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since Feb 22, 2010
Federal Way, WA - Western Washington (Zone 8 - temperate maritime)
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Recent posts by nancy sutton

It seems that the current 'pandemic' protocols are designed to further isolate us... can't even smile at a stranger,* much less gather, and sports, school, etc are banned.  Ever wonder what the 'new normal' that is apparently being planned, will be like?  Or The Great Reset that our 'superiors' have had in the works for quite some time?  Or why 'security' seems to be a dirty word in our unique culture?   (* Maybe now is the time to create the 'Wink Club' .... all interested in friendliness can signify with a wink... as it defies the mask and even the "distancing" ... to maintain a semblance /recognition of our common humanity : )
2 weeks ago
OK, I didn't see this wonderful Xmas gift until Xmas evening... only had time to share one with the family.  So, could I be a tad 'forward' and request and 'extension' of this offer?  Also, for the benefit of those who had trouble accessing?  And... just because I want to share the rest with family?  Maybe a 'New Year's' surprise... or somesuch?   But, I understand, if not... my bad for not checking.  And muchas gratias  for the one session we saw... it was great  : )
Well, John, I think  you can see "some of the initial correlative studies " by following the links at the website. I hope you do and report back :)  I think this has the potential for dramatically reducing the threat  from Covid19.
1 month ago
For those who have hesitancy regarding the 'warp speed' vaccines,  this may be heartening news appears a very effective and affordable treatment is available.  Science is nailing down the details as we speak : )   (references to the studies are at the website)  Ivermectin May Defeat Covid-19

Ivermectin against covid-19
Published: November 29, 2020

According to recent studies and RCTs in various countries, the antiparasitic drug ivermectin – a WHO essential medicine – is achieving a covid-19 risk reduction of up to 98% in pre-exposure prophylaxis and up to 91% in early treatment. A recent French study found a reduction in severe and fatal covid by 100% even in high-risk nursing home patients with an average age of 90.

Moreover, an analysis just published in the International Journal of Antimicrobial Agents found that African countries using ivermectin as prophylaxis against parasites report a much lower – in fact, near zero – covid incidence compared to other African and non-African countries.

The very high reported effectiveness of low-cost ivermectin against SARS-like coronavirus infections may turn out to be a major medical discovery. Doctors and health authorities are encouraged to consider the ivermectin studies overview and the ivermectin-based US-FLCCC treatment protocol.

1 month ago
As a major player in the virus and vaccine saga, I want to know why W.H.O. PCR test protocol gives a 45 Cycle Threshold as the level that indicates 'positive' (aka 'a case').   Medical experts say that anything above 33-35 CT is measuring an astronomically dilute solution of dead virus fragments, that is incapable of infecting anything, and means nothing.  This is the kind of question that gets me scratching my head... and I've never seen any reference to this important part of the test on the news.
1 month ago
Trace, food for thought:  Upton Sinclair, "It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends upon his not understanding it."

Michael, being insatiably curious, it's my research that has uncovered alarming facts, including Dr. John Ioannidis' Oct report in WHO, peer reviewed, indicating 0.05% IFR for under 70's ... so effective action would be protecting the over 70's.  BTW WHO now advocating to not use lockdowns.
1 month ago
Just so you know, I do wear a mask, because it reassures my 84 yo cancer-patient husband.  But my 'fishy' is aroused by simple numbers that don't make sense.  Re: 'peer reviewed', etc, does anyone remember the 'Surgisphere' paper published by Lancet AND NEJM ?  Surely best reviewed, etc. but yanked after 2 wks , when uproar proved its utter falsity (and it's purpose was to finally end the use of HCQ in early Covid cases... another question, why this puzzling attack on innocuous drug.)  

I'm 74.. and apparently the only one who remembers thalidomide?  the 'Mighty Wurlitzer' ?  Recently, Hancock, a top British health official, publicly stated that studies showed Vitamin D was of no help in Covid... and had to backpedal furiously.   Now my question is, why did he want to discourage use of Vitamin D (proven to be significantly correlated to better Covid outcomes).  BTW, FDR may have been right when he said that 'in politics, nothing happens by accident'.

There is so much that is worse than 'fishy' about what is being done to our societies .... and the average citizen does not have time to do the research, and SHOULDN"T HAVE TO, if TPTB are trustworthy.  It is certainly more comfortable to just 'go along', but things are getting waaaaay to crazy to continue floating, IMO.

1 month ago