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Recent posts by Mart Hale

William Bronson wrote:I figured a pillow filled with sand or beans would be ideal, but the water bed is even better!

I like the bean idea like a bean bag,   that would be easy to sew and make...
3 weeks ago

Gerry Parent wrote:Sounds like an interesting idea Mart.
Wonder how you could attach them together so that they don’t shift around.

I was thinking about that perhaps a rectangular box ...    

There may be a better way.    I don't think they make water beds  that shape may have to look around.
3 weeks ago
I have been looking at the rocket mass heater and looking at where everyone likes to sit  on the bench where the hot air is collected in thermal mass...

One of the problems I saw was how hard this surface is  to try to lay on.    If you put foam on it, then you insulate the thermal mass so you are not getting the benefit of it when you sit on it.\

I was thinking why not lay about 10 hot water bottles on top of this  filled about 4/5 of the way full and create like a water bed on top of the mass the bottles would transfer and store heat and make the surface much less hard to lay on, then cover with a sheet.....    

Just thinking outloud and was wondering if this had any merit...

I also was thinking about putting  plant heating matts under the hot water bottles and warming them with solar with a heavy quilt over them, for a nice  toasty bed at night....  
3 weeks ago

Donald Bowers wrote:

Mart Hale wrote:Using only comfrey leaves,   and composted wood chips and epson salt,  with no nutrient this Kratky grown tomato is impressive, tomatoes are on.      I have added more epson salt and I decided to move the plant under a leak in my aquaponics system,  I feel encouraged enough to do this again.

I have also found that on my rain barrel by accident a couple of seeds started growing out of the cover of my rain barrel with oak leaves.     I think I will be adding more oak leaves to this setup.

Also I may add air just to see the difference bubbled air to the plant makes.

I've been thinking about trying some of the JADAM fertilizers. The JLF liquid fertilizer is supposed to be best using comfrey, but can use grass or weeds. They say it has most of what your plants need in the garden. I just wonder if it would work for hydrponics, though I would try it outside first since JLF liquid fertilizer smells like manure. I want to try a kratky experiment using JLF liquid fertilizer, epsom salt and the egg shell and vinegar solution (1 part crushed and charred egg shells with 10 parts vinegar - takes about a week or two for the bubbles to stop).

I just started using JADAM in my soil garden this year. Not sure if I'm doing it right, but it's hard to tell anything since we've had quite a bit of drought this year and that's definitely having a negative effect on my plants.

I have been doing a varient of JADAM using David the Good's swamp water.        This year I have tried JMS one time but have not been consistent with it.

The Swamp water seems to work very well,    I see good results with my bananas.        I want  to add sea salt and cooked sweet potato to my Korean Natural farming to see if it enhances the fertilizer.
3 weeks ago

Brian Cady wrote:

Edward Norton wrote:...

Every search I came up with for flattening the metal used a household iron on linen (highest heat) setting and 3 minutes of work. I followed along and after five minutes, there was still significant curl and the smell wasn’t good. I also didn’t want to spend two or three hours for the fifty sheets. I decided to go old school and use cast iron and my gas hob. I flattened stacks of ten, for 1 minute. It worked. Some of the paint stained the next sheet down, but a small price to pay for the savings in time and energy.


I thought I'd heard that the aluminum can sheeting can be heat-treated in a toaster oven to return it to a soft condition that better suits writing on it with a ballpoint, for plant labeling. Anyone know about that?


Better yet, take a nail and using holes you create spell out the names of your plants.      Holes don't wash off.
3 weeks ago
The best progress I have done is to use wood chips that I decompose as they are not sprayed.

Then, I mix in like sea salt or cover crops I grow on my own property.

With the advent of pesticides/herbicides that last many years ( depending on heat and PH of the soil ).

This is why I do not accept free horse manure / hay, as they can be pesticide layden.

You do the best you can, there is only so much we can do not being millionaires.
1 month ago
Bill Mullison I believe said once  "The only way you know it is organic is if you grow it yourself"....

I would like transparency in growing and the food I eat, but it is too profitable to lie.

Even now the gov has given lee way for ingredients they do not have to list what is on label.

They do not have to tell the country of origin.

1 month ago

I also treasure old books and old ways.     I found the way native Americans gardened amazing for storage of food.

1 month ago

I saw this and thought it was a rip off of your work....

FYI..  not sure if you had worked a deal out with them, but they were using your footage to sell the dvd.
1 month ago