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Recent posts by Mart Hale

Today I insulated the front door of the oven.    HUGE difference.     I will need to cut back on the wood as this burnt the edge of my pizza in short order.

1 day ago
New morning boiled up 5.5 cups of water in the Kelly Kettle in 8.25 min using wood that had dew on it.

I used cardboard to jump start the process and dryer lint with  magnesium rod to start.

I used a tiny fan to help the process.

Questions I have after doing this...

1)   Does charcoal give off more heat than burning with flame?

2)   Does a vortex increase the heat from the flame against the walls of the Kelly Kettle?

3)   How could I determine the best ratio of air in to heat generated in the Kelly kettle?        I am thinking a thermometer in the Kettle would help to determine what changes I do would make the burn faster...
1 day ago
I am in Summerfield Florida.

Tree Spinach is one of those you just grow because it takes zero effort here and produces.

Beans are a good bet they survive the nematodes.

Get some everglade tomatoes they are tough and give you grape size tomatoes.
3 days ago

William Bronson wrote: I'm curious do you harvests the leaves as well?
I'm considering planting cold hardy bananas for the leaves, for  my immigrants neighbors.

No, I do not harvest them other than use them to compost with them.       How do you / they use them?

1 week ago
The first bunch of this year,    I have another bunch on...

I love it when you make it to the finish line.
1 week ago

This guy got his Kelly kettle to boil in 4 min ...    I am not sure how much water he had in his.
1 week ago
I considered doing this....   Only on the inside of the home.

I was thinking of putting an insulated ice fishing tent inside my home for a place to sleep / compute.      Then only heat / cool this area with my mini split...        

As I think about it.   I could go triple layer a tent inside another tent......

Love the concept   if you lower the amount of space you have to heat / cool then you can be far warmer with less energy.
1 week ago

Julia Winter wrote:35 minutes is super fast!

I think your pizza would be tastier if you get the temperature up closer to 500 degrees, but the speed of your fire is impressive.

I do like it when I hit 400 deg it does have a different taste with the veggies.     This is not as insulated as it should be so I do loose a good deal of heat.    

The fuel that I use Bolivian sun flower stalks has to be continually fed to keep the flame at peak.      But the real advantage of the stalks is they are all straight  10 - 15 foot long stalks so no processing of the stalks for the fire.

I was about to build a cob oven, but I am so glad that Permies did the kick starter for the design of this.    Mine is not exactly to spec,  but would not take much to fully insulate  this.

When I was done with the pizza I had all kinds of coals left.    I turned that into biochar.     Multiple functions from a rocket oven is superb thing.
1 week ago
Yep it is a thing with Apple. they paid 500 million for slowing down phones.

I moved to Linux, but I am a tech.    It was a painful 3 month process of learning new programs to replace my old ones.       But looking back it was worth it for me.     Some people can't move to Linux because they have that one program they cannot live without,  but that was my solution.

MX Linux worked for me,  learning curve, but got thru it, no more Windows automatic updates for me YEAH...

I want nothing to do with Apple products,  you can't swap the screen out on the phone as it is all keyed via Apple's evil software.    

I feel your pain,  it is hard to find a computer that does what you want to do in the computer jungle out there.
2 weeks ago

Mike Kenzie wrote:Search Engines:

Note: it is very important to stay up to date on things like this.
I used to advocate for Startpage as well until they were bought by an advertising agency that now mines & sells your data just like google. Needless to say, I highly doubt you'll see a penny of income from your data that they sold.
DuckDuckGo also has serious issues such as saving searches as well as being hosted on Amazon servers - you know, the other 21st century oligarchic robber-of-data baron.

There are a lot of good non-gmail email services out there. Here's a great article on some of the top ones.

Email server:
If you are technically inclined, it's best to run your own email server for your friends and family. FreedomBox is a great open-source hardware project that facilitates this.

Operating System replacement for Android:

Phone replacement for Android:
The Librem 5 is the only mature phone I know of that's actively addressing the issues surrounding malicious firmware and hardware.

Speaking of hardware, look into hardware that has earned a Respects Your Freedom Certification.

For those of you reading this thread who are wondering why anyone would be interested in DeGoogling, here is a decently compiled list of reasons to avoid Google, and here is a list of primary sources for those reasons. As you'll notice from those links - though it's objectively a major issue - privacy ain't the only reason to avoid this organization.

Please contact me if you need any help with DeGoogling. I will help you out free-of-charge. :-)

Thanks Mike, those are some great ideas you have shared...

Looks like you are further down the rabbit hole than I am :-)

It is so nice to now have a phone that when I tell it to do something it does,  it does not fight me it just does it when i tell it to.      Also I don't have apps taking over the CPU of my phone, each step of gaining control gives me more freedom.    


2 weeks ago