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since Feb 22, 2010
Federal Way, WA - Western Washington (Zone 8 - temperate maritime)
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Recent posts by nancy sutton

Thanks, Coco!  Just found this thread.... lovely!!  I'm going back to the beginning to join you and 'immerse' in all of it!  ox
Thanks for Inge's answer... I think a lot of us are wondering how your coping with the physical downer.... (prayer/intentions at you all [and, of course, for everyone else, everywhere, dealing with the same :)  ox
12 hours ago
This may be what Judith is referring to... only $13 and also my favorite online cook (Serious Eats - Stella Parks)  But the USA pan ($17) has a lot more reviews (see the comparisons mid-page).

Thanks a bunch for the how-to crochet links!  ox
I like it too!  But am not a 'hand crafter'... anyone have a link to instructions-for-dummies for this wash cloth?  Thanks  : )
Poor babies... stay warm... Vit c, zinc, magnesium..... until the infusions are ripe!  And now I'll have to get the 'Glass Bead Corn' seed after seeing those beautiful kernels!  ox
Good info all, and special thanks to John & Hans, my fellow PNWers ;)  You know the climate I'm in, and your advice is invaluable ;)
2 weeks ago
I'll read through... looks like good stuff!  But want to mention this info from an Irish vlog... 'Way Out West Blowins'   Tim made a cone and uses it.. what caught my attention was the fact that one burn was with WET WOOD!!  I have lots of prunings, etc. and no good way to keep piles dry long enough to dry out until it's winter 'burning' time.  Note the other posts regarding their experience with biochar :)

I can't make this kind of cone, but I think scrap sheets of metal could be 'manipulated',  and I'll probably just dig a cone or trench (see old Mother Earth N article on the trench method)... and burn WET WOOD!   Now, back to reading up line.... :)
4 weeks ago
I have to add, thanks to posters here :), I now have a Bearss Lime, and, on order, an Otawri Satsuma : )  I going to grow them, potted, in the 'niche' location on the south facing deck all year and see how they do.  BTW, I got them from a local nursery - Restoring Eden, located in south King County (Seatac location).  It is fairly new and carries a wonderful assortment of unusual fruits, plus lots more -     (Glad to find it after Furney's left ;)
4 weeks ago
Ditto, John!  A long way to go, yes, but not as long as it was 30 yrs ago : )   This thread brought to mind; 'seeing is believing'; wiki article on 'mirror therapy'; a successful marketer who said, 'when the 'picture' changes, the situation changes' (no wonder TV advertising is so effective); etc.  And, yes, the picture of 'profit' is probably most powerful... considering that Americans worship Mammon above all.  I think that's why the message/meme that creates a picture is most effective, as in 'The Paris Hilton Tax' vs the 'Death Tax' (re: the estate tax), and the '1% vs 99%' image, etc.  So....what about 'permaculture / organic / regenrative' or about 'Beautiful Soil.. it's what we feed that feeds us!'   or.... hmmm