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Recent posts by Mart Hale

Jeremy Baker wrote:I didn’t know about Kelly Kettles. What a great invention. Did you try setting one on top of a wood gasifier stove, TLUD, or rocket stove? Is there anyway to use a hopper to feed pellets? In that video in England created it made a huge amount of smoke. I like Marts burn better using cardboard and less smoke. Not sure how to answer your questions. I would think a vortex helps with time, turbulence , and temperature. Looking forward to your next test.

Gasifier yes, a Silver Fire Stove.   worked but I did not time it.

TLUD   yes,  but was slower by about 10 min.    it seems the father away it is from the coals the less the heat transfer.

I did a test recently where I used fairly damp wood  with a small 5 V  fan,  I got 8 min burn time with that as well.    I imagine if I had dryer wood it would of been far better.

As I type this I have not tried using charcoal....   I think that would be an interesting test...

But considering an Insta Pot using 1200  Watts takes 15 min to boil the same amount of water  has me very impressed with the Kelly Kettle for the amount of wood to get the job done.
5 hours ago
Black soldier flies..

I would feed these to chickens,  and I would feed these to black soldier flies..  then I would freeze sell the black soldier flies larva.

The Indians would put a fish under their corn  for fertilizer,   sounds like a great idea to me.
1 day ago

thomas rubino wrote:So Mart ; When are you firing it up? OR When is the big explosion???
No , Sorry Mart couldn't help myself!
Nothing wrong with your idea.  Are the heater hoses 3/4" ?

When are you going to try it?

Boom Squish...

I have tried it,  water is too hot to shower with directly....  I guess for right now I could put the water to a 5 gal bucket and mix it with cold water till it is the right temp....    

The other idea I had was to have two pumps and then mix the water for hot / cold with valves.

Or I use a 5 gal bucket and recirculate the water until it hits the right temp.

I have done this with a bread machine coil heating water with solar panels,   the easiest is to heat water to just over then add cold to just the right mixture in the barrel.

Using the 5 gal bucket I have heated the water before, and just brought the water inside and used a camping shower to dispense the water in my home shower....

I do have a tent I got to shower in, but you have to tie it down if there is wind...

6 days ago
I have taken a stainless steel coil and put it in a pan in my rocket stove, so I have created a heat exchanger. I have found that this out put water comes out at a temp that would be a little too warm for a shower, but if I added another pump I should be able to add some cold water to this and have an on demand hot shower powered by my rocket stove.

So, far I have pump in cold tank  ->

Coil inside pot on Rocket stove ->

->  returns to cold water tank.

No pressure, radiator hose.

This is a prototype...  

6 days ago
My solution was to have two phones.

1)   I use for normal stuff, and I give this number to select few.

2)   This phone is my "Bat phone"    only those that I trust to not give this number to anyone gets this phone.    I keep this phone on and is a direct line to me.   About 4 people have this number.

Here in Florida the government sells our information to others,  it is the reason I do not give the license bureau   my phone number when they ask for it as they sell it.   They can have my mailing address.
6 days ago
I prioritize by asking the following questions.

How many calories will this produce for me or something I eat?

How much nutrition will this produce?    Staying healthy pays,  so an apple that keeps me from paying a doctor is on my list to grow.

How much time does this require of me in protecting it from other things that will eat it?

What does this cost in the store?     If I can buy this for $1.00 in the store and it takes me $2.00 to grow with fertilizer, soil,   spraying it,  fighting aphids, am I loosing $ and time to grow it?

Have I tried all varieties of this plant?     I have found that changing to another variety of the plant I can get double the produce for 1/2 the effort.    it pays got get seed for like 8 varieties try them all and go with the one that works best.

How does it taste?        So many things you can grow taste like cardboard,  not on my diet list ;-)

Jim Dello wrote:Ok, so to summarise:

- The vast majority of straw/hay will have been sprayed at some point in its life.
- The damage to crops that you plant into beds that you have mulched will vary greatly depending on the type of chemical used in the herbicide.
- The worst offenders are picloram, clopyralid, and aminopyralid.
- Certain gardeners report no problems once the straw has been left to rot for a year.
- Leaving the straw to rot and stimulating the process by wetting bales can stimulate growth of bacteria and funghi that can help with processing any traces of less harmful chemicals (e.g. Harmony, 2.,4-D).
- You must ensure that the person who supplies you with the straw/hay knows exactly what type of chemicals have been used.

Ok, so I need to find out exactly what herbicide was used as I might get away with composting it in a separate pile for a few months, after which I'll do a test. I was told "something similar to Nimble", but I'm still waiting on more information.

I did use straw from the same supplier last year and didn't notice any particular growth deficiencies. Perhaps the effects could be delayed as the straw breaks down and becomes humous?

Thanks for your replies.

aminopyralid   can last for years,  many factors,  one of which is PH.     Many of my friends have had to dig out the areas and move out the toxic soil here in Florida.

Testing is recommend before use.
1 week ago
Yes, Houston, we have a problem......

Death to tomatoes,    death to beans,   many gardens have been destroyed by this contamination.    I have been making my own compost from wood chips to avoid this nightmare...

1 week ago
Today I insulated the front door of the oven.    HUGE difference.     I will need to cut back on the wood as this burnt the edge of my pizza in short order.

1 week ago
New morning boiled up 5.5 cups of water in the Kelly Kettle in 8.25 min using wood that had dew on it.

I used cardboard to jump start the process and dryer lint with  magnesium rod to start.

I used a tiny fan to help the process.

Questions I have after doing this...

1)   Does charcoal give off more heat than burning with flame?

2)   Does a vortex increase the heat from the flame against the walls of the Kelly Kettle?

3)   How could I determine the best ratio of air in to heat generated in the Kelly kettle?        I am thinking a thermometer in the Kettle would help to determine what changes I do would make the burn faster...
1 week ago