil war/secession story that I enjoyed.  (It's not the typical dystopian horror version.) One very interesting idea is how the different resulting areas chose different rates/styles of taxation and 'services'.  I really enjoyed the book, and highly recommend it, for entertainment, and thought - provocation : )
1 month ago
This is probably OT, no expertise, but I've read a lot of herbal stuff, (love PFAF website) and one frustration is how often the medical uses of an herb are from 'ancient' and folklore sources.... makes it seems that dozen of plants are 'useful' for dozens of the same prioritization of most and least effective.  I seem to remember that Germany is an exception to the 'olden days' sources,  and had put out many official monographs on individual plants, with accurate info.  

Also, being 'supportive' in chronic cases is a little more iffy than immediate effects in acute situations.  Plus, there's always the confounding placebo effect...I personally think that our own 'expectations, beliefs and expectations' may be the most powerful healers... btw, (while I'm at it:) I liked 'Suggestible You' by Vance, just overlook the first chapter trashing homeopathy : )

I like this 2004 article, but a lot may have changed in Germany...

1 month ago
OK, I DID grow Josiah's colored corn ... Glass Gems from Baker... and it is 'ripe' and... spectacular!!  Every ear is different, like opening a magical gift every time!. Thanks for getting me off the dime, Jen :)
1 month ago
I have to add my favorite 'sharing'... 'A Paradise Built in Hell' by Rebecca Solnit.  It's stories of what people ACTUALLY DID when catastrophes struck... San Francisco Fire, Mexico City Earthquake, Halifax tsunami, etc., based on personal letters, newspaper reports, etc, etc.  I found the reality very heartening... but then I'm a cultural pessimist (Scandanavian :), so being positive is a challenge for me... one I've learned to like :)
1 month ago
Just 2 cents  - I recently heard Curtis Stone talk about his plan to get land to survive in these weird times.  He mentioned the 'survivalists' oft-repeated basics - 'God, guns and gold', but he has different criteria for anyone potentially seeking to join his 'land/community'... i.e., skills.  He considers them the most valuable possessions and contributions.  Maybe your daughter could start learning (and it will be an enjoyable process, to boot!)
1 month ago
Duane, I don't know about that hardpan theory... maybe true in some places... but I have very sandy soil, down to 8 feet, according to the septic tank installer!  And 'my' bindweed/quack grass grow very happily!
1 month ago