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nancy sutton

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since Feb 22, 2010
Federal Way, WA - Western Washington (Zone 8 - temperate maritime)
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Recent posts by nancy sutton

BTW, I'd like some 'done it' advice on various ways to use pulleys.   Maybe a whole thread on the infinite ways to use leverage to make us weak old people so much 'stronger' :)
19 hours ago
I assume everyone knows about the 'Low Tech' and 'No Tech' websites that are fascinating!  Just Google them'

And my suggestion is for moving biggish rocks.  Simple, of course, but just tip a wheelbarrow over on it's side, close to the rock as possible, then roll, 'walk', shove etc a rock over the side and as close to the now-vertical bottom as possible.  Then push (or pull) on the far side to raise the barrow upright ... usually works for me.  Then I can slooowly wheel barrow it away.  (The slower, the older I get :)
19 hours ago
Check out this for info on growing and propagating  (I think they do not produce seeds, but to go by many names )

BTW, I've grown them (got plants online and from local nursery), but when ignored, they grow into monsters.  Limbs that fall over, keep going, sending their children skyward.  They are beautiful, and in my 7-8 zone, they overwinter quite well and are totally perennial.  (And I think they crossbreed promiscuously, hence to myriad names.)

I'm going to try Baker's 'thousand head kale' this year, also.  (Don't ask me why...?)

1 week ago
Would if I could :)  BTW, what is the course fee?  (not to mention the cost of travel, etc.)  
1 month ago
Thanks, all... so helpful!   Especially, Nicole, as usual .... do tell more about 'taking care of your (diabolical) bind weed (!)'.  TIA
2 months ago
Don't want to re- or mis-direct this thread, but I'd like recipes for people who gag at the smell/taste of liver et al.  I've tried... made Chicken Liver Knishes, dough and all... they looked delicious and tasted like liver.. ugh.  Also minced beef heart, simmered in highly flavored tomato sauce.. forever to tenderize, and it still tasted like.. organ meat.  And I've never met a goat dairy product that didn't smell like a barn.   I think that our taste/sense organs vary, as much as eye & hair color, etc, and what tastes lovely to some, tastes quite different to others.  Darn!!
2 months ago
Great info!!  Thanks  Holding my breath for your results!  (will have to breath a little before next spring
4 months ago
Thanks, a BUNCH, Amy  : )
6 months ago