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Recent posts by Burl Smith

Pearl Sutton wrote:
I have been picking blackeyes just as they yellow, and we peel them before they dry.  

Burgess Seeds recommends heating them, to prevent bug growth I guess.

18 hours ago
I'm presently rubbing handfuls of blackeyed peapods together and dropping them in front of a desk fan in an attempt to winnow them (there's got to be a better way)

2 days ago

Pearl Sutton wrote:
I planted favas in my garden a few weeks ago, same day I planted garbanzos, blackeyed, and buckwheat. Everything else was 6-8 inches tall before the favas came up.

As a winter cover to turn under in the spring?
I broadcasted a packet of lentils on 100 sq ft of garlic, it survived a light frost.

2 days ago
I find cobbler to be quicker than pie crust (my pie crusts-lol) Now I need to adapt the cobbler to pumpkin.

2 days ago

Mk Neal wrote:

A "cobbler" is fruit topped with dollops of a sweet batter, then a dusting of starch, sugar, and spice, and boiling water poured over before it is baked. It gets a crisp crust over the rather cakey top. I think this is actually what other people call a "batter cake." It is not like to more biscuity cobbler that Skandi posted (which also looks delicious).

I'll have to try that version.

2 days ago
     "Although potentially fatal if eaten raw, Gyromitra esculenta is a popular delicacy in Scandinavia, Eastern Europe, and the upper Great Lakes region of North America. Although popular in some districts of the eastern Pyrenees, it is prohibited from sale to the public in Spain. It may be sold fresh in Finland, but it must be accompanied by warnings and instructions on correct preparation. "- Wiki Gyromitra Esculenta

2 days ago