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I like this chart.

1 month ago
Here is my mod to a bike ->

1 month ago
Very nice,   but I would want my bike with an electric hub motor ;-)

1 month ago

Greg Martin wrote:

Mart Hale wrote:The biggest problem has been getting accurate information.

The testing results is messed up because it gives false positives.

Don't forget all the false negatives.  Last I'd heard there was a 30% false negative rate.  Hopefully it's gotten better.

Good point.

As I understand it the virus has to get to a level in the body before the test will find it.    

1 month ago
RE: quality...

The quality of worm castings is determined by what you want to do with them.

For me, quality is determined by how well the target plants that i wish to feed do with the finished castings.

I am a firm believer in the principle,  garbage in, garbage out.     So I have continued to increased the quality of inputs as you have described, I got rid of GMO
food,   cardboard that have printing on them,  and I started growing my own plants to feed the worms.

My choice of plants is comfrey and bananas plant.      From my experience worms adore both comfrey and bananas and both of these plants work to
help bacteria to grow and keep both worms and plants happy.

Past this point I looking at leaves that make plants grow,    I am using leaves from my bamboo tree as plants grow like crazy from nothing but bamboo leaves that are composted and
fodder crops like Bolivian sunflower plant.

I have been considering alternating layers of dead bamboo leaves with fresh cut up fodder leaves.

The more I make the worms happy, the greater the production levels of plants in my experience.

1 month ago
The biggest problem has been getting accurate information.

The testing results is messed up because it gives false positives.

The reporting is messed up because there is profit for every case the hospital reports they get more federal $$$.

The virus is in multiple strains, and you can get more than one strain.

All my research shows this is a bio weapon,  you can transmit this before you get a temperature so being man made you can transmit this without knowing you are sick.

This virus has been shown to kill T cells, and if it does not kill you you can wrap up a BIG hospital bill.     It is for that reason I do preventative with vitamin C and d3.

Myself,   I don't see a denomination or a building as the "church".    I see those that follow Jesus of the bible as the real "church".    The early believers would meet in small groups,  
perhaps you could start small and work up,   have a group of 10  until we get a better picture of what this virus is, and is not.

The choice to wear a mask or not to wear one should be yours,    at this point not all agree as to when one should or should not wear one.     I do not trust anything the CDC, or WHO says myself,   I error on the side of caution and I am a hermit as much as I can be,  may be a year or two before we get good answers.    In the mean time I will let other be the lab rats against this new bio weapon.

I wear a mask myself, but I don't hold it against anyone if they choose differently.

1 month ago
So I had an idea this morning, now that I have converted this power strip to a wifi power strip I can turn on per plug, I will turn on two of the power strips when battery reaches 70 percent of charge, Then when it reaches 90 percent of charge I will turn on the other two. So I can run lower wattage loads at different power levels of the battery. Each plug has it's own led so I can look at the strip and know state of charge of the battery.
1 month ago

Love his insights.
1 month ago
If you are going to do this I high suggest a flashback arrestor,   also a bubbler    Stopping a spark from traveling back to the main canister is just good safety practice.

Myself I choose an instant pot combined with solar and lithium batteries.

That said I suggest this video ->   Be sure to turn on english sub titles when you watch.

2 months ago